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My New Year Resolutions for 2017!

Hello ♥

Happy new year to all of you & here is wishing you all a wonderful, fulfilling, prosperous & healthy 2017!

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I thought I’ll share my resolutions for the upcoming year with you all. True that at times I think resolutions are perfect to be followed in January & then conveniently dumped from February on!. Lol. But, a girl can hope yeah?. Here are my 6 goals :

Lose weight – Probably on everyone’s list & the top one too.. I am currently 77 kgs. By the end of 2017, I hope to reach 65 kgs. Back in 2014, the doc informed me that I can’t conceive unless I lose weight and in a period of 1.5 years I reduced my weight from 83 kgs to 68 kgs. Here is my transformation pic even though the last pic is when I was 72 kgs. I went on to lose 4 more kgs but didn’t click a pic. So yeah, if I put my mind to it, I know I can do it.

Weightloss transformation

Btw if you are wondering how I lost weight, it’s by :

¤ cutting out rice almost completely
¤ cutting out junk food especially burgers, pasta & pizza (my absolute fav stuff) &
¤ going for a walk for about an hour a day

Side note – My fav shopping site, iHerb has a ‘New Year New You’ special deal happening, for a limited time. It offers extremely low prices on Sports, Fitness, Weightloss & Athletic products. They ship worldwide from US.

new year goals

Drink more water – I drink only about a couple of glasses a day right now!. It is soo less. I wish to start with 2 litres a day and then increase it to 3 litres. Water helps flush out toxins & brings in overall wellness. I am so lazy when it comes to reaching for that cup of water. I hope to beat it, this year.

Drink water

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Blog more – Being a mom is more tough than I ever imagined. I literally have no time or I am failing fantastically in time management. I have been slacking so badly in putting up posts. I wish to post consistently from now on.

Take haircare more seriously – I always give massive importance to skincare, but never for haircare. 2017 needs to be different.. I have invested in the below products in hopes of achieving an attractive mane of hair :

Haircare products

¤ Tigi S Factor hair moisture serum – While searching for a good hair serum, I came across this one because of the many rave reviews it has earned. Detailed review later.

¤ Cedarwood essential oil– Known to help in strengthening hair and fighting hair loss. I bought this online and it will be featured in my next iHerb haul.

¤ Bass boar bristle brush – People are raving about these brushes. There must be something special in it then, right?. Wait for my review about it for details 🙂

¤ Dessata detangler brush – My hair gets so tangled, I am not even kidding when I say it resembles a bird’s nest at times. Again, wait for my detailed review coming up soon.

¤ Shampoo & conditioner from Dove’s Oxygen Moisture line – Been loving this recently and I intend to make it a part of my regular haircare routine in 2017. These were sent to me for review but rest of the products mentioned above were purchased on my own.

Enjoy motherhood more – Being a mom to my son, Eshaan, is such a blessing. But being someone who is blatantly frank, I would be lying if I said motherhood has not made me tired, irate and generally mad!. But I need to ‘Keep calm & be a patient mom’. Lol. No doubt about it, he is adorable and so so naughty. He is nearly 14 months old. I love him soo much. Here is his pic, since you guys have never seen him before… God bless him, touchwood..

Be thankful – It’s easy to be hopeless, sad and irate with situations that life throws at you. But I need to be more thankful, appreciate life more and as such, discover more happiness.. I know it will make me a much better version of myself 🙂

Being thankful

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Alright, that’s all for now. I hope you have a great & successful year ahead of you ♥. If you have couple of mins to spare, let me know in the comments below, what your resolutions are for 2017 🙂

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New Year Skin Resolutions With Herbline Essentials!

Improve the appearance of your skin in just a few steps and with a little help from homegrown all-natural beauty brand, Herbline Essentials

Welcome to 2015 – a brand New Year that’s filled with so many new opportunities and the chance to break bad beauty habits and start again afresh. So, if you’re sleeping with your make-up on, forgetting to apply SPF when out and about, or not drinking enough water to keep yourself hydrated, now is the time to make some positive steps to change and up the ante on your beauty routine in the year ahead.

