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Review : Brillare Science’s Power Repair Haircare range!

Hey guys,

After trying out Brillare’s Micellar Water mist, I  became a huge fan of this brand. So, when I got to try out their shampoo/conditioner as well, I really was excited and looking forward to it’s effect on my hair.

So, today’s review is about Brillare Science’s Shampoo & Intenso Fluid Creme from their range called Power Repair which targets Damaged & Treated hair. My hair type is fine,  damaged & treated (read my famous hair rebonding story!). So this suits my hair well.

The Shampoo

Brillare Science shampoo

This product reinforces the natural strength of the hair by providing them the bond repairing natural extract (chestnut) & cuticle resurfacing extract (black oat). It is formulated with highly natural, mild, hypoallergenic, sulfate free cleansers.

It is colorless and slightly viscous. A little goes a long way in this case. It lathers mildly. It leaves the hair feeling cleansed and healthy without overly drying it. That’s one problem I face with regular drugstore brands of shampoos. They leave my hair feeling squeaky clean and extremely dry. After all those shampoos, Brillare’s shampoo is actually a breath of fresh air. It’s a great product & I feel this bottle would last me about 3 months ♡

Price : Rs 895 for a 200 ml bottle.

The Conditioner

Brillare science conditioner

They have named their restructuring conditioner as Intenso Fluid Cream. As the name suggests its a cream and it has a runny, lotion like consistency. It penetrates deeper layers of hair and provides greater nourishment. It too contains chestnut and black oat extracts.

This product can be applied from root to tip after shampooing. I usually leave it on for about 5 to 6 mins and rinse. It leaves the hair feeling so soft and nourished. It’s white in color. I find that I need a lot of product to generously coat my hair. The bottle might not last more than a month.

Price : Rs 995 for a 200 ml bottle.

The lightly orange tinged packaging of both products looks simple yet wonderful and high end. Both smell so beautiful and luxurious. While using these, it’s almost a spa like experience!.

Both are free from color, parabens, formaldehyde, mineral oil, petroleum wax. They are also cruelty free. These might look expensive but products that are chemical free are a great investment for the health of your hair. So, I highly recommend these!.

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Note : These products were send to me for review purposes. All opinions are 100% my own & honest.

Review : Balancing Essential Micellar Water Mist by Brillare Science!

Happy New Year, dear friends!

I always make sure the first thing I post in a new year is very special. Today am reviewing Brillare Science’s Balancing Essential Micellar Water Mist, which is very special indeed & my favorite cleanser/make up remover at the moment.

Micellar water

Before that, I wish to discuss about the brand. Their unique approach is about focusing on the entire list of ingredient that goes in formulating a product. Keeping the ingredients as natural as possible, using only the clinically verified actives, blending them with target delivery techniques and making them 100% free from harmful/toxic/allergic chemicals. So, it’s free from parabens, formaldehyde, artificial fragrance and color.

It works well for the following :

● Pore rebalance
● Deep cleaning
● Makeup removal

Micellar water mists are known to really deep clean. So, its perfect to use before going to bed at night or even while you are outside. It comes in a very sturdy plastic, handy spray bottle. The nozzle is tiny, so it sprays well and as it’s name says, is a mist.

Micellar water

The product looks and feeks like water. However when the bottle is agitated, it becomes frothy. When I read ‘pore rebalance’, I automatically thought its for those with oily skin. However, it’s thankfully for all skin types.

The way it should be used is to spray 4 – 5 times on to a cotton pad. It immediately starts to foam.

I have darkened the pic so that the foam is more clear.

It feels so soft and silky on the skin and leaves the skin looking very clean, plump and youthful. The key actives are Red Algae extract, Papaya extract & gycerin. It’s smell is absolutely amazing & luxurious!.

These are the sides of the packaging.

Price : Rs 750 for a 100 ml bottle. It’s definitely on the pricey side. However, considering all the goodness packed to it, it’s a worthy investment.

To buy, click on the below image :

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Note : This product was send to me for review purposes. All opinions are 100% my own & honest.

Review : May 2017 Glamego – Most affordable beauty subscription box in India!

Hey guys,

Today’s review is about Glamego, India’s most affordable beauty subscription box. At only Rs 299 (Approx AED 17!), May’s box is so worth it because it contains four full sized skincare products from premium, organic brands with a total worth of Rs 814!. It came in an eco friendly, simple box with Glamego’s [quite stylish] logo on it. Here are the products and my opinions about them :


Glamego May box

Premium Himalayan Crushed Roses foot soak/Bath salt by Soap Square – Man, the scent of this!!. It’s heavenly. It’s like you stepped into a rose garden. It contains Rose petals, which are rich in antioxidants and has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties along with Pink Himalayan salt & Rose oil.

