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Nasal Congestion in Babies – Causes & Remedies!

Hi guys,

Today I will be discussing about nasal congestion in babies. It’s really a difficult time when your baby suffers from it, since babies are obligatory nose breathers.

There are several causes for nasal congestion. Extremely dry air and allergy are the two main causes. When this happens, the baby develops a stuffy nose. This makes breathing through the nose harder. So, they rely on breathing with their mouth.

This in turn makes feeding harder for them. For the sucking action, the nose should be fully functional or else it really makes it difficult to feed the baby.

One thing leads to another and the end result is a sleep deprived, cranky and hungry baby. It is really painful to watch your little one crying incessantly & overall disturbed. It’s really tough to watch your kid trying hard just to breathe.

Babies don’t understand what’s happening with them, which makes them overwhelmed. The worst part?. They don’t even know how to sniff or blow their nose to clear the discomfort.

There are ways to help in this case. The main one is using a humidifier. This is if the problem occurred due to dry air. The mist will help to moisten the inner lining of the baby’s nose that is extremely sensitive and tends to dry up when exposed to dry air.

Another good tip, if you don’t have a humidifier, is to dunk a cotton cloth in hot water, squeeze out the water well, sit a slight distance away from the baby and then slightly wave that cloth in an up and down motion in the direction of the baby. This brings moisture to the immediate surrounding of the baby.

The most effective tip was given to me by my son’s pediatrician. He suggested that I use Nasivion nasal drops. These help to decongest the nose and bring much needed relief to the baby.

It comes in different strengths (0.025% & 0.05%) depending on the baby’s age. The doc prescribed him the 0.025% one. After using Nasivion, I immediately noticed that his breathing was not laboured like before. He became significantly calm and was able to feed well and thus sleep well. A happy baby results in happy parents 👪..

Check the Nasivion website for the dosage and always consult your paediatrician before using the product.

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Review : Mother Sparsh worry free baby products!

Hey guys,

Today I want to introduce you to a worry free brand of Ayurvedic babycare products that I am absolutely loving at the moment, Mother Sparsh, which literally means Mother’s Touch.

They make 8 products in all and I will be reviewing 7 of them. So, here goes :

98% Water baby wet wipes – This product is quite innovative and one to definitely try out. Usually baby wipes are loaded with parabens and have a high alcohol content in them. However, this one has 98% water in it, is paraben free and thus is the purest wipes ever!

Mother Sparsh baby wet wipes

The material of the wipe is light & a stretchy kind. It says on the pack that it is ‘Non woven Spunlace fabric’. It has Aloe Vera extract in it, is pH balanced and enriched with vitamin E. It has extra moisture in it & does an excellent job of cleaning, while imparting a pleasant scent.

I love that each time a wipe is pulled, it brings up an individual wipe rather than pulling up the next one half way with it. This helps in handling the wipes one handed.

Price : Rs 185 for a pack containing 80 wipes. However, as an introductory offer, the price is Rs 150 now.

Baby Massage oil (Lal tail) – Lal tail translates to ‘red oil’. This one smells absolutely phenomenal thanks to the wonderful  blend of different Ayurvedic Herbs & oil. It mainly contains Sesame oil (which is known to improve blood circulation & strength of whole body) & Sankhpushpi (which has a calming effect).

Lal tail baby massage oil

This is a great massage oil & can be used on the scalp too. It comes in a easy to handle flip open plastic bottle.

Price : Rs 96 for a 100ml bottle.

Currently though,  there is an offer whereby you can get a baby lotion (40 ml) worth Rs 34, free with a Lal tail.

Mother Sparsh offer pack

Baby lotion – Out of all the Mother Sparsh products, this one’s scent is my favorite. It is so pleasant & refreshing. It contains mainly Olive oil & Aloe Vera.

The lotion is white in color and very runny in consistency. It is so moisturizing and leaves the baby’s skin pleasantly scented and soft.

Mother Sparsh baby lotion

The full sized product that they sell comes in a bottle. However, the one that I am reviewing, is the 40ml sample that came with the Lal tail. It came in a tube. Tubes are great for creams & for something as runny as this lotion, this tube is a wrong choice of packaging. There is literally no control over how much product can be dispensed with each squeeze. It just spurts out. I wish they used a mini bottle for packaging this sample.

Price : Rs 85 for a full sized 100 ml bottle.

Baby body wash – This is a straw colored, lightly viscous liquid gel that mainly contains Olive & Turmeric. It has a soapy kind of smell which is OK. Turmeric helps fight infections & such. It lathers lightly and a little goes a long way. It comes in a flip open bottle, which is convenient to use during bath time. I liked it a lot.

Mother Sparsh baby body wash

Price : Rs 85 for a 100 ml bottle.

Baby powder – This one contains Tulsi & Aloe Vera. The powder is very fine and easy to spread on the skin. However,  I am not that keen about it’s scent. It’s Ayurvedic like but way too strong.

Mother Sparsh baby powder

The product might be working well on the baby’s skin due to the Ayurvedic content in it but the smell is quite off-putting. The container that it comes in has three indentations on each side of it so that it’s easy to grab onto it. That’s quite nice.

Price – Rs 62 for a 100 gms container.

Baby soap – This is a white colored, beautifully scented bar uof soap. It contains Almond oil & Olive oil. It lathers quite well and leaves the baby smelling great. It is quite dense and not the kind that melts away fast.

Mother Sparsh baby Soap

Price : Rs 48 for a 75 gms bar

Gripe water – This is an all natural choice for stomach discomfort, gas, colic, teething and hiccups. I have used gripe water in the past. Mother Sparsh’s gripe water contains Saunf (Fennel) & Pudina (Mint). It’s a straw colored liquid with a medicinal scent.

Mother Sparsh Gripe water

It can be given to even newborn babies. My son is nearing 2 years old and for that age it says here on the pack that they can be given 10 ml 3 times per day. But, I give it to him only when I feel he has a discomfort.

Price : Rs 55 for a bottle containing 130 ml

Mother Sparsh products are alcohol free, parabens free, phthalate free & worry free. All products have a different color on their respective packaging and are easy on the eyes & pleasant. Overall,  I find this brand budget friendly & trust worthy. You should definitely try it out.

These products can be bought online from Firstcry.com, Amazon India & Flipkart. Check out Mother Sparsh’s site for more details.

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Note : These products were sent to me for review purposes. All opinions are 100% honest & my own.