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Review : Wow by Wojooh Color Ritual Nail Polish!


Wow by Wojooh has come out with Color Ritual, 30 eye catching shades of breathe-in, long lasting, highly pigmented nail polishes. These polishes are formulated without toluene, formaldehyde, phthalates or camphor. They are designed to let moisture and air in to your nails and that’s why they are named ‘breathe-in’.

I am reviewing the shade 422 Red Pride. This is a classy and elegant looking red. It’s almost the perfect blood red that anyone of any skin tone can wear boldly and be a style statement!

Red Pride

It’s color is eye catching, bright and so pigmented. In the pix below I have worn 2 coats. It’s such a lovely color that can be paired with a classic red dress on the upcoming Valentine’s day!..


Red Pride

Made in France, each of these little bottles contain 11 ml.

Price : AED 55
Available at : Wojooh stores

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Naz ‚ô•

Note: This product was sent to me for review purposes. All opinions are 100% my own.

Review : October 2015 Glambox!

Hey guys!

Though late, here are my thoughts on October’s Glambox ūüôā


1) Vita Coco coconut water – I was quite surprised seeing this in the box. This coconut water, packed in a tetra pack is so sweet and refreshing!. It’s just like sticking a straw in a coconut. This is perfect for hydrating yourself while on-the-go. According to this brand, this product is straight from the tree and never from concentrate. Their process is – “Pick, Crack and Pack!. This is a product of Philippines and each bottle contains 330 ml. There are 4 variants – Original version (which I received), Lemonade, Pineapple and Peach & Mango versions. The latter three are created by combining coconut water + the respective all natural fruit purees. I can’t wait to try out the other variants. You guys do check it out too.


2) Labello – The next lovely product is a Labello and it’s the latest one!. It’s fruity shine watermelon ‚ô°. Labello is one of my favorite lip balms. They are always so moisturizing. This variant has a gorgeous everyday kind of color, delicious watermelon aroma and gives a soft glossy look. It’s such a perfect color. It just gives a wash of color thus making your lips look healthy and rosy. Love it!

Labello Watermelon

The tube is designed in a new way. There is a slant at the top and overall, it’s body is thicker while it’s base is the regular size. Also, it has pretty pictures of watermelon & stars on it to indicate ‘Fruity shine watermelon’.

3) VLCC Face mask – I have loved VLCC’s products so far. So I was excited to find one in this box. This mask contains Liquorice & Fenugreek and is a natural fairness mask. Liquorice is known for it’s powerful skin whitening properties and fenugreek soothes and relaxes the skin. It’s light yellow colored. It does give a fresh look once applied for 10-15 minutes and then washed away. However, I cannot stand it’s smell. It’s really strong and it gave me a major headache. It could be the scent of liquorice but I am not sure. I will definitely not buy a full sized version of this ever!. The little tube contained 15 ml.


4) Nivea Powder Touch Anti perspirant – This is a product I have tried before. It dries quickly and has a pleasant scent that stays for a good while. The little can contains 35 ml.

Nivea Powder touch

5) Derma e Antioxidant Natural sunscreen – This came in a little sachet with just 3.5gms. It contains Zinc Oxide and has a broad spectrum UVA/UVB coverage. I quite like it. It contains SPF 30 and has the consistency of a lotion. It’s easy to apply and imparts a light whitish blue tint to the face which is characteristic of any sunscreen that contains Zinc Oxide.

derma e

6) Yardley perfume samples – I never knew Yardley perfumes were out there in the market. I love their powders & deo sprays. Anyways there are 2 samples – one of English Rose and the other of Jasmine. English Rose is such a stunning scent!. I will make sure I get a full sized version of this. I am not a fan of their Jasmine scented products. So, I passed it onto my mom. Each sample contained 2.5 ml.


As you can see, Glambox has helped me decide what to get next and what not to. Why don’t you look at the three subscription options and subscribe to Glambox today itself!. ‚ô°

Coupons & More


‚óŹ 35% discount code to www.glossymakeup.com
‚óŹ Voucher offering 35% off any service offered at Senso Spa.
‚óŹ Voucher offering 25% discount at GlamGals outlets
‚óŹ 15% discount code to www.lens.me
‚óŹ A leaflet about Vita Coco, designed just like the tetra pack, giving all details about this product

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Note: This Glambox was sent to me for review purposes. All opinions are 100% honest & my own.

Review : Dove Elixir Hibiscus & Argan oil!

Hey guys!

About 2.5 months ago, I bought Dove’s Nourished Shine Hibiscus & Argan oil. One of the first things that attracted me to it is ofcourse the brand. I love Dove plus I haven’t come across this Dove product in the UAE. There are three variants and I got the third one which is the Hibiscus and Argan oil one, both of which are great for the hair.

