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The Love of Your Life – Growing Closer with Your Special Someone!

Love is the most powerful emotion that a person can experience. It has the power to make us act irrationally to please the object of our affections, forgive mistakes and insults that we wouldn’t otherwise let slide so easily, and it makes us feel like life is worth living, no matter what else goes wrong.

But keeping a close relationship between two people over many years can be challenging, no matter how strong the bond of love is between you. Other obligations like work, our social circles, and yes, even our children (though we love them dearly), can all be factors that prevent you from staying close to your special someone.

If you’ve found that you and your partner have started to drift apart, or even if everything is just fine, but you’d like to grow even closer, here are some ideas to help you reconnect with your one and only.

Do Activities You Both Enjoy Together

Finding common ground is one of the first steps to developing a relationship, beginning well before you start dating or even before your first kiss. To keep the butterflies fluttering between you as time goes along, a great option is to get back to those activities you both enjoy that you can share together.

This doesn’t mean you have to get fancy and spend a ton of cash every week. You can do some simple activities, like watching a TV show, cooking, going for a walk, or taking your child to the park together.

The key is that you’re sharing an experience together. Even if your attention is mostly focused on what you’re doing, that’s okay: your partner knows that you’re doing it with them, and that shared experience will give you something to discuss after you’re finished, the memory of time spent in each other’s company, and will reaffirm that the love of your life will be there for you when you need them.

Go On a Date at Least Once a Week

Tying in with the first idea, if you want to grow closer to your lover, you need to make it a priority, and so do they. This means setting your obligations aside, and blocking off dedicated time to spend with each other.

When we first start dating, we turn into the best version of ourselves to both attract and please our partner, to give ourselves the best shot at winning the heart of our crush. We’re way more particular about hygiene, how our hair and makeup looks, and we always dress to impress. Our focus is completely on each other, and the romance is at its peak. As time goes on, and we get comfortable, we often stop putting in all that effort to look our best and act a certain way because, quite frankly, it’s just way too much work. This is normal for almost all couples, and it doesn’t have to kill your relationship. In fact, Julia, who runs a marriage counselling practice in Sydney has a great post on the transition from romance into true love.

Still, we like to feel like our partner has eyes only for us, and it makes us feel incredibly good to put on our little black dress, spend an hour on our hair, and pull out the expensive perfume, because when we look good, we know it. And so does our partner. Taking a date night will not only give you both a break from life’s other concerns, it will help you rekindle the romance that you felt way back, and remind both of you that the person you love is well worth the effort to look your best.

Start a Relationship Blog Together

Many couples are hesitant to discuss their relationship with others, even close and trusted friends. This is completely understandable. However, often we feel like the depression we experience, and the possible guilt or anger that comes with it, from our relationship woes is unique to us. This can make us feel isolated, alone and that there’s something wrong with us.

Connecting with other couples can be crucial to maintaining your own love life, because you can both see that you’re not alone in your struggle, and it’s 100% possible to improve your relationship. Sharing your stories and advice together will help other couples through their relationship concerns, and will almost certainly lead to some great advice for your own. You don’t have to treat your blog like a tabloid, spilling every dirty secret between you; you can be as open as you choose to be.

Write about topics like your relationship history, what drew you both to each other, challenges that you’ve faced and how you overcame them, and moments of triumph that you achieved together. To keep your blog interesting to you, and more appealing to your readers, share pictures from events that you’re discussing on your blog, or use free stock love photography to
illustrate more general topics like relationship advice.

Give Each Other Space

You’re probably thinking, “What?!? No! That’s dumb! We’re growing apart as it is!”, but hear me out. Often times, one thing that can lead to feelings of isolation, or a widening gap between couples is that one or both feels crowded. When we’re constantly bugging each other about the money in our bank account, whose turn it is to do the dishes, asking, “Why can’t we take a vacation right now?”, and other similar concerns, we can often make our partner feel like we’re crowding them, only coming to them with our problems, and that we don’t value their space.

