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June Link Loves!

Hello wonderful people!

Time flies so fast!. It was just so so recently that I did my May link loves but yet I find myself here, writing out the next one…

Here are my June favorites:

1) Renae of Respiring Thoughts did an EXCELLENT post on something that I deeply believe and agree on. And that is the hatred towards the concept of authors bringing back characters they had decided to kill off earlier. It’s a fantastic topic and she did justice to it. You shouldn’t miss out on her post titled Reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated. Do you like it if an author decides to bring a character back from dead?.


2) Lottie of Book Adoration has decided to join The Japanese Literature Challenge spanning from now until Jan 30th, 2014. Do you guys think you are up for the same challenge?. 

Jap Lit 7

Glorious mentions

1) Lottie of Book Adoration has nominated me for Very Inspiring Blogger award. Wow!. I am so grateful for that, Lottie. You all will see the pretty button below adorning the right side of my blog as soon as I do the acceptance post, which is very soon!


2) Christina of Ensconsed in YA has turned one recently and is holding a huge giveaway. She mentioned me in that post as one of her wonderful followers and that means the world to me!. Thank you Christina. You are amazing!

one year

I hope all of you had an excellent June!. Wishing that you all have a better July ahead of you 🙂

Love always,


May Link Loves!

Hi guys!

I am so glad that the new series of monthly Link Loves was loved by all, since I started it last month.

Following are my May favorites!

1) I haven’t read any Manga stories yet. Lottie from Book Adoration tries to convince us all why we should totally read Manga. I thought she presented it really well and I will definitely give Manga a try 🙂


2) Praseena from Coral Crue did a review of Cetaphil. Now that’s a name that is very popular among beauty gurus in US/Canada. I recently spotted it in Bin Sina Pharmacy. I haven’t bought it yet. But Praseena has given a nice review. Do check it out!. She is from India. So my Indian readers, check the price of this awesome product and decide for yourself if you wanna get one too 😀


3) Chrys from Oh Chrys! once again comes out with an amazing blog tutorial. This time it’s on how to change the colors of highlighted text and background. She is so much into designing and all that. So she is pretty much a master at this. I hope you guys have already checked out her brilliant tutorial which I highlighted last month.


4) There are a bunch of guys on YouTube who are friends with each other and they have individual YT channels all dedicated to comedy and hilarious videos. One of them, Sam Pepper, made this video with his friend BB and I found is ROFL good!. I watched it like 10 times already. The mix of all the songs are excellent. It makes me laugh every single time particularly the “I am a Barbie Girl song scene”. BB is awesome in the “Locked out of Heaven song scene”. It’s purely for entertainment purposes only. Check it out!

Those are my favs for this month!

Lastly, this month, I received a pretty gift from the author Theresa McClinton. Guess what it is??. It’s the Reliable Blogger Award button!. How cool yeah?. I got it coz I was part of her Escaping Darkness book blast and I posted it on my blog on the agreed date unlike some other bloggers who simply failed to do so.


Isn’t it gorgeous?. I proudly am showing it off on the right side of my blog along with my other blog awards 🙂

Hope you guys had an amazing May!

Love always,

Naz 🙂