Dove Elixir 1

The oil is light and non greasy. It says ‘Precious oils with real ingredients’ on the outer box and the bottle. You can see golden yellow flakes floating inside the bottle and those are Rose flower petals (according to the ingredients list). These have lost it’s color since it’s completely infused in the oil. I love it’s beautiful smell. It’s so divine. Since it’s a very light oil, you can use it to simply run through your hair even just before heading out, just to keep your hair looking well groomed with no flyaways. I mostly use it at night before heading to bed though.

Dove Elixir 2

The oil comes in a solid glass bottle fitted with a nozzle. I love the bottle since it’s so pretty and can be reused once it’s empty. The nozzle is tiny though, almost as if it was designed to pump a serum product, not oil. Anyways, I use about 10 pumps each time I oil. In the above pic you can see some rose petals have lodged itself in the tube that leads to the nozzle. That’s actually a nuisance. That plus the tiny nozzle makes it tough to pump the oil out. Sometimes tiny pieces of petals makes it’s way through the nozzle but large ones get lodged in the tube.

This was actually an impulse buy. Of late, I research a lot before buying a product. But this one was more like a “Saw it, want it” situation. I grabbed it just before heading to the payment area. Once I got home, I did my usual research, went through the ingredients etc and found something pretty disappointing… 78% of this oil consists of mineral oil!. Like what the hell!. Mineral oil is a cheap, base oil that some companies use. There are debates as to whether mineral oil is good or bad. Some say it’s plain bad while some say it’s good to pull moisture in, especially in hot climates. Whatever the case, 78% of this oil is mineral oil, man.. That means only the rest of it are Hibiscus and Argan and other ingredients.

I can’t say I don’t recommend it. You could maybe buy it and give it a try. But, for me, definitely not a repeat buy.

Price : Rs. 185 (AED 10.34) for a bottle containing 90 ml.

I bought this from Navaratna Hypermarket, Moonnupeediga, Kerala.

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Review : Nature’s Essence Gold Illuminating Face Wash!

Hey there!

Radiant skin is everyone’s desire. Recently, when I came across a budget friendly Indian brand that promised radiant looking skin, I went for it. I haven’t really heard of this brand before but the little tube looked quite nice, with a honeycomb design on it.


The face wash is honey colored, with small golden sparkles in it. It has a medium thick consistency that is still easily spreadable on the face. It’s main ingredients are honey, golden dust & Vitamin E. The rest of the ingredients aren’t listed, unfortunately. Underneath the brand name on the tube, it’s written ‘Aromatherapy Beauty Solutions’. However, there is nothing special about it’s scent. It’s a light smell. A little goes a long way and thus this little tube containing 60 ml will last you a good 1.5 months. The amount shown in the pic below could be used to wash your face & neck twice..


I quite like it. It does leave your skin feeling youthful, radiant and soft. The gold dust doesn’t leave any shimmer on the skin. Even though it says on the package that it is for all skin types, I would advice those with very dry skin to stay away from it. Being a person with normal/dry skin, I find the end result to be perfect but for those with very dry skin, this face wash could leave your skin feeling squeaky clean yet dry.

Overall, I would definitely buy it again and I recommend you check it out too.

Price : Rs. 60 (AED 3.32) for a tube containing 60ml.

I bought it from Navaratna Hypermarket, Moonnupeediga, Kerala.

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Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure NEW shades!

Accent your spring wardrobe with six stylish, irresistible new shades in the Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure collection. The discerning, fashion-forward consumer can now truly have it all!. And that of course includes Complete Salon Manicure’s trademark seven top-tier nail benefits, all in one smart little bottle :a base coat and strengthener, vital growth treatment, a breathtaking top coat, chip resistance, salon color and gel-like shine. This is the ultimate in a multi-tasking manicure. 


Your return on investment never looked this good!

When it comes to color¬†trends, Sally Hansen knows where¬†it‚Äôs at. From killer¬†jade green¬†pumps to the hottest¬† blue leather¬†handbag¬†of the season, these color selections¬†are the¬†absolute IT shades of the spring fashion lineup, and your nails will say ‚Äėthank you!‚Äô for being the most cutting edge and glam they can be.¬†Earth tones, saturated greens/blues and vibrant floral hues are the shades that are hot¬†now, and they are going directly onto your nails thanks to this¬†all-in-one manicure revolution!

Point of Sale: Wojooh, Lifestyle and Carrefour
Price: 39AED

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Note: This is a press release, aiming at promotion to a wider audience. I am not compensated in any way for the publication of this post.

Rimmel’s New Velvet Matte nail collection!

