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iHerb Haul #8 – Tea, Skincare & more!

Hey guys!

Happy 2016 ♡. Hope you all had a great start to this year!


First post of 2016, I wanted it to be about something am passionate about. Lol!. Am so passionate about shopping on iHerb :D. This haul is from Aug 2015. Here are the things I bought :


1) Premium Black Cumin seed oil by Amazing Herbs – I have done an entire post on the benefits of black cumin seed oil before. It’s miraculous. This time, I bought 4 bottles for my father & uncle, because both of them suffers from back and leg pain. External application of this oil reduced their pain so much that they asked me to order more.


They all came individually packed this time. I recently received an email from someone asking me if this oil could help alleviate his mom’s cancer and I said definitely give this oil a try. When researching this product, I read that it can cure cancer if it’s in the initial stage. It’s that powerful.

Price : $19.49 (AED 71.59) per bottle, each containing 236 ml. iHerb’s price for this product is 35% lesser than it’s market price.

2 & 3) I haven’t really delved into the world of loose leaf teas. However, during August, Just A Leaf Organic teas had a massive sale going on. All their teas were priced at just a dollar each!. I got the following two tins :

China Rose Infused Black tea – This tea contains organic black tea leaves, organic red rose petals & natural essence of rose. It has a really refreshing taste and the scent of roses is truly invigorating. Love it. The pieces of rose petals are so nice to taste in between the sips of this lovely tea.



Price : $10.22 (AED 37.54) for a tin containing 99 gms. But I got it for $1 (AED 3.67)!

Bergamot Grey tea – This tea contains organic black tea leaves & organic essence of Bergamot. I chose this tea mainly because I have found that I like any perfume that has bergamot listed in one of it’s notes. It has a nice citrussy smell & a very strong, spice like taste.



Price : $9.45 (AED 34.71) for a tin containing 99 gms. But I got it for $1 (AED 3.67)!

Currently all Just A Leaf organic teas that iHerb stocks are those which comes in sealed packs. Tin packaging has been discontinued. That’s why I haven’t listed the direct links to these two products here.

4) Hand cream with Argan nut oil by Madre Labs– Before checking out after placing all products in my cart, I always check the Trials section, which lists trial sized products and also full sized products at an amazingly discounted price. This time, I saw this hand cream by Madre Labs, which is unscented & full sized.


It’s key ingredients are oils of Argan nut, jojoba, sesame, avocado, olive and coconut plus shea butter. It contains no parabens. It’s a thick white cream. It’s very moisturizing. One advice I gotta give is to work with a pea sized amount only. More the amount of cream, the more it keeps spreading & the more you have to rub it into the skin to get it absorbed. But with a smaller amount, it gets easily absorbed. Also, though it says ‘unscented’, it has the faintest scent of Argan oil.


Price : $7.95 (AED 29.20) for a tube containing 71 gms. However, I got it for a trial price of only $0.10 (AED 0.37)!

Currently in Jan 2016, this product is still listed in the Trials section at $0.10. Definitely give it a try!

Discounts & Shipping

During August, iHerb had a VIP discount going on. Depending on your bill total different percentages of discounts were being given. Since my bill total was $60+, I received the highest discount of 10% :). My shipping charge came to $11.01 (AED 40.44). It reached in UAE from US, via DHL, in 3 days. Love how fast their shipping always is ♡

Use my code SCZ695 at check out to receive an instant discount of $5 from your bill total.

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Review : Rich Hand & Cuticle Duo from The Face Shop!

Hey guys!

Of late, I have been using the Rich Hand & Cuticle Duo cream from The Face Shop. It is a moisturizer that intensely moisturizes and delivers softness to dry and rough hands.


It is a thick cream that is easily absorbed into the skin, without leaving it looking greasy. Instead, it leaves your hands looking youthful, hydrated and not to mention, absolutely soft. It’s scent is very pleasant and soft. This cream is enhanced with Vitamin E. Some of the ingredients in this cream are Sunflower seed oil, Shea butter, Beeswax, Macadamia seed oil and more.


The packaging of this product is very clever. You might be thinking that it’s just a regular tube containing a cream that serves both as a hand & cuticle cream. Wrong!. The cuticle balm is stored in the lid!!. That’s right!. When you flip open the lid you can see the cuticle balm while to get the hand cream, you need to unscrew the lid. I think it’s absolutely clever.


The cuticle balm looks like Vaseline but has a less thicker consistency. It’s perfect to work it over your cuticles and what you get is healthier and shinier looking nails. Even though the lid is small and apparently contains a small amount of balm, I think it will last a good while.

I love this duo cream & balm. I highly recommend you check it out. I bought this last December during The Face Shop’s year end sale.

Price : AED 31 (on sale) for a tube containing 50 ml of cream & 1.6gms of balm.

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Cherry blossom fingertips with Figs & Rouge!

Summertime brings wistful thoughts of fruity flavors and bright colours. Now the sunniest season is upon us, so why not indulge in the juicy delights and treat yourself to something very special… beautiful hands! Your fingertips might be painted with an exotic shade, but are they smooth and hydrated? Don’t let the summer dry your hands out. Allow Figs & Rouge to help!

Figs & Rouge is the favorite beauty brand of top celebrities like the delightful Emma Watson. Why? Because all Figs & Rouge products are 100% natural, petroleum and paraben free and their vintage designs are summery!

This summer, the Natural Cherry Blossom Hand Cream (AED45) is bursting with sweet flavor and fruity aroma. Perfect for sunny days, multi-tasking and hard working, this superb moisturizing cream features natural antioxidants and algae extract for protection against daily elements. Infused with glycerine and ginseng to soften and nourish throughout the day, it has a unique concentrated formula for smooth, softer hands, nails and cuticles.

Natural Cherry Blossom Hand Cream

All of the pure and natural Hand Cream range is light, non greasy, easily absorbed and enriched with rich cocoa butter to keep skin supple. Other multitasking fragrances to try are the mouth watering Mocha Orange and lady like Coco Rose.

These delicious creams are not just moisturizing, but also attractively nourishing at the same time. The 80ml size is perfect for your handbag, your desk or as a travel essential.

The Figs & Rouge hand creams are available at outlets including Boots the Pharmacy, Organic Foods & Café, The Change Initiative and Make-Up Etc. Cherry pick the softest hands in town this summer, with Natural Cherry Blossom Hand Cream!

About Figs & Rouge :

Figs & Rouge is a UK based beauty company. Using only 100% natural ingredients and with a specific focus on lips and skincare, all Figs & Rouge products are moisture boosting, versatile, multi-tasking, effective and anti-oxidant rich with naturally occurring fatty acids for skin boosting softness. Winner of ‘Best Lip Balm’ for Natural Products magazine, and ‘Commended Product 2009’ at the Natural Beauty Awards, all Figs & Rouge products are completely free from petroleum, paraben and synthetics. To find out more, please visit www.figsandrouge.com.

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Note: This is a press release, aiming at promotion to a wider audience. I am not compensated in any way for the publication of this post.