After marriage, or even after if you’ve been dating a while, it’s easy to forget that you’re both individuals, and before you came into each other’s lives, you had your own way of doing things, with your own schedules. While we can and definitely should change our ways to help strengthen our relationships, the reality is that we’re still people; we need to be allowed to do certain things the way we want to do them, and when we choose. On the other hand, we also need to respect those boundaries for our partner as well.

If you and your partner don’t seem keen to interact as much anymore, or you sense there’s tension when you do talk, consider giving the other some space. Don’t get me wrong: if you sense a deeper issue is at play, you need to open up and discuss it with your partner first; as the old saying goes, “Bad news doesn’t improve with time.” But once you’ve had that discussion, if you or your partner feels crowded, give each other time to pursue your own interests. Go out with your friends, watch TV in different rooms, or split up when you go shopping. Your partner will appreciate that you respect their boundaries and feelings, and after some time to recharge, you’ll be the first person they want to reconnect with..

Crazy Little Thing Called Love

Relationships can be tricky from the beginning, and keeping a relationship going can be trickier still. You’re going to have bad times in your relationship, potentially so bad that you’re tempted to call it quits. This is normal, and you need to both accept and understand this because it will turn your relationship concerns from an insurmountable roadblock into a challenge that you can face and overcome together.

The important thing to remember is that you love your partner, and they love you, even if you don’t feel it as strongly as you both once did. Remember that you were both drawn to each other for a reason, and though we evolve and grow as time goes on, never forget that what was true then can still be true today. If you do, you will still face those same hardships, but you’ll be able to overcome them together.

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Five Signs that a new relationship will be successful!

Every relationship comes with a risk, and nobody wants to get heartbroken in the end. If you’re in a new relationship, check out these 5 signs that tell you’re going strong with your partner.

You have fun together
A lot of couples get bored with each other after knowing everything about them. But strong couples try to keep it dynamic. They try new things together, play games, have fun, and travel. If you and your special someone enjoy each other’s company, then you’re going to have it even better in the future! Make everyday a chance to discover something new about your partner. Don’t stop learning about them. Even when you think you’ve already learned everything there is to know about your partner, you’ll never fully know unless you try something new! Couples who have fun with each other and have a similar sense of humor tend to stay longer in the relationship. Laughter is a great medicine and it works on relationships too!

You’re honest about intimate matters
If both of you are very honest about your previous relationships, it means there’s trust. Some couples prefer not to talk about the past, and it could mean a lot of things. Being comfortable talking about past issues means you’re over and done with it, and you only want to keep them as memories. If you’re concerned about your previous sexual activities, don’t be shy to suggest getting tested. Find out more here about why this is a good move for couples who are looking into getting hitched in the future.

You don’t keep grudges
Resentment destroys relationships. If you feel bad about something, step up and be honest about it with your partner. Tell him or her that you’re upset about this and that. Be specific about it, specially if you’re talking to your boyfriend. If you’re in a relationship where both of you are honest about everything you feel and are vocal about the things that disturb you, then that’s a good sign. It means you value each other’s feelings and don’t want to hurt the person you love by keeping grudges. Be honest in your relationships and you’ll learn to understand each other. Don’t be angry for too long because it saps you of enthusiasm for the relationship that you might end up losing it.

You respect each other
Successful couples have mutual respect for each other. They work hard to meet each other’s needs and love to see their significant other happy. They don’t act like they own each other and are sensitive to the feelings of their partner. They listen intently and engage sincerely every time they talk, and genuinely care about how they feel.

Your family and friends approve of you both
It’s always a challenge to get both of your family and friend’s approval. While most of them may appear supportive, you’ll never really know until you hear something from them! Some couples may rebel against the thought, but in reality, your circle’s stamp of approval does matter a lot. High levels of support from your inner circle is key to a happy relationship. While you’re deep in love with your partner, the people around you have a more objective view of your significant other and their opinions matter.

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Short Story #2 – Naina!

