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iHerb Haul #5 – Skincare/Haircare products and snacks :)

Hey guys!

Back with another haul from my absolute favorite online site, iHerb!. This time I shopped for my family rather than for myself. Here are the things I bought 🙂

IMG_1508Click this picture if you wish to add everything shown here to your cart in one click.

1) Nature’s Gate body lotion – This body lotion contains colloidal oatmeal and is made especially for itchy, dry and sensitive skin. Oatmeal is a key ingredient that you need to look out for in products targeting dry skin. FYI: Colloidal oatmeal is just oatmeal that has been ground to a fine powder.


The other ingredients in this body lotion are just great as well. That’s what attracted me to buy it for my mom. Here is the list: Shea butter, Sweet almond oil, Apricot Kernel oil, Soybean oil, Canola oil, Sodium Hyaluronate, Vegetable glycerin and Vitamin E.

All these work towards softening and hydrating your skin. Another great thing is that this brand is free of parabens, phthalate, mineral oil, petrolatum, PEG and fragrances. This brand is also cruelty free, vegan and made in USA. Mom quite loved this product. I tried it out too and it’s very nice. However, there is a natural scent to it which I didn’t like a lot. It might be oats or anther smell. Can’t put my finger on it. But my skin loved it!

The bottle is a sturdy one with a pump. It contains 946 ml and will surely last a long time.

Price: $11.92 (AED 43.78)

2) Jojoba oil by Now Foods – This is a multi – purpose oil. You can use it both in skincare and hair care. It is anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, helps in hair growth, in conditioning the hair, hydrating the skin and also is a great carrier oil. My sister in law has been having excessive hair loss and that’s why she asked me to place an order for this.


It comes in a plastic bottle and easy to dispense lid. Even though it looks like a little bottle, it lasts a long time since I already own the Now Foods Avocado oil which comes in the exact same bottle and is one that I have been using over the past one year. I covered it in my first iHerb haul post.

Price: $11.46 (AED 42.09) for a 118ml bottle. However, since all oils were on 20% off on iHerb during that week, as a weekly offer, I got this for $9.17 (AED 33.68)

I also wanted to highlight something. This particular Jojoba oil is specifically said to be ‘Certified organic’. There is another Jojoba oil listed on the site from the same brand that comes in the same kind of bottle, containing the same amount of oil which just says ‘100% pure’ on it. That one costs $9.93 (AED 36.47) on a regular day and on discount that week, was $7.74 (AED 28.43). However, I felt it was a better decision to go with the ‘certified organic’ version.

3) Rosemary Essential oil – This is one of the most popular essential oils. My sister in law wanted it because when this one is combined with a carrier oil, especially Jojoba oil, it becomes a potent hair care treatment for longer, stronger hair. That is the main purpose she wanted it. However, Rosemary essential oil has numerous other uses too, be it aromatherapy, stress relief or skincare.


It came in a dark brown glass bottle. The scent of it is absolutely amazing. It’s very aromatic, warm, potent and camphorous.

Price: $6.11 (AED 22.44) for a 30 ml bottle. I got 20% off on this oil too :). So, it was $4.89 (AED 17.96)!.

4) Mad Hippie Exfoliating Serum – I bought this in my last iHerb haul. I also reviewed it some days ago. Anyways, my mom really loved how much beneficial this serum has been for my skin. The result was that profound!. So, she wanted one too. Since, it’s anti aging, I felt it would suit my mom’s skin too. So I bought this bottle for her.


Price: $27.99 (AED 102.81) for a 30ml bottle.

5) Snackimals Chocolate Chip cookies by Barbara’s Bakery – I bought this in my last haul too. Remember back then how I shamelessly ate what I had originally bought for my nephew?. :D. Well this time I am making up for it!. I promised I will buy it again when I order from iHerb next time. So, this time it’s definitely for my little adorable nephew… Am keeping my paws off it!. I freaking love these cookies. They are so yum!. You got to try these out ♥


Price: $4.46 (AED 16.38) for a packet containing 213 gms. Unfortunately, it doesn’t last that long 😛

Discounts received

In addition to the 20% discount I received on two of the five items I ordered, iHerb had something called the ‘VIP discount’ happening the time I had placed this order. I am not sure when that offer started/ended. However, I am indeed glad I got it. I got a 10% discount which worked out to be $5.84 (AED 21.45). Seriously, iHerb is an amazing site that gives discounts on top of discounts. You save a great deal when shopping from there.


The shipping cost was $18.99 (AED 69.75). I think this is the highest shipping charge that I have paid when ordering from iHerb. It’s because of the pretty heavy body lotion. Once again, my order was shipped ultra fast. Shipped the same day that I placed the order and arrived at my doorstep in UAE, from US, in less than 48 hours!.

Everything was packaged very carefully so as to avoid any damage during transit. The Jojoba oil, Rosemary essential oil and the Nature’s Gate body lotion were individually packed in zip lock bags. Once again, I highly suggest this site to you. They ship worldwide, ultra fast.

Use the code SCZ695 at checkout to receive upto $10 off your first transaction with them!

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How to: Purchase from Amazon US store from UAE!

Hi all!
I made a purchase from Amazon two months ago. The following are several questions that arose in my mind before placing the order. Hope the answers help at least some one out there 🙂

1) What is the mode of shipment?

A : Usually anything from US, is sent by post (it’s way cheaper than courier service). I have previously received gifts from friends. So my first doubt was whether I should provide my postal address which is in Abu Dhabi or my physical address which is in Sharjah. Amazon has a live chat option on their site which I simply love. One of their agents told me that unless and until they actually assign a delivery service to it, they themselves don’t know how it would be send.


Finally, I went with my gut feeling and provided my postal address. Later on I received an email informing me that the service assigned to ship my package is Aramex!. Everyone out there knows that Aramex does not deliver to a post box. Usually if a wrong address is given, the package is send back to its origin. I felt real low.

I contacted Amazon again and asked if I could change my address to physical. They had split my order into two separate packages. This is done as per availability of certain items and shipped to you separately at no extra cost. They informed me that the first shipment was already out and they couldn’t do anything to change the address. However, I could change the address of my second shipment. So I went ahead and changed that address to the physical one. Then I liaised with the local Aramex office and they informed me that once the package is in UAE, they will contact me and check for my physical address. That relieved me a lot!

I had opted for the 8 – 16 days shipment option (The other option is 2 – 7 days) but received my first shipment (with one item) in just 6 days!. That was super fast. Everything was neatly and carefully packed.

My second shipment (with 3 items) arrived in 13 days. Even that was delivered right to my doorstep by Aramex. I can now safely say that Amazon would be generally using Aramex to ship to UAE. So go ahead and provide your physical address as your default shipping address.

2) How do I know which items are shipped international and which locally in US?

A : While browsing for products, make sure the International Shipping option is selected in the search bar, like below:

SearchbarAnother option is to search anyway, but check the box AmazonGlobal Eligible on the left side of the screen.


Or just click here to go to their page with International Shipping already selected.

3) International Shipping is selected in the search bar but still when I click on a product it says like below. Why is that?.

No Shipping

A : That particular item might be shipped from US to other international places like say Europe, but unfortunately not to UAE.

4) I didn’t get a message like the one mentioned in question 3 but another message as below is shown in the ‘Product details’ for the product that I selected. Is UAE among the ‘select countries’?

Select countries

A : The best way to know is ‘Add it’ to your shopping cart anyway and continue. Finally a page comes where you have the option to ‘Continue shopping’ or ‘Place the Order’. If that button can be selected, it means that product is eligible for shipping to your country. If the button is visible but cannot be selected, unfortunately that product is not eligible to be shipped to your address. Also a message as below will be displayed:

Cant order

5) How can I make the payment?

A : Amazon provides a number of payment options. You can pay with a Visa/Mastercard credit/debit cards, Amazon gift cards, American Express etc.

6) Are liquid items permissible to be purchased and shipped into UAE?

A : I haven’t purchased any liquid items yet. I have my eyes on one particular such product. If I successfully buy that, I will come back and update this answer.

7) A product that I wish to buy is being offered by several sellers. From whom should I buy?

A : This one is quite a personal choice. Some sellers on Amazon does ship international. But I personally prefer buying something from Amazon directly. It’s kinda like a trust issue :P. I look out for a message like below, while shopping:

Amazon only

Those are the seven main questions that arose in my mind. Have you ever purchased from Amazon?. What did you buy?

To see what I bought on Amazon, click here 🙂

I hope you find this post useful. If you do, please share and also leave a comment below. I love feedback!.

Now that you are here, check out this online site iHerb which ships worldwide. They ship from US to UAE in less than 2 days. Ultimately fast shipping!. They also sell literally everything you need from makeup brushes, cosmetics, natural supplements and even grocery items!. Use the code SCZ695 for a $5 or $10 discount on your first purchase!.

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