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How to : DIY Face Mask for Soft Skin!

Hi guys!

Here is an ultra simple daily DIY face mask that I am loving at the moment. It contains only 2 ingredients – Milk cream & organic honey. Milk cream is the fat layer that rises to the top of full cream milk when you boil and let it sit for a while. It contains lactic acid that helps bring hydration & glow to the skin. It also helps cleanse your skin of impurities. Mix in honey and you get really radiant, soft skin.


The cream shown in this picture is what I have got after boiling 500 ml of milk. Mix in 1/2 tsp of any honey that you have, preferably organic like Rowse Organic honey that I have used here or Manuka honey (which is really potent and also one that I use regularly. I bought my Wedderspoon Active 16 Manuka honey from US & got it delivered here in UAE). Apply this on your face & neck for 15 – 20 mins & wash off. The results are almost instantly noticed. Your face will have this gorgeous glow. Definitely try this mask out.

I gotta say that some won’t like the smell of milk that will linger on the skin after using this mask. This DIY beauty mask is great for those with normal to dry skin & those who wants an instant change from dull skin.

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How to : DIY Skin glowing mask!

Hey guys!

Been a long while since I did a DIY. This one is a very simple and effective mask that has only 2 ingredients – Fenugreek seeds & organic honey.


The fenugreek seeds have to be soaked overnight or for about 8 hours. You need only a little bit since once soaked it grows in size. Honey softens your skin. I use Wedderspoon’s Active 16+ Manuka honey, which is very high in quality. I bought it online, from US for $40.86. They ship worldwide ultra fast and I highly recommend you try it out.

Onto the method itself : Grind the fenugreek seeds into a thick paste. Add honey into the paste rather than in the grinder. I add about 2 tbsp of honey, but that’s entirely upto you and also based on the amount of fenugreek paste.


Lol!. Looks like mashed potatoes and gravy!. The final mix should look like below :


This is actually a messy mask. The fenugreek paste doesn’t really adhere to our skin, so you will need to literally plaster it on and look like a monster. Keep it on for 30 mins. Wash off in cool water and discover the most glowing, soft skin!. I suggest you apply a thick layer on your face. The more thin the layer you apply, the more tough it is to remove from your skin with water. In that case you will need to wipe it off with a towel..

Let me know if you try it 🙂

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