Naina lay awake in her bed. It was 4.30 AM.She was not in the least sleepy. How could she sleep on a day like this one?. She slowly moved herself on her bed so that now she was facing the window. She opened the curtain slightly and saw that the glorious sun was just rising, for a new day, to lighten up one more day in the lives of the mankind. The light slowly streaked into her room, as it tentatively left it’s place behind the thick clouds. For a moment, she felt that the sun was playing hide and seek with her. It brought a smile onto her beautiful face. Naina was gorgeous. She was a doe-eyed beauty, dark and had a disarming smile. Her black hair, flowing over her shoulders, had a strange charming effect. Yet, one problem prevailed…

She watched the sun rise and reach it’s apex. Soon, her room was flooded with light. She could now hear the chirping of birds. She soon saw men busy with work, rushing around doing their duties. Ofcourse, it was a busy day. It was her wedding day. Her mother came in, kissed her on her forehead and asked her whether she had had a sound sleep. She just smiled, but her mother knew that she hadn’t had even a wink of sleep. Mother told her to come for breakfast and then left the room. Naina went and brushed her teeth.

She then walked over to her dining room. The dining table seemed to be sparkle as there was such a lot of silver wares placed on it. She sat on a chair with exquisite golden work on it. She drank the hot soup kept in front of her in a beautiful bowl which had birds carved onto it’s sides, with a silver outline. Soon, the swamp of guests and the torrent of their greetings and wishes followed.

The time was nearing. She dressed in a maroon ‘laacha’ exclusively ordered and made for her. It had elaborate work on it. Golden threads were woven intricately into the maroon material and the resulting alluring combination was something that could take anyone’s breath away. The ‘dupatta’ was so heavy with sequences and other shiny stuff, that Naina had some trouble wearing it. Her hair was tied high up above her head and the way it danced around her shoulders, was quite fantastic to see. Her smooth hands were laden with bangles, having a large variety of sophisticated designs on it. Necklaces and chains of all lengths adorned her neck. So many were around her to help her dress up. There were many small girls who looked up at her, wondering how they could ever become as pretty as Naina.

Soon he came. She glanced at him briefly. Rachit was so handsome that he seemed to have features that were carved by angels. When he smiled, a deep dimple appeared occasionally on his left cheek. He was well-built and very strong. Yet, there was a softness that surrounded him. But, of all that he had, it was his kind heart that she loved and admired. When she entered onto the stage, where the wedding was to occur, she saw how Rachit’s eyes lit up on seeing her. She couldn’t help smiling and he reciprocated her smile. Soon the wedding took place, amidst hundreds who showered their blessings on that couple, with a tune of Shahnai playing in the background. Later people dispersed and by the each of the day, Naina was totally exhausted.

When she entered into her new room with Rachit, she saw that it had been decorated with jasmine flowers and orchids were set in beautiful vases near the bed. Paintings of water falls, green fields and blue skies adorned the walls. The last streaks of the pale sunset lit up the room for one last time and then darkness came over the sky. As she sat on the bed, Rachit slowly took her hands in his strong ones. Looking into his eyes, she knew that he was the best person she could ever have and that he would support her till she drew her last breath.

He had loved her and been ready to accept her even though he knew that he could never hear her calling out his name or even speak anything. She could only communicate using sign language. But he didn’t care. For him, if their hearts understood each other, then life was going to be a song, a beautiful one, a melodious one…


Naina is a name that I like a lot. So I named the protagonist that. This is a thought that just came to my mind one day, how people love each other overlooking shortcomings / disabilities. Hope you liked reading it.

Disclosure : This is the sole intellectual property of Naznin Azeez and should not be copied.

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Book Review : The Flood by Steven Scaffardi!


Today I am reviewing a lad-lit comedy by Steven Scaffardi. First let me introduce the author to you:


Stand-up comedian Steven Scaffardi published his debut novel The Drought in September 2011 to fantastic praise. The Drought is Scaffardi’s foray into the world of lad-lit. Born in south London in 1978, Scaffardi is a former sports journalist who started performing stand-up comedy in January 2011. In his short spell on the stand-up circuit he finished runner-up in the Golden Jester comedy competition. 

