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Review : Pantene Pro – Vitamin oil!

Hey guys!

Recently, my parents visited Mumbai. One of the products that they brought back for me was the Pantene Pro Vitamin oil from Pantene’s Pro-V range of products. It targets hair fall control. I quite like it. It is really non sticky and doesn’t make the hair oily but rather gives it a natural shine.


It comes in a plastic bottle with a flip open cap. One of the ingredients is Sweet Almond oil. It’s scent is OK. It’s the kind of smell that some might like while some will dislike. The oil is transparent and I really love it’s non greasy feel. In the long term, I do feel it will help control hair fall.


I definitely recommend it. Since Pantene is widely available in India, I think it can be found easily in supermarkets.

Price: Rs. 68 (AED 4.08) for a bottle containing 95ml. It is so affordable!

Have you tried this oil?. What are your thoughts on it?

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Review : Loreal Elvive Extraordinary hair oil!

Hello 🙂

Back in Dec 2013, I did a collective haul post and promised I would do a detailed post on the L’Oreal Elvive Extraordinary hair oil. Here it is!. The first thing that I love about it is it’s chic, tinted glass bottle. It looks extremely high end and just so beautiful!. It comes with a neat golden pump that makes it easy to dispense the product. The pump can be twisted from side to side to lock/unlock, which is very convenient and avoids wastage of product. The one I own is for ‘All hair types’.


More than being an oil, this is more like a serum. It’s viscous and has no color. It contains an extraordinary blend of 6 oils such as rose oil, lotus oil and chamomile oil, extracted from flowers!. So, it smells incredibly good. The formula is surprisingly non-greasy. It says on the bottle to use just 3 or 4 drops throughout the hair but I am surprised that I use 8 or 9 pumps for each application!. Each pump dispenses just the right amount (as shown in the picture below), so 9 pumps isn’t really a lot. Also, though it feels thick and rich, it’s amazingly light on the hair, never weighs it down and brings a beautiful natural shine to the hair. Once applied (even 9 pumps!) it doesn’t look oily at all.


Usually, I apply this overnight and just leave it in my hair. This is a multi functional oil. You can use it before shampooing your hair, to nourish, before blow drying your hair, to protect or as a leave in to give it shine and smoothness. It does make your hair more manageable too. I have been using this on and off for the past 7 months. I really like it. I can’t say my hair has improved just by it’s usage but immediately after application, my hair does feel, look and smell great. I would suggest you try this oil out and see how your hair feels.

Price: I bought it for AED 34.50, when there was an introductory offer going on. I believe it’s about AED 36.50 at the moment for a 100 ml bottle.

Have you ever tried this product?. What are your thoughts on it?. Comment and let me know ♥

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