1. Stop sleeping in your make-up!

How many times do we vow to do this?  Well, all the time probably, until we don’t have the energy to walk to the bathroom and wash our faces! We understand the days get busy, but simply put, if you have time to put make-up on, you need to make time to take it off.  Sleeping in make-up, not only marks your lovely bed linen, but it’s the perfect breeding ground for bacteria too. Instead of falling asleep in your foundation, think about how you can re-order your life to incorporate a better cleansing routine.  If you doze off in front of the TV every night, clean your face before you turn it on. Do you hate washing your face in the sink, then take a shower and wash it then.

Herbline Product recommendation:  Aloe Vera and Honey Cleansing Milk (AED 99) – The Aloe Vera acts as a natural cleanser, while the honey penetrates deeply to nourish the skin. The formula works effectively on make-up and dirt, unclogging pores and moisturing the skin at the same time.

Herbline Essentials Aloe Vera & Honey Cleansing Milk (AED99)

2. Cleanse, tone and moisturise – embrace the importance of a good routine!

Clean, healthy skin is always on trend and embracing the three-step skincare routine really does work, so take the time to choose and invest in some good products that will cleanse, tone and moisturise your skin. It will thank you for it in the long run.

Herbline Product recommendation:  Hero product, the Cucumber & Rose Skin Tonic (AED 105) cools and softens your skin. This tonic is blended with a natural moisturiser and mild astringent that will soothe and tone, leaving your skin moist, supple and beautifully fresh. It is especially good after shaving and waxing too.

3. Give the same attention to the skin on your body as you do to the skin on your face

How many of us happily moisturise our face, but forget all about the rest of the skin on our bodies?. Moisturise your whole body every day, using a lotion, body butter or one of the new moisturising sprays. It’s important to replenish your skin’s lost moisture, especially in this colder season. Also, don’t forget to body brush your body once a week, to kick start healthy blood circulation.

Herbline Product recommendation:  Aloe Vera and Honey Moisturising Lotion (AED 99) – combining the moisture rich properties of Aloe Vera with nutritive honey, this delicious moisturiser works as a light, yet powerful, detoxifying and healing lotion. As it hydrates, the skin is transformed, becoming smoother and more supple.

4. Don’t forget your SPF!

Sunscreen isn’t just for when you hit the beach. Never forget the importance of protecting your skin from the sun, especially here in the harsh desert environment, as you go about your day-to-day life.   On a daily basis, the sun’s UV rays can affect our skin more than we realise. Long-term, regular exposure to the sun can decrease the elasticity of our skin, resulting in premature aging, while too much sun can also decrease our skin’s immune function, making us more susceptible to cancerous cells.

Herbline Product recommendation:  SPF 40 Sun Screen Lotion (AED 109) is fast absorbing and protects your skin from wind, sun exposure and heat, whilst gently moisturising. Suitable for all ages and skin types, this lotion can help to heal minor rashes and sunburn. Just don’t forget to re-apply it every 2 hours or after swimming.

Herbline Essentials SPF 40 (AED 109)

5. Sleep more!

While eight hours of sleep might not be for everybody, you know better than anybody just how much sleep your body actually needs. It’s just so easy to try and get by on less than that, isn’t it? Here’s the thing though: your skin, (like the rest of your body), regenerates and repairs as you sleep. This means that getting adequate sleep will do wonders for your complexion and your overall health.

Herbline Product recommendation:  Try Herbline’s wonder cream, the Aloe Vera, Apricot & Sunflower Nourishing Cream (AED 141). The powerful Nourishing Cream works by increasing your skin’s resilience to moisture, leaving it soft and completely hydrated. It contains natural ingredients that have SPF properties according to the study of Ayurveda and will detoxify and heal. Pair a good night’s sleep with this replenishing moisturizer and wake up to renewed and replenished skin.