Book Summary

The Flood

One bet, four girls, eight weeks, multiple dates. What could possibly go wrong? 

Following his traumatic eight month dry spell, Dan Hilles is back in the driving seat and ready to put his dating disasters behind him.But if only it were that simple.

After a drunken afternoon in the pub, fuelled by the confidence of alcohol, Dan makes a bet with his three best pals that will complicate his love-life more than ever when he brazenly declares that he could juggle multiple women all at the same time. With just eight weeks to prove his point, Dan is about to find out how hard it is to date a flood of women without them all finding out about each other, especially when they come in the shape of an ex-girlfriend, a stalker, the office ice queen and the one that got away.

My Review

Dan Hilles is a desperate man. Desperate because he needs to prove to his 3 best friends that he is a babe magnet while just months ago he had suffered an eight month long sexual ‘drought’. To prove that he is not a guy to be labelled as a nice guy, he simply makes a bet to juggle four girls on multiple dates in a matter of some weeks, thus bringing on ‘The Flood’!.

The consequences are hilarious and even strenuous when he comes to realize how difficult it is juggling multiple girls and having to look over his shoulder all the time. His best buddies, Rob, Ollie and Jack, manage to land him in the most outrageous situations, some which make you laugh out loud and others that make you shake your head wondering if anything as weird as this could ever happen.

The story is obviously written from a man’s perspective however there were certain inputs about what a woman might have thought in certain situations and I couldn’t agree more to it. The author has a good understanding of how a female mind works too!. Just like his last book, Steven plays with words in a nice way, my favorite one being ‘crotch-roads’ instead of crossroads. I can’t discuss the context though since I will have to go very much in detail for that.

There are some good twists throughout the story since each of the four girls (and a fifth one who isn’t part of this bet), have very interesting characters. How Dan barely manages to escape in situations where these girls just happen to come together unintentionally, is funny. The book cover illustration is very nice. More than anything else, what happens in this book are disasters whether it be related to sex or dating. The sex (limited as it is) isn’t portrayed to come across as erotic.

Once again, getting to know how a man’s mind works, is a bit shocking!. Is sleeping with a girl (or as many of them, for that matter!), the only thing that rules their minds?. Even though that’s a sinister thought, this is definitely a lad lit book that both men and women would equally enjoy reading. This book ends with a suggestion that another fun and happening book is in the works :). Good luck to the author to come up with yet another hilarious read.

The first book in this Sex, Love & Dating Disasters series is The Drought, which I have reviewed here. It so happens that The Drought is also the very first book I ever reviewed on my blog, three years ago. The second book, initially planned to be titled as The One That Got Away, was later renamed as The Flood, which is more apt I feel.

I give this book 4 out of 5 stars, which by Goodreads standards mean that ‘I really liked it’!

Links to the book

Amazon (for $0.94) ~ Goodreads

Source : I received an ebook copy of this from the author for review purposes. All opinions are 100% honest and my own.

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Book review : L… For Life; Love & Lots In Between by Loaiy A. Tageldin!


Today my review is about L… For Life; Love & Lots In Between by Loaiy A. Tageldin. More about the author first:


Loaiy A. Tageldin was born in Cairo, Egypt on the 1st of January 1979. Though his native tongue is Arabic, he started writing poetry in English when he was 17 and then short stories when he was 21. Having graduated as a botanist from the faculty of science, Ain Shams University, Cairo; he has always had a passion for creative writing.

He moved to Dubai at the age of 25, a professional biology teacher and got married at the age of 26 with 2 sons; Hamza and Ahmed. Loaiy always believed in keeping his writings to his closer circle of friends and relatives with no intention whatsoever in conquering the world of the print…However in 2009, after a real life tragedy, he decided to transform all the pain and grief to a world of sharing and hope…

Loaiy is also an amateur photographer.