Say bye bye to high-shine, say hello to nails with real MATTE-ITUDE!. Rimmel introduces new Velvet Matte, the ultimate velvety matte nail collection in the most luxurious opulent must-have shades of the season. Simply matte-nificent!. Who needs gloss?. The most fashion-forward nails are rocking a fierce new finish: Matte.

Rimmel - Velvet Matte Nail Polish - Velvet Touch #013 - AED26 model shot

Now, for the first time, you can get matte Rimmel nail colour with one bottle ‚Äď no top coat needed. Watch the formula go from glossy in the bottle to a velvety matte finish on the nail.¬†It‚Äôs matte magic. It couldn‚Äôt be easier to nail the new trend.

Rimmel Velvet Matte Nail Polish - group shot04

Price: AED 26
Point of Sale: Available at Boots, Lifestyle, Carrefour and Max Circle

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Note: This is a press release, aiming at promotion to a wider audience. I am not compensated in any way for the publication of this post.

Review : Refreshing Fruit Pack by Himalaya Herbals!


On a recent trip to Kochi city (in India), I came across a shop exclusively selling Himalaya Herbals products. I bought two products and one of them is this Refreshing Fruit Pack. Review on the other product soon..


This face mask is made especially for Normal to Dry skin types. It’s perfect for me. It comes in a little tube. This tube is slightly different from the usual Himalaya Herbals tubes. On the regular green lid, there is a new orange line which gives it a nice bright look. Also just below the lid, there is a striated design with an ‘H’ in the middle. It’s very modern & pretty.

This pack has the following ingredients and I am also highlighting their benefits :

‚óŹ Apple – which is a rich source of AHAs. It nourishes the skin & brings out it’s natural glow
‚óŹ Fig & Cucumber – both of which provides a cooling effect to the skin
‚óŹ Papaya – which helps remove freckles & smoothens the skin
‚óŹ Mineral Clay – which soothes the skin & improves blood circulation


The pack is a thick paste & has an orangeish yellow color to it that reminds you of a Papaya. It’s scent is really pleasant. I apply it to cleansed skin (am currently using Olay’s Cleansing milk) for 10 – 15 mins and then wash off with cool water. In that time period, the mask visibly dries however it doesn’t feel unpleasantly tight. It says on the tube that since it contains herbal active ingredients, it might cause tingling sensations but that it’s normal. I did feel that just around my mouth area. Once you wash off, skin feels amazingly soft and glowing. I immediately seal the moisture by applying a moisturizer (currently using Olay Total Effects day/night cream).

I highly recommend this fruit facial pack to those with normal to dry skin. This mask is to be used only once or twice a week.

Price : Rs. 70 (AED 4.13) for a tube containing 50 gms.

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How to : DIY Skin glowing mask!

Hey guys!

Been a long while since I did a DIY. This one is a very simple and effective mask that has only 2 ingredients – Fenugreek seeds & organic honey.


The fenugreek seeds have to be soaked overnight or for about 8 hours. You need only a little bit since once soaked it grows in size. Honey softens your skin. I use Wedderspoon’s Active 16+ Manuka honey, which is very high in quality. I bought it online, from US for $40.86. They ship worldwide ultra fast and I highly recommend you try it out.

Onto the method itself : Grind the fenugreek seeds into a thick paste. Add honey into the paste rather than in the grinder. I add about 2 tbsp of honey, but that’s entirely upto you and also based on the amount of fenugreek paste.


Lol!. Looks like mashed potatoes and gravy!. The final mix should look like below :


This is actually a messy mask. The fenugreek paste doesn’t really adhere to our skin, so you will need to literally plaster it on and look like a monster. Keep it on for 30 mins. Wash off in cool water and discover the most glowing, soft skin!. I suggest you apply a thick layer on your face. The more thin the layer you apply, the more tough it is to remove from your skin with water. In that case you will need to wipe it off with a towel..

Let me know if you try it ūüôā

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Rimmel Kate Lipstick with NEW assets!


Rimmel Introduces the Kate Bright Collection For Lips

As the temperature rises, lips go brilliantly bright. Rimmel introduces its new Kate Bright SS15 Collection for lips, an exotic palette of precious shades created by the style icon herself, Kate Moss.


Inspired by palm-fringed beaches and magenta sunsets, Kate has created a sizzling array of trend-setting shades that bring the Caribbean to Camden and Hawaii to Hoxton. Her luscious line-up of sunlit pinks, captivating corals and vibrant vermilions perfectly captures all the fun of lazing under a sultry sun. Rock your summer style like Kate!


Point Of Sale: Boots, Lifestyle, Max and Carrefour
Price: 49 AED

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Note: This is a press release, aiming at promotion to a wider audience. I am not compensated in any way for the publication of this post.