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Get your closet organized!

The following is a guest post.

Are you afraid of approaching your closet to find a jungle inside? Do you have overstuffed clothes plus twisted shirts in their hangers? Is it difficult to find what you are going to wear for a day? Why not get to the root of a problem and solve it?

The first secret to have an organized wardrobe is to have appropriate and well-sized closets and shoe racks. No matter how you economically folded your tops and sweaters (may it be twice- or thrice-fold) it won’t do unless you have closets big enough to provide space to all of your clothing articles.

Normally, we have two sets of closets and one shoe rack, but as we hit puberty and realized that treating that t-shirt as a uniform by wearing it once a week is a big no-no, we started going to department stores and purchase as much clothes as our allowances and savings would allow. Few years after, we would get more conscious about our appearance and then learn how to follow fashion trends. It would then become our style renaissance as proven by our impulsive buying of flared jeans, elephant pants, peplum skirts, and ruffled blouses. Sooner, we would acquire too much clothes that they can’t fit to our childhood closets. Of course, same thing goes with shoes.

Closets are not inexpensive furniture to have and if you are on a tight budget, you won’t easily part with your hard-earned cash and buy that Mariah Carey-inspired drawer. Instead, you would give this action a lot of consideration first before deciding that it is worth buying a new furniture.

My favorite online furniture shop, Fabrooms, offers good quality and affordable pieces. The shop boasts its wide range of sofas, tables, closets, living textiles, and even garden tools. I have dreamed of owning at least two from their collection and this post inspired me to share some of its closets and shoe racks designs. Take a look.



As I digress, I realized that Fabrooms pieces have those characteristics that we must look for in a closet. We can try buying some of its items and be assured that not only we would have a well-designed closet, but sturdy and insect-free ones, too. Not to mention elegant and stylish. Plus, we won’t be throwing money away as we can be assured that we can use the product for years to come. What do you think?

Been suffering from closet space lately? Share with us how you are trying to solve it!

Author Bio: Monica, the author of this blog post, is an all-rounder when it comes to blogging and is a complete lover of fashion and books. Click here to visit her blog, Impressions of a Princess and see if you love her other posts there. She does international clothing giveaways too and have one that is currently going on until Jul 1st.

April Link Loves!

Hello beautiful people!

This is a new series that I am starting from this month on. The “Link loves” post will feature links to posts that I have enjoyed reading. The posts will be of people whom I follow and I recommend you to follow too. They may or may not be my followers. But that is not the point here. The point is, I loved reading their posts and thought it’s worth mentioning here, so that you guys could check them out and follow if you wish!

Also in this new series, I will be featuring posts where my blog / any blogpost of mine was mentioned <3

The Link Loves posts will be published on the last day of each month.

So here goes my April favorites:

1) Lottie of Book Adoration did this post on book sculptures which really caught my eye!. Those sculptures by Su Blackwell are created from books that are cut (sounds unholy but the works are truly artistic!). An example is this picture below but check her post out to see more!


2) Monica of Impressions of a Princess has a fabulous international $60 (2 winners – $30 each) Indressme clothes giveaway going on, which ends on May 4th. Click here to check it out!. The dresses from that site are so cute, so even if you don’t win, maybe you could buy some 🙂


3) Chrys of Oh Chrys! did a tutorial on how to make a 3D book cover (like in the pic below). I am sure MANY would appreciate a tutorial like that. She always has such awesome tutorials and book reviews up on her blog. Do check it out!

Blog tut

4) Oren Miller of Blogger and a Father did this awesome post called A Gentleman’s guide to diaper changing. I love all his posts because he writes so humorously!. His posts are full of life and you simply can’t help but hang to every word that he writes. Such a nice blogger!

!! Glorious mentions!!

It’s *precious* when my blog/blogposts are mentioned on other blogs. It’s such a sweet feeling!.

1) YouTube sensation/ beauty guru, Michelle Phan mentioned my DIY Anti oxidants facial on her blog. Click here to see that post!. I was so humbled when she did this. I love her soo much!. It made me feel awesome and I was literally on cloud nine that day :D. It’s a special feeling and I will never ever forget it. This is probably one of the best things that EVER happened in my blogging life so far!!


2) Deena, my awesome friend from UK, has a YouTube channel that you really should check out. She has about 1825 subscribers now but I personally feel that she deserves many more!. She mentioned my Are you beautiful post in one of her latest videos. Watch it below :

3) Lottie of Book Adoration also mentioned my Are you beautiful post in her Sunday Post. Yay!. I love you Lottie. You are the coolest!


4) Sham of Dubai Sale Offers mentioned my blog in his post called Who wants to be beautiful. His site is a new website in town, called Kanjoos.ae, that keeps you up-to-date with ‘sales, offers, promotions, deals in dubai‘. Very informative!. Thank you Sham!. It means a lot to me that you found my blog useful and worth mentioning 🙂

Alright guys!. I hope you like the new series. See you later 🙂


Naz =)