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How to survive the holiday season!!

Hii guys!!

I am super excited coz the holiday season is upon us and I can feel the holiday spirit every where I go :).

Alright, now lets discuss how you can survive this season 😀

1) Plan ahead : New year is just 10 days away (not to mention Christmas!.. 4 days only) and you have got to decide what to gift your friends and family. But the main thing is ‘how much’ to spend on them each!. Plan everything and list it out, so you don’t stray away from it. Don’t wait till you are just 2 days away from those special days.


2) Coupons & discount vouchers: When you are in a rush to buy things, you might even forget that you have vouchers that you could possibly use. Keep the vouchers handy and don’t later on forget that you have them in your wallet. This has happened to me. Hilarious!


3) Don’t spend more : Trying to save, don’t spend more!.. Doesn’t make sense??. Here is an example : You see a watch worth AED900 on sale for AED450. You mind suddenly goes on alert mode!.. 50% discount!!!… But what you don’t see in this situation is that you were not planning on spending that AED450 in the first place!.. So buy things that you NEED not WANT. Differentiate between those two words and you will get most of the things sorted out this season!


4) Shopping online : Sometimes shopping online has it’s benefits. I love group buying sites like Groupon, Cobone, Joyoffer etc. I am not talking about cheap products. They have amazing deals on quality products. I love it!. Great value and at the same time, you can sit at home and shop!


5) Making the credit cards work for you: If you have a credit card which gives you cash back, use it :).


6) Use loyalty cards: I love loyalty cards and rewarding programmes. If you buy from an outlet quite often find out whether they have a loyalty programme. Sign up for it. It will definitely reward you. However, please don’t keep buying simply so that you will get a reward.


7) Gift cards : If you don’t know what to buy a person, the best thing is to get a gift card for them. That way, the receiver can buy whatever they wish to!. I think it’s an awesome gift.


8) Stay awesome – Drink lots of water, look your best, be friendly, try a hand at DIY and give personalized touch to your gifts even if you are buying them. Then put of a big smile!. Be happy <3


I hope you guys have an amazing Christmas and New year!. May God bless you and your family. Stay safe!


Naznin 🙂