Keep your New Year skin resolutions. Keep your skin beautiful with Herbline Essentials. Herbline Essentials is the home grown beauty brand and one of the UAE’s top selling pharmacy skin and hair care ranges. Its products use completely 100% organic ingredients and are family friendly.

To find out more about Herbline Essentials’ all-natural approach to beauty and their products, visit www.herbline-essentials.com.

About Herbline Essentials:

Herbline Essentials is a range of truly natural beauty products for the face, body and hair. All products are made from 100% natural ingredients sourced in the Himalayas and adhere to the principles of Ayurveda to provide long term benefits for a healthy body and mind.

Established in 2005 and inspired by 50 years of extensive plant and mineral research, Herbline Essentials is a joint collaboration between Harmony Cosmetics and their Research and Development partners based in the foothills of the Himalayas. The range is paraben and paraffin free and is also enrolled in PETA’s “Beauty Without Bunnies” program as a cruelty free brand.

The Herbline Essentials range of products is currently available at leading pharmacies in the UAE, including Boots, Bin Sina, Health First and United Pharmacies, including the Dubai Duty Free pharmacies at Dubai International Airport. The brand has recently started retailing in Kuwait and Pakistan, with plans to launch across the Middle East, South Africa and Turkey in 2013. Customers can also order online through www.herbline-essentials.com with worldwide shipping.

To find out more about Herbline Essentials’ Ayurvedic approach to beauty and their products, visit www.herbline-essentials.com, Facebook (www.facebook.com/herbline.essentials) or Twitter (www.twitter.com/hessentials) as well as www.natural.ae.

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Note: This is a press release, aiming at promotion to a wider audience. I am not compensated in any way for the publication of this post.

How to survive the holiday season!!

Hii guys!!

I am super excited coz the holiday season is upon us and I can feel the holiday spirit every where I go :).

Alright, now lets discuss how you can survive this season 😀

1) Plan ahead : New year is just 10 days away (not to mention Christmas!.. 4 days only) and you have got to decide what to gift your friends and family. But the main thing is ‘how much’ to spend on them each!. Plan everything and list it out, so you don’t stray away from it. Don’t wait till you are just 2 days away from those special days.


2) Coupons & discount vouchers: When you are in a rush to buy things, you might even forget that you have vouchers that you could possibly use. Keep the vouchers handy and don’t later on forget that you have them in your wallet. This has happened to me. Hilarious!


3) Don’t spend more : Trying to save, don’t spend more!.. Doesn’t make sense??. Here is an example : You see a watch worth AED900 on sale for AED450. You mind suddenly goes on alert mode!.. 50% discount!!!… But what you don’t see in this situation is that you were not planning on spending that AED450 in the first place!.. So buy things that you NEED not WANT. Differentiate between those two words and you will get most of the things sorted out this season!


4) Shopping online : Sometimes shopping online has it’s benefits. I love group buying sites like Groupon, Cobone, Joyoffer etc. I am not talking about cheap products. They have amazing deals on quality products. I love it!. Great value and at the same time, you can sit at home and shop!


5) Making the credit cards work for you: If you have a credit card which gives you cash back, use it :).


6) Use loyalty cards: I love loyalty cards and rewarding programmes. If you buy from an outlet quite often find out whether they have a loyalty programme. Sign up for it. It will definitely reward you. However, please don’t keep buying simply so that you will get a reward.


7) Gift cards : If you don’t know what to buy a person, the best thing is to get a gift card for them. That way, the receiver can buy whatever they wish to!. I think it’s an awesome gift.


8) Stay awesome – Drink lots of water, look your best, be friendly, try a hand at DIY and give personalized touch to your gifts even if you are buying them. Then put of a big smile!. Be happy <3


I hope you guys have an amazing Christmas and New year!. May God bless you and your family. Stay safe!


Naznin 🙂