Pink Himalayan salt roses bath salt

I never knew bath salts could be of such high quality. This is the best bath salt I have tried. I used it as an exfoliator since it’s crushed to a fine form. It leaves the skin feeling really soft and scented. The divine scent actually stays in the shower for hours on end. When I got it, it had hardened into a block. But, it can easily be crushed. This brand is paraben free, crueltyfree, SLS free, vegetarian, natural and handmade. The benefits of using Epsom salt bath salts and foot soaks are many. I am yet to use this in a foot soak.

This pack containing 140 gms is worth Rs 400.

Choco Strawberry lip cream by Vedic Line – This one has the wonderful scent of chocolate. It has cocoa butter and beeswax, both being ingredients that are known to deliver moisture & softness to our lips. Funny enough, I don’t find ‘Strawberry’ listed in the ingredients list!. Huh?. Strange. Anyways, am in love with this creamy, indulgent & rich lip cream ♥

Choco lip cream

It is 15 ml & worth Rs 85.

Neem Caffeine face wash by M{Caffeine} – This brand is India’s first caffeinated personal care brand. Quite interesting!. Coffee is an ingredient that has been found to be pretty beneficial to skin, be it in DIYs or skincare products, for it’s high antioxidant properties.

M caffeinated face wash

Seeing Neem on the label, I had a feeling that it’s not a match for my skin type (normal/dry) since it’s usually found in products targeting those with acne taking into consideration it’s antiseptic properties. But surprisingly, it felt great on my skin. It didn’t leave a dry, stretchy kind of feel. Instead, my skin felt hydrated and refreshed.

It has a pretty great scent. Actually it reminds me of that fresh, sharp scent that men’s aftershave has!. I love it and so does my husband :). It also contains Vitamin E which gives a healthy glow to the skin. It’s texture is thick and gel like. For that reason, you just need a teeny tiny amount each time you use it. This 50 ml bottle will last quite a while. It’s worth Rs 199.

Lavender scented handmade soap by BioBloom – One of my most favorite scents ever is lavender and am glad I got this. Some received other variants in their boxes such as Rose soap & Neem & Aloe Vera soap. The scent is soft, relaxing & pleasant. This soap has a creamy feel on touch and lathers just right. It cleanses well. This brand is free from Parabens, Petrochemicals, Formaldehydes, SLS etc.

Lavender scented soap

It is 100 gms & worth Rs 125.

Overall, am happy with the value Glamego delivered this month. It’s price, Rs 299 is inclusive of shipping too (only in India)!. How amazing is that?. Definitely a beauty subscription box worth checking out. Sign up here.

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Note: This box was sent to me for review purposes. All opinions are 100% honest & my own.

Review : Mama Earth Toxin free Baby products!

Hey guys,

If you aren’t aware of this Indian baby products brand, you should be. Mama Earth is Asia’s 1st Made Safe Certified Toxin Free Brand. The fact that this brand is founded and created, with a lot of love & thoughtfulness, by a couple who wanted the very best and safe options for not only their own baby but also for other little babies, made me fall in love with it.

Mama Earth follows 4 core values, as shown below in a page from their product catalogue :

Mama Earth values

The ingredients of each and every product are of high quality and free from every NO-NOs out there. You can trust these products to take care of your baby. No doubt about that!. Even though their products target the age out of 0 – 5 year olds, these products can also be used by adults!.

All products feature cute baby animals on them. It’s so adorable!. I got to try four of their products. Here are my thoughts on them :

Moisturizing Daily Lotion : This ultra moisturizing lotion is white in color & runny in consistency. It has a soothing scent as they have used Chamomile essential oil in it. Some of the other ingredients are : Shea butter, Aloevera, Calendula extract, Almond oil, Cocoa butter, Olive oil, Jojoba oil, Vitamin E, Wheatgerm oil etc. It’s really lightweight & absorbs into my son’s skin easily, leaving it smelling lovely while protecting him from dryness.

Mama Earth lotion

Gentle Cleansing Shampoo : This lavender scented, cream colored shampoo foams up on application & leaves my son’s hair soft & nourished. It’s main ingredients are : Coconut based cleansers & conditioners, Lavender essential oil, Vegetable glycerin, Xanthum gum, Aloevera extract & more. It doesn’t irritate the eyes at all.

Mama Earth shampoo

Soothing Massage Oil : I have used several massage oils from different brands but this one is just phenomenal. This lightweight, non greasy oil is a natural blend of pure almond, jojoba & olive oils. It contains both lavender & chamomile essential oils and as it’s name suggests, is very soