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Review : November 2015 Glambox!

Hiya guys!

Though late, here are my thoughts on November’s Glambox. First of all, this time, the box came with an outer covering that has a floral print on it. It is so feminine and gorgeous ♡. Next thing I love the most is that except for a perfume sample, this box is all about skincare and you guys know how much am crazed about skincare products!



1) Bioderma Hydrabio serum – I was beyond happy when I saw a full sized Bioderma product in the box, that too a serum, one of my most favorite skincare products. This serum is for ‘very dehydrated, sensitive’ skin. It’s very light weight and gets absorbed into the skin easily. A little goes a long way. It is aptly named as Hydrabio. It is intensely hydrating and leaves your skin looking plump and soft. I use it during day & night just before my moisturizer. It comes in a tall bottle with a convenient to use pump. The packaging is in such a way that you get a sneak peek of the brightly colored blue lid. It’s so pretty. It contains 40ml and is worth AED 210!

Hydrabio serum

2) Oils of Life from The Body Shop – This is an intensely revitalizing facial oil. It is light weight, non greasy and has a lovely scent to it. I apply it every day just after serum, at night. It came in a tiny bottle with a dropper. Each time I just use 5 drops and as such I am still not done with this 7 ml sample!. The bottle is designed so well that once this oil gets over, am just gonna refill the bottle with one of my favorite skincare oils like an Argan oil and pop it in my travel skincare bag.

TBS Oils of Life

3) Dadi’ Oil – This is a nail treatment / skincare oil. It is 95% certified organic & contains high purity avocado oil, jojoba oil, extra virgin olive oil, natural vitamin E & 21 naturally derived essential oils that give this oil a fantastic scent. This is the first time that am owning a nail treatment oil. It’s color looks just like olive oil. I use it every night. Since it comes in a little bottle that looks like a nail polish’s bottle, application is really easy. I then massage it into my cuticles. Recently, after using a really strong nail polish remover, couple of my nails started flaking. This has never happened before and I really freaked out. But this oil healed it in just 2 days!. I highly recommend this product. It came in a tiny bottle containing 3.75ml.

Dadi oil

4) Perfume samples from Rasasi – I love how these samples are packaged. Boruzz is Rasasi’s latest Oudh collection. These are just so stunning!. I love both samples. Jazeebiyat Musk Tabriz is a stronger scent, clearly a masculine one. Lamaat Musk Tabriz is a softer oud scent, a feminine choice. Oud scent lovers will definitely need to check out this collection by Rasasi because it captures the oud scent so beautifully. Each of these samples came in a little spray bottle containing 1 ml.

Rasasi Boruzz

5) Bioderma samples – Oh how I love skincare samples even if they come in tiny tubes. It’s perfect to trial out a product before deciding to invest in it’s full size.

Bioderma samples

● Hydrabio Creme – What a fantastic cream that can be used both at daytime or night. It’s rich, hydrating and makes your skin feel so soft and perfectly textured. Not even kidding when I say it’s almost like a primer. It simply smoothens out your skin, giving it a perfect look. Definitely a product worth buying in full size. The sample came in a tube containing 5 ml.

● Hydrabio Serum – Same as the full sized bottle that came in this box. I first used up this sample and then started on the bottle. The sample came in a tube containing 5 ml.

● Hydrabio Perfecteur – This is a day cream with SPF 30. It’s rose colored and is a radiance booster. It’s a lovely cream that gets easily absorbed. The sample came in a tube containing 5ml.

Overall, am loving the Hydrabio range of products. All of them are so intensely moisturizing and hydrating ♡



● A 20 % discount voucher and leaflet for The Body Shop skin care and make up products
● Boruzz by Rasasi 10% off voucher

● Gift voucher from Eternel Clinic to try their fantastic treatments, with a buy one & get another treatment for free offer

● Bioderma voucher to enjoy their exclusive complimentary skin analysis
● A chance to win a 3 months Glambox subscription

I am absolutely loving November’s Glambox. Why don’t you look at the three subscription options and subscribe to Glambox today itself!.

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Naz ♥

Note: This Glambox was sent to me for review purposes. All opinions are 100% honest & my own.

Birthday Giveaway Winners!

Hey guys!

I’ve been gone for a while.. My last post was on Nov 3rd. That’s coz I faced a life threatening condition called Eclampsia on Nov 4th. I was 7.5 months pregnant and all of a sudden my BP shot through the roof. I had eclamptic convulsions and was rushed to hospital in an unconscious state. Emergency cesarean followed and I gave birth to a boy :). Am still recuperating in hospital but there is not much to worry now. My BP is back to normal. Baby is underweight though but slowly gaining weight. I would totally appreciate it if you all would include me and my baby in your prayers..

On to my birthday giveaway winners, that I was supposed to announce on Nov 14th.. All winners are randomly chosen as always.

Eyova Gift Hamper winner


Congratulations to Bazigha Sameen from Hyderabad!. You have won a generous hair oil gift hamper from Eyova. Enjoy your prize :). After reading my review of Eyova, I have been receiving plenty of enquiries about where to buy it and such. Bazigha now gets to have 3 bottles of Eyova egg hair oil!. Yay 🙂

Glambox winner


Congratulations to Adiba Khan from Dubai!. You have won either Glambox’s December box or a random Glambox. Enjoy the goodies in your box 🙂

WhipEye ebook winner


Congratulations to Mary Preston from Australia!. You have won an ebook copy of WhipEye by Geoffrey Saign, which has won the 2015 International Book Award & also the 2015 Outstanding Children’s Fiction Award in the IAN (Independent Author’s Network) Book of the Year Awards!. You have a choice of 2 formats – mobi or epub. Enjoy this lovely book 🙂

I would love to specially thank the three sponsors of these prizes. All three were exceptionally understanding when I informed them of my current situation and were totally ok with the delay in announcing the winners. I have already contacted all three winners :).

I probably will post again only in 2016. Need some time to get back to normality. Hope you all will continue supporting me. Happy holidays ♥


Naz 🙂

Review : July 2015 Glambox!

My eyes literally popped out when I saw Glambox’s July edition. It was Givenchy’s exclusive box!!. I was exhilarated since I have never even tried Givenchy before. It is so high end!. Sorry for the delayed review by the way. The box came with an outer cover that said ‘Givenchy Iconic Products’. It looks so classy.


The box came with 4 products, along with bragging rights for getting to own these beauties ♡


1) Noir Couture Mascara : The product comes in the most beautiful bottle. It’s color is black & the shade is 1 Black Satin. The wand is unlike any other I have seen before. It’s a three-balled brush!. It helps in giving clump free, gorgeous looking lashes in just a couple of strokes. The result is very natural looking and nothing over-the-top dramatic. This is already in my makeup bag and am loving it. The sample in the box is 4g while it’s full sized version (8g) is priced at AED 170.



2) Le Rouge Lipstick : I am very much a lipstick lover and this is the product that most excited me in the box. It’s a mini, stylish & luxurious looking, coral pink lipstick. The shade is 202 Rose Dressing. It’s perfect for everyday wear. It is very creamy and feels luxurious & hydrating on the lips. Just one application gives great pigmentation. It’s a soft color that looks so pretty. I wore it for about 12 hours, during which I ate & drank too. I found that for about 7 – 8 hours, the color stays on and then it fades into a pink stain on the lips.


The matte box it came in is super hot. On sliding out an inside compartment, I found the little beauty wrapped in paper which had the words Le Rouge printed on it. Loved the way it’s packaged. The sample in the box is 1.5g while it’s full sized version (3.4g) is priced at AED 170.

3) Let Soin Noir Cream : This cream is nothing like I have seen before. First of all, this face cream is a pearlescent black in color!. It contains two exceptional algae, that is known for it’s resistance against extreme climatic conditions. It helps preserve & revitalize skin’s life forces. On application, skin just drinks up this cream & looks instantly plump, replenished & youthful. What an amazing & potent skin formula!. I love it. The sample in the box is 5 ml while it’s full sized version (50 ml) is priced at a whopping AED 1,685!



4) Hydra Sparkling First Step Luminescence Moisturizing lotion : This is the only product in the box that isn’t in their signature black packaging. It comes in a blue little bottle and even though the product looks blue too, it is in fact translucent when you take it out on to the skin. It is intensely moisturizing and quite luxurious. The sample in the box is 15 ml while it’s full sized version (200 ml) is priced at AED 165.


The box didn’t contain any full sized product or vouchers, but can I even complain?. Absolutely not!. Overall, what an amazing box that gave me the chance to experience four iconic Givenchy products!. Glambox did choose a good mix of both skincare & cosmetics for this box!

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Naz ♥

Note: This Glambox was sent to me for review purposes. All honest opinions expressed here are 100% my own.

Review : June 2015 Glambox!

Hey guys!

Glambox’s June box was Arabian Nights themed. Sorry I delayed doing this post. But finally here are my thoughts on it!

1) Jergens Smoothing Oud moisturizer : Jergen’s body products are one of my favorites, especially their Soothing Aloe body lotion. I am happy to see a Jergens sample in this box. I love the Oud scent. Some hate it because it’s strong and intense. But even those people will love this Oud scented moisturizer because the scent in this one is so soft and alluring. It couldn’t get more soft and beautiful than this!. It is immensely hydrating and easily absorbs into the skin. I am definitely going to buy a full sized version of this soon. This moisturizer is made especially for dry skin. The sample in the box contains 25 ml. The full sized version (600 ml) is priced at AED 24.



Before & After

2) Yves Rocher Comme Une Evidence parfum : This women’s perfume contains three notes that I totally love – Bergamot, Patchouli & Rose. It has a floral, woody scent that lingers on your skin for a long time. The sample contains a good 7.5ml and comes in an adorable little clear glass bottle with a light pink lid. It is going to be in my travel bag. The full sized version (100 ml) is priced at AED 275. The box also came with a little leaflet that offers 25% discount voucher for any future purchase of Yves Rocher products.


3) Wow by Wojooh Lipstuck : Wojooh is quickly becoming one of my favorite brands with their quality products. This time, Glambox included a lipstick color that I have been wanting to try out. I am super excited to try it out. The color is 530 Oud Rose. It’s a nude pink, that will look nice on any skintone, if worn in the right manner.


Lipstuck is an Extreme Wear Lip Lacquer that’s long lasting and intensely pigmented. A little goes a looong way!. Since it’s a lacquer, it’s dries very quickly, so you must act fast once it’s on your lips. It comes in a slim bottle with a wand attached to the lid. I found that applying with the wand results in product wastage. So I apply just enough on my lips in a dot form and quickly spread it with my finger. If you have a dark skintone, definitely use a lip liner when applying this color otherwise it wouldn’t blend with your complexion and will stand out as sickly pale. I have used Rimmel’s 1000 kisses lip liner in Black Tulip in a very soft manner and then applied Lipstuck.


A single stroke using the wand & then the same, smudged. The color pay off is awesome!

The lacquer finish is just so gorgeous!. I am loving this product. The sample contains 4.5ml while it’s full sized version (6.5ml) is priced at AED 85. Definitely check out this everyday nude color.


Elf Cosmetics has a matte lipstick in the shade Tea Rose. It’s one I have been wanting to try out. Even though it’s available on my favorite shopping site, I never bought it because I didn’t know if it would look good on me. Rose Oud is exactly that color but of higher quality!. This is why Glambox is an amazing concept. It introduces you to quality brands and colors and let’s you try out new products each month!.

4) Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure nailpolish – This is the only full sized product in the box. This polish is a stylish black and the shade is called 340 Black Platinum. I had decided that from next time on I would actually apply nailpolish & click pix but this time I couldn’t since I have henna on my nails now.


The applicator is very broad for easy application. This smart little bottle includes a base coat, strengthener, vital growth treatment, a breathtaking top coat, chip resistance, salon color & gel-like shine. This product contains 14.7ml & is priced at AED 39.

5) Tatu Bijoux – The box came with a strip containing 4 mini jewellery/henna inspired temporary tattoos. I haven’t tried it out yet but I am loving the intricate designs I got. I am excited to try it out for an upcoming event. Each design lasts for 5 – 7 days with care. Full size tattoos (24 x 16 cm) are prized at AED 155. The box also came with a 15% discount voucher that can be used on the next purchase. Visit their website to see some of their stunning designs & usages.


6) Munchbox 50% discount code Munchbox looks like a fun site that delivers traditional, healthy snacks right to your doorstep. All their snacks are nutritionist approved, gluten free, vegan, portion controlled & contains no added sugar.


Overall, I am in love with June’s Glambox. Such a lovely variety of products ♥

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Naz ♥

Note: This Glambox was sent to me for review purposes. All honest opinions expressed here are 100% my own.

Prize Received!

Hey guys!

Here are the winners of my recent Birthday Giveaway, who kindly shared their pix with me. All of them are so happy with their prizes and thanked me. But I got to thank the brand sponsors namely Herbline Essentials, Glambox, Montagne Jeunesse and Unilever for their generous cooperation ♥

Herbline Essentials Gift Hamper winner Safa


Safa received a Pore Cleanser, the Skin Protection and Healing cream, which is one of Herbline Essential’s latest products and finally Henna & Liquorice shampoo & conditioner. The gift hamper is worth about AED300. She also has left a Thank you note for me in the pic. So lovely of her. I hope she enjoys these top quality products by Herbline Essentials.

Vaseline & Clear Gift hamper winners Insiya and Fatema


Insiya sent a pretty picture of herself holding 4 out of the 6 items that she won 🙂


Fatema shared a picture of all the products in her hamper, on her Facebook page. Sweet of her to do so!

These body lotions have arrived at their places pretty much at the best time possible since winter is the time you need to moisturize your skin the most. Hope they both enjoy their prizes =)

Montagne Jeunesse winner Sarah


This picture really put a smile on my face :). How cute and creative it is!!. Sarah is one of my favorite bloggers and am glad that she was one of the random winners in this giveaway. She received a gift hamper containing 7 masks!

Glambox winner Sarita


When Glambox agreed to sponsor a box, they hadn’t promised any particular month’s box. So, I myself was delighted for the winner, when she received the much raved about November FaceShop Glambox where Glambox teamed up with The Face Shop to create Glambox’s first ‘All natural Green box’ and offered subscribers some really amazing products!. Perfect for winter :). Sarita left me a thank you note too!

Once again, thanks to all winners for sharing their prize shots and the brands for sponsoring my birthday giveaway, enabling me to give out gifts for my own birthday ♥

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Naz ♥

Glambox event – Recycle and save the planet with beauty!

GlamBox announces its next recycle event on Friday 16th May at St Tropez Bistro in Mall of Emirates

GlamBox Recycle May 2014From turning off lights in rooms that you’re not using, to having a recycling bin in your kitchen, we all know the tips when it comes to doing your bit to save the planet. Wouldn’t it be nice if it were a little bit more glamorous sometimes, though? Well, GlamBox has the perfect solution! You can now be glam and environmentally friendly by bringing your empty boxes to the GlamBox Recycle Events.

This excitingly ‘green’ event was launched as a great new initiative for you to do a good deed, whilst looking and feeling fabulous at the same time! Previous events have proved to be successful, packed with Glamista fun, and the upcoming event promises even more.

On Friday 16thMay, drop in any time from 11am-5pm to St Tropez Bistro in Mall of Emirates. Don’t forget to bring with you your empty GlamBox for recycling and you can enjoy a free beauty treat as a reward for helping to save the planet.

So, next time you take out the recycle bin and think about how unglamorous your life is, remember that GlamBox is here to whisk you away! For more information, please visit www.glambox.me.

GlamBox Wrapped

About GlamBox.Me

GlamBox.ME launched in December 2011 and is part of a global network already successful in key markets including South Africa, China, Russia and Brazil. It offers consumers in the Middle East a great way to keep up to date on seasonal make-up trends and test a set of luxury products hand selected by beauty experts. All this is delivered to their doorstep for an amazing price, starting at AED 70 per month. Glambox.ME also features an online shop where consumers can purchase the products they tested and loved, and earn GlamPoints. There they can also find The Glamista, a hub designed to be a source of advice, tips and inspiration for beauty buffs across the region. For more information, please visit www.glambox.me and follow GlamBox.Me on Facebook (www.facebook.com/GlamBoxME), Twitter (www.twitter.com/GlamBoxME) and YouTube (www.youtube.com/glamboxme)

About St Tropez Bistro, Mall of Emirates

St Tropez Bistro is a simple yet chic bistro, lounge and terrace, designed to transport diners to the elegant atmosphere of the French Riviera. Inspired by the charm of St. Tropez neighbourhood bistros, this stylish venue will take guests on a journey of French specialty dishes, brought up to date through a careful mix of the classic with the contemporary. The setting at St Tropez Bistro is fashionably tasteful and unpretentious, with the warm colours of the interior providing the perfect ambiance for a range of occasions, from a light lunch to an indulgent evening celebration. St Tropez Bistro is conveniently situated in the Mall of Emirates West End and is easily accessed directly from a dedicated complimentary valet parking stand and escalator located next to the Kempinski Hotel entrance.

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Review: April 2014 Glambox!

Hello guys!

The April Glambox came with some quite thrilling products!. Here is what I found when I opened it:

Blogpix 041

Blogpix 042

1) A beauty tip card which Glambox includes with every box. It gives one important tip on one side (this card highlighted the importance of being sunscreen savvy!) and on the other, lists the contents of the box and it’s prices.

2) A beautiful leaflet from Hawaiian Tropic, which shows their range of Silk Hydration lotion sunscreens. It also has a SPF selection guide on one side which helps you choose the right sunscreen for you according to your skintype.

3) A gift voucher for a complimentary nail polish change from N Style International.

4) An AED500 gift voucher to redeem for a Laser Treatment or Ultrasound Cavitation Treatment from Wellbeing Medical Center.

Now comes the more exciting part – the products!

Blogpix 0431) Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration protective sun lotion : This sun lotion boasts a very high protection with SPF 50 (The other two products in this range has SPF 30 and SPF 15)!. It’s smell is just so heavenly. It’s a tropical smell, that lingers on for a long time. It gets absorbed into your skin really fast and doesn’t leave a tint behind. When you start applying it, it looks like it would leave a whitish tint. But when you work it into your skin more, it just leaves your skin looking glowing and hydrated.It also gives your skin 12 hour moisturization.

This product has ‘hydrating ribbons’ in it, which moisturizes your skin at the same time, protecting it from the harmful sun rays. The ‘ribbons’ make the bottle pretty to look at. The ingredients in this product are just amazing. Here are some to name a few : Papaya, Mango, Passion flower, Shea Butter, Cocoa butter, Coconut and Plumeria flowers!. It comes in a squeeze bottle with it’s lid at the bottom. It’s 180ml and it’s price in the local market is AED50. This brand is just amazing and I am so happy that this full-sized product was included in this month’s Glambox.

Blogpix 0462 & 3) Caudalie Vinoperfect Broad Spectrum SPF15 day perfecting fluid and Caudalie Hand and Nail cream – I was so glad to see Caudalie products in the box!. I have never tried this brand before simply because it’s so expensive. This is one of the good things about Glambox. You get to try things you won’t buy otherwise!.

The Vinoperfect perfecting fluid looks like a tinted foundation with a consistency that just melts into your skin. It’s beautiful!. It has a very pleasant smell. It comes in a tube with a precision tip and contains 10ml. The Hand and Nail cream is really nice and has a strong, citrus like smell. It really nourishes your hand and nails. I use this immediately after bathing. I have never used a cream which is made specifically for your hand and nails. I always have used a general body lotion for my body!. This cream comes in a tube with 15ml. Both of these will last a long while because you need just a little each time.

The price of these products (for full sized ones) : AED 205 for a 40ml Caudalie Vinoperfect perfecting day fluid and AED90 for a 75 ml Caudalie Hand & Nail cream.

Blogpix 0494) Inglot Freedom AMC Eye shadow square : It’s my first time owning an Inglot eye shadow. I haven’t swatched it. The color looks nice. It’s silver colored and full sized. It is square shaped and comes with a mirror and applicator. Price : AED 35.

Blogpix 0445) Dove Purely Pampering Shea Butter & Vanilla cream: I love Dove products. This body cream is nourishing and get easily absorbed without leaving any greasy feeling. The fact that it has shea butter in it means it’s so good for the skin. I own this cream already. So this one will now be my back up!. The product in the box is full sized. Price : AED 14 for 150 ml.

Blogpix 0456) Glambox’s very own Stippling brush – I have always wanted a stippling brush. Applying foundation with this brush gives your face an airbrushed, flawless look. You can use this with liquid, cream or powder foundations. It’s super soft. It’s made of high quality Nylon hair, a brass ferrule and a wooden handle. I am super excited to get this!!. You can purchase this brush or other brushes from Glambox by clicking here. This brush is priced at AED 29. It looks like a Sigma brush!!. Love it.

Blogpix 0477) Last but not the least, there are two sachets of Herbline Essentials Fairness cream – It contains Aloe Vera and Glycerrhiza. It’s formulated for all skin types and each sachet contains 5ml. I haven’t used this yet.

Blogpix 048All in all, April’s Glambox is just out of this world!. Three full sized products, a brush and high end samples. Totally worth it!.

What do you think of the April Glambox?. Leave me a comment below. 

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Naz 🙂

Note: I was provided the April Glambox for review purpose and all opinions are 100% my own.

Review: March 2014 Glambox!

Hello everyone!

I was so excited to know that the March Glambox was completely dedicated to Nivea, which is one of my favorite brands.

Blogpix 026It has a Nivea sticker on it. On opening, you will find that everything is so neatly and carefully arranged.

Blogpix 020

Unwrapping the ribbon (which itself bears the Nivea logo), you will find these three things:

Blogpix 021

  • A 4ml sample of Nivea’s latest product, Natural Fairness day cream with SPF 30, which promises 10X fairer skin in 10 days. It has Vitamin C derivative (which helps inhibit melanin production for fairer skin), Hydra IQ (which keeps skin intensely moisturized) and Licorice extract (which acts as an anti-oxidant that also helps inhibit melanin production for a glowing even skin tone). Price of  this cream (for full size – 50ml) is AED 36.
  • A voucher from Right Bite which entitles the holder to avail 15% discount on their full package – 20 days, plus an initial nutrition consultation!
  • A beauty tip card which Glambox includes with every box. It gives one important tip on one side (this card highlighted the importance of moisturizing) and on the other, lists the contents of the box and it’s prices.

Then inside the box, I was so delighted to find four FULL SIZED Nivea products!. Here they are:

Blogpix 022

Blogpix 024

  • Nivea Creme : Who doesn’t love Nivea’s signature cream?. I am sure everyone associates this cream with their childhood!. I just loved the little tin with the hearts on it. This is a special edition produced for the occasion of Mother’s day. For that same reason, I gifted this to my mom along with her Mother’s day gift!. She adored it ♥. This product which contains 60ml is priced at AED4.60.
  • Nivea Waterlily & Oil shower gel : This smells so heavenly! It refreshes your senses with the light, feminine scent of water lily, while the silky fresh gel with pampering oil pearls turns into soft, caring foam – for the unique sensation of fresh, well-cared skin. The oil pearls are tiny yellow pearls suspended in the pink waterlily scented gel. It’s pretty to look at and amazing to feel. Love it!. This 250 ml product is priced at AED12.50.
  • Nivea In-shower body moisturizer : I am so glad that this is included in this box. I already have a backup of this product but now I don’t have to buy this one for a while!. Click here to read my full review, with photos and all. This is one genius product you have got to try!. Price of the 250ml bottle is AED 13.90.
  • Nivea Invisible for Black & White Clear Roll-On : This antiperspirant with 24 hours protection, truly doesn’t leave white marks on dark fabrics or yellow stains on white clothes. I took this with me when I traveled recently. It’s the perfect size!. It has a really elegant, refreshing smell that lingers on for a while. Price of the 50ml bottle is AED10.50.


Wanna win this?? : As part of her first blog anniversary, my dear friend, Sally of Giveaways Galore is giving away two March Glamboxes to her followers. Click here to take part!

What do you think of the March Glambox?. Leave me comments below. Also, click here to take part in my second blog anniversary giveaway. Ends on April 12th, 2014.

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Naz 🙂

Note: I was provided the March Glambox for review purpose and all opinions are 100% my own.

Review: Herbline Essentials products!

Hey you all!

Herbline Essentials is a range of truly natural beauty products for the face, body and hair. All products are made from 100% natural ingredients sourced in the Himalayas and adhere to the principles of Ayurveda to provide long term benefits for a healthy body and mind.

I was so excited to try out two products from HE. Before going onto my review, please note that my skin type is normal, leaning towards dry (particularly in winter):

1) Aloe Vera, Apricot & Sunflower Nourishing Cream : This is a rich and nourishing formula. I have been using this for two months now. This cream is just perfect for cold, dry winter mornings. This cream really lives up to it’s name as ‘nourishing cream’. It moisturizes dry skin in a jiffy and keeps it nourished for a long time. I felt like it completely heals my dry skin, by hydrating it and keeps my skin looking fresh and supple.

Blogpix 029

It comes in a tub containing 50 gms. There is a transparent lid inside which makes sure the cream doesn’t get smeared over the main lid.

Blogpix 031

It’s consistency is really rich and heavy. But for such a thick cream, it gets absorbed within seconds, leaving your skin radiant, soft, hydrated and looking youthful. Once you spread the cream onto your skin, there is a cool sensation which lasts quite a while and you really feel the dryness getting healed.

Blogpix 033

It has a really mild and pleasant smell. It also contains SPF 10. I use this in the morning, right after my shower. This is a cream for Normal/Dry skin. The ingredients of this cream are Spring Water, Aloe Vera Gel, Sunflower oil, Coco Palm Wax, Apricot Oil, Almond Oil. Phenoxyethanol and Natural fragrance.

It’s a bit pricey, at AED 141 for 50gms but a great investment, since you get all the natural goodness and it really benefits your skin. Click here to buy this directly from Herbline Essentials’s e-store for USD38.31 (AED140.71) and they ship free of charge in UAE!. This cream is also sold on Mumzworld.com, Glambox.me and Souq.com for AED141 and also available at most of the pharmacies in UAE.

2) Cucumber & Rose Water Skin Tonic : I received a travel size version of this in a Glambox, sent to me for review, which you can read by clicking here.

Blogpix 009

This tonic contains pure natural extracts of cucumber and rose, to cool and soften the skin. It is blended with a natural moisturizer and a mild astringent. It’s light pink in color with a beautiful smell that reminds you straight away of a rose. The smell lingers on for a little while.

It comes in a bottle with a pump. After many uses, I was like “Why is this tonic not getting used up??”, because the level had not gone down in the bottle. It’s funny!.


But that’s when I noticed that there is a base, inside the bottle which gets sucked up with each pump. It’s clever. After nearly a month and a half of use (both day and night), I am done with the 30ml bottle. It sure lasted me a good while because 30ml is really just a little. I have saved this bottle because once the base is pushed back all the way down, you can refill and reuse the bottle and seriously, with a pump as neat as that one, I can’t really throw it out!. I am planning to fill it up with a DIY toner.

This tonic has to be applied onto a cotton pad and gently dabbed onto your face. It has a cool feel to it and your skin looks instantly fresh and feels soft. I really loved it. When it got over, I was pretty sad. That smell is just so nice, I miss it!. This tonic is for Normal/Dry skin type.

The ingredients in this tonic are Spring Water, Rose Water, Cucumber Extract, Glycerol Vegetalis, Natural Fragrance, Sodim Benzoate, Phenoxyethanol, FDA approved colour.

Click here to buy this directly from Herbline Essentials’s e-store for USD28.54 (AED104.83) and they ship free of charge in UAE!. This cream is also sold on Mumzworld.com and Glambox.me for AED105 and also available at most of the pharmacies in UAE.

I am really impressed with Herbline Essentials brand. You can feel it’s natural goodness working wonders on your skin. I highly recommend you their products. Note: I was given a complimentary Nourishing Cream for review purpose. All opinions are 100% my own.

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Naz 🙂

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Hello All!

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Love, Naz 🙂

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