“L for life, love, and lots in between”, his debut compilation of short stories came out to life through the healing process between 2009-2010 and was published on December 2010, and currently in print for its 2nd edition, and will be released in Egypt and UAE by the end of 2014.

Book Summary

L for love book coverLove came closer and cradled my exhausted bleeding body!.

Then Love spoke to me. “You know I didn’t want this to happen. The problem is that you never trusted me…it was not meant to end up this way. Take a look at your baking, reach behind you. Do you see what you have?.

And I did. There, stuck to my back, was a parachute.

Love smiled at me and, like a tender loving mother nursing her son, wiped the blood and sweat from my brow.

“You had a parachute right from the start, but you were too afraid to pull the cord. You were the one who decided to carry on falling; you cannot blame me for your pain…for your hurt. Not in my name.”

“L…for Life; Love, & Lots in between” is exploring these keystone moments that we pass along our lives; these snapshots that change the course of our lives forever; in other words, there is a story for each one of us… “L… for Life; Love & Lots in between” is the debut book of Loaiy A. Tageldin; a contemporary Egyptian writer.

My Review

L… for Life; Love & Lots in between is such an apt title for the stories that this book contains. The book cover is beautiful and serene. The positioning of the setting sun, its reflection and the title, is nice. This book consists of 12 short stories.

All the stories have a philosophical touch, analyzing life from all angles. My favorite story has got to be the one titled Ginger. It is about a lady who distances herself from her friend and after many years realizes that she could have handled the situation better and yet again finds her ego getting in the way with thoughts as to why her friend couldn’t be the one resolving this situation and not her. At the beginning of this story, it also shows how she, on her usual commute to work, sees the same set of people day after day and seeing them becomes part of her routine. Then when someone is not seen there for a week, she worries for them. These are little things that go unnoticed in our daily lives. These stories make us think and touches us.

The author succeeds in capturing these fleeting moments in life very nicely throughout all the stories. I had assumed that all of these stories are fictional. However, the last two stories are based on the author’s own life. It’s about a tragic event in his life and I found the raw emotions portrayed beautifully on those pages. My heart went out to him and I was grieving his loss. I found myself moved to tears. I don’t want to include a spoiler in this review and as such you will have to read the book to know more. L… for Life; Love & Lots in between is the first work of the author. Even though it’s his debut, he has done a good job.

I give this book a rating of 4 out of 5, which by Goodreads standards mean that I ‘really liked it’.

Links to this book

Goodreads ~ Facebook

Source: I won a signed physical copy of this book from Sally of Canadian Sassy Sally. Thanks Sally for hosting that giveaway and for giving the opportunity to win this lovely book!. I absolutely love and treasure signed books. The author wrote the words “To Naznin, May falling stars always guide your path…” in addition to signing it :).


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Affordable jewelry from Cost 21!

Hey guys!

Recently I stumbled upon this amazing website which sells fashion jewelry which looks great but is really cheap priced. They have literally everything there – Necklaces (short, long, statement ones and more), leather bracelets, cute rings, metal bangle bracelets, wigs, lingerie, you name it, it’s there!. I am talking about Cost 21. Have you ever heard of this site or shopped from there?.

Here are some random amazing items from the site (Click on the pix to be taken to that item):


Extremely simple heart chain, cost $0.29


Heart bangle, costs $0.99


Peacock bangle bracelet, costs $2.45


Love anklet (It’s so cute!!) costs $2.99


Pretty earrings, costs $3.74


Crescent necklace, costs $3.89


Angel wings ring,  costs $3.99


Gorgeous collarbone chain (God I love this one!), costs $7.27


Tassled ring (It’s amazing!), costs $7.99


Retro pearl collar, costs $9.74

and many more…

So you guys, what do you think of these pieces?. Aren’t they just adorable?. Cost 21 ships worldwide by the way. Anyways, just wanted to pass on an amazing site to my readers.

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