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Global Village 2014 and mini haul!

Hey guys!

The Global Village in Dubai started on November 6th, 2014 and will continue until April 11th, 2015, spanning a period of 5 months and a week. I went there twice in the first 2 weeks of December and here are my thoughts about it and I have clicked many pictures to share with you guys ♥

Here is a shot of the gate I always enter through, Gate 4. How beautiful it looks against the night sky!


The ticket price is the same as last year which is great. It’s AED 15 per person. Children below three can enter for free. This time around, there is a change though. Each ticket serves as a ‘Scratch and Win’ coupon with instant prizes. I thought that was really cool. Prizes are many like a free entry ticket for the next time that you visit the Gobal Village again, free admission to Animal Land, AED 10 discount coupon on minimum spend of AED 60 at participating restaurants, free 500ml Coca Cola etc.



Immediately on the left side after entering via Gate 4, I could see the Indian Pavilion. The entrance looks average. It spans a huge area and there is so much more focus on clothing, this year.


I bought a kolhapuri. It cost AED 80. However, since my husband is good at bargaining and bargaining is necessary here, I got it for AED 60. There are plenty of other shops that sell these for as low as AED 35 – AED 45 too. You just need to walk around looking for the best. I already wore it several time before clicking this pic below.. That’s why it’s looking a bit sad 🙁


Then my brother bought a watch box, that can hold 5 watches, from a shop that sells only wallets, belts and boxes like these. It was originally AED 65 and he got it for AED 50 after bargaining. This one is not genuine leather. The genuine ones are priced about AED 150 and above. I really love this one. It’s made beautifully and is sturdy.


Then mom bought me this head massager, which is pretty ticklish at first to use but later it feels so great!. I believe it’s AED 10 or AED 15.


Then, we left that pavilion. On my way, I saw a little movable stall selling ‘kulfi’, which is an Indian frozen dairy dessert. I bought a pistachio flavored one. It was so yum. The guy selling it said that it’s made of real milk and not milk powder. There were actual pieces of pistachio in it. I bought the smallest one and it was AED 10. I highly suggest you try it too. Since it’s movable, they could be anywhere, but I found them situated before the bridge that crosses over to the Thailand pavilion.



Thailand’s location used to be always in one place, in the past years. This time they made it more grand and changed it’s location. There is a gorgeous horse chariot in the entrance.



There are amazing variety of things in Thailand as usual. But this year, it just feels better!. In one stall, I saw Urban Decay’s Naked 3 palette for AED 100. I asked her where it came from and she said it’s made in Korea. Also, I spotted some beauty blenders in varied colors, in the same stall. They were priced at AED 20 per piece. Below, you can see the stall name and these products.

10Another thing I found there in abundance is phone cases. OMG!. They were soo gorgeous. I didn’t buy any though as I am not into it but I am sure some of you might just love to stock up!

11Check out these beautiful lights!. On the left side, you can see cute little night lights.


I got out of that pavilion and then went along an area filled with restaurants. This time, instead of a food court, everything is much more organized. Restaurants are properly made, with regular seating and gorgeous flooring. It doesn’t look like a temporary setup. I just loved that. I bought a sandwich from a place called Al Dahhan restaurant. It cost AED 12 per sandwich which is actually expensive. However, it was so juicy and delicious!. However, I need to also say this. The second time, when I went with my family, I ordered it again and this time it was so dry and I could barely swallow it. I couldn’t believe the difference. So let me warn you there. If you are trying it just because I said so, don’t keep your expectations high. The second time, it was just not worth AED 12.

Then, I went to a Thai Food court which had four Thai restaurants in it. I bought some Thai fruits, which were AED 15 per tray. They were really nice. Then I got some fried shrimps, which cost AED 25 for 5 pieces and was not in the least worth it. Don’t buy it!. It was tasteless and oily. Oh the horror!


My next stop, was China, one of my favorite pavilions that I visit every year. The entrance was grand as usual!. The dragon structures on the top, moves, which is pretty cool.


On entering, you can see a guy doing portraits and man, he is so talented. Loved the display of the ones he had finished.


There was a stall selling a variety of different teas. It’s a tea lover’s paradise. They also sold exquisite tea pots and more. Also, my mom and sister in law bought jewelry from there. A ring and a set of necklace and earrings cost AED 50 if I remember it right.


Next, I went to the Italy pavilion. I found a lot of sunglasses, phone cases and stylish clothes there. I got to taste some awesome chocolate and I also bought this tray of milk chocolate for my sister in law. The tray originally costs AED 15, but I got it for AED 10. I actually didn’t need to bargain there. I noticed that the guy was literally quoting AED 5 extra on everything and saying he will give it for lesser!. Like say, there was this tray of chocolate worth AED 25, which he himself said he will give for AED 20 and another one worth AED 45, that he agreed to give for AED 40. What a dumb and obvious trick!. Anyways, the chocolate tasted rich and delicious, so I bought this tray.



Next, I went to the Turkey pavilion. I tried out a lot of Turkish delight. They are so yum!!. Finally, my mom and I bought 1/2 kg each of two different kinds of them. They were Pistachio and pomegranate one that I bought last year too and Pomegranate and walnut one, which was coated in coconut flakes. They are absolutely delicious. One kg of this mix costs AED 75 but after bargaining we got it for AED 60. I feel so weird putting this pic up, but that’s all I could save until I reached home!. I walked around eating the rest of it. Lol!


Outside the Turkey pavilion, I  tried out Turkish Borek, which is a layered filo pastry with a cheese stuffing. For each tray, they were charging AED 25. It’s my first time trying it. The cheese tastes slightly salty. It was OK. But the filo pastry was flaky and crunchy. Then I bought a grilled corn on the cob which was so sweet. Literally perfect!. I believe it was AED 10 per corn. Then, we had a packet of roasted chestnuts which tasted really nice too. They cost AED 20 per pack.

Next, I bought Legimath, topped with honey, from the Heritage Cooking stalls found literally everywhere in Global Village. It’s an Arabic sweet. It’s so yum and costs AED 10 per tray.


There were many cultural programmes happening there. Awesome Indian dances and so much more. There is a huge stage set up next to the China pavilion. In front of it, they have designed a vast park like structure where families can sit watching the programmes while kids can run about in the grass. This is totally new. Here below, you can see a Moroccan performance right next to the Morocco pavilion.


Parting shots

Overall, this time Global Village feels so much better and improved. Everywhere it’s so clean. I just totally loved it. Now that Dubai Shopping Festival has begun on Jan 1st, 2015, I will be visiting there again soon. The DSF lasts until Feb 1st, 2015.

Here are some shots from around Global Village, before I end this post.





I hope you liked this post and all the pictures in it. I do highly recommend everyone to check out Global Village 🙂

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DSF and Global Village: 2013-2014 edition!

Hey all!

I did a post in Nov, 2012 about the 2012-2013 Dubai Shopping Festival/Global Village. It was well received by many. So this time, I am doing a post about the same but for the 2013-2014 time period.

It’s actually ironic that I am doing this today, Feb 2nd, when DSF is coming to an end. DSF ran from 2nd Jan, 2014 until 2nd Feb, 2014 while Global Village opened on Oct 5th, 2013 and will remain open until Mar 1st, 2014. So if you haven’t visited it yet, you still have time.

So in my last post, I mentioned several pavilions that you really have got to visit and some items that you have to try out. This time, I discovered some more great products. I visited Global Village in December (that’s when I bought a pair of Kholapuri sandals. I mentioned it in my November – December haul post). Then I visited there on the day DSF started (Jan 2nd). Here are everything I bought:

1) Turkey Pavilion : I hadn’t given much attention to this pavilion over the past years. But this time, someone suggested I try the Turkish Delight and man, I am addicted to it!. There are many shops selling it, but there is this one shop which is located in the very center of this pavilion and is the largest shop there. I believe it’s name is AHU (Didn’t note the full form). You can ask for samples. I tasted many and just fell in love with Pistachio/Pomegranate one and a candy/rose flavored one, covered in real rose petals.  You have to buy a minimum of 500 grams. It’s AED 50 for 500 grams / AED100 for 1 kg. I mixed both the above mentioned flavors and bought 500 grams.



This is so worth it. You must try this!!

2) Saudi Arabia (KSA) pavilion : My parents bought a deal of perfumes/oud from here in Dec ’13. They bought it again in Jan and I thought “Well, if it’s that good, why not give it a try?”. It’s from the shop called Al Mas Al Athar (The board is written in Arabic and has the number 46 on it)


This big carry bag contains the following:


  • A room freshner (in a 410ml plastic spray bottle), which smells of oud (I just love this one!!)
  • A women’s perfume (in a 50 ml glass bottle), which smells strong and mostly of oud.
  • A men’s perfume (in a 50 ml glass bottle)
  • A box containing 10 incense tablets, shaped like hearts!
  • Two sample perfumes which you can easily pop into your hand bag. Smells amazing too.
  • An oud burner, which is so pretty


This entire bag is just AED100!. I loved this deal.

3) India Pavilion : My mom bought me a king size bed sheet set from one of the shops here. We bought 3 sets (each containing a bedsheet and 2 pillow covers) and were able to get a discount. It’s always good to bargain!. I believe they originally quoted us AED65 per set. We got each for roughly AED46 (Total AED140 for three sets). Here is one of them on my bed:


I washed it already and the color/design stays put, so I like it. The only problem is that the pillow cover isn’t exactly big. I somehow stuffed my pillows into it and the hemming work on the sides is done just once which means it can come off easily. In fact, it did come off. But love the bed sheet. It’s made of cotton.

4) Thailand pavilion : You will find many Thai fruit shops throughout the Global Village and also in the Thailand pavilion. I love the green mangoes. I bought two of these. It comes in a tray like this:


A tray costs AED15. There are many other fruits too, like dragon fruits, pomelo, ripe mangoes, guava etc.

5) Traditional Cooking Corner : Throughout Global village, you will find traditional cooking corners where the local women make Arabic sweets.


There are always so many people around these stalls. Here is a woman making something called Legimath. The yellow batter behind the lady is what they make into balls of and drop into the boiling oil.


It’s just so freaking yum. It looks so much like Indian Gulab Jamun but it tastes very different. This one is crunchy on the outside and coated in a thick date syrup.


I bought one tray in the beginning to try it. But throughout the evening, I ended up buying a total of three trays. Can’t get over how amazing it tastes!. You gotta try it!. Another lady was making a crepe in which you can have either nutella or a thick cream spread (along with egg). We got one plate of that.


Both of these items cost AED10 per tray/plate. Something amusing is that you don’t hand over money to these women directly. There is always a man stationed right next to these stalls. You pay him AED10 and he gives you paper money which looks so freaking real. It is this ‘money’ that you hand over to the women.


So that’s it you guys!. I hope you try out these items that I have recommended here. If you do, let me know your thoughts on it. I just love DSF/Global Village. Probably, before it ends, I will head over there again, once more. If I end up purchasing something, will let you know about it in another post!

Before I wind up, here are other details you might wanna keep in mind :

  • Entry fee to the Global village is AED 15 per person. That’s AED 5 more than the price last year..
  • Timings : Sat – Wed ~ 4 PM – 12 AM
    Thu – Fri and on public holidays ~ 4 PM – 1 AM
  • Children under 3 enters for free
  • Monday is Family Day, unless it falls on a public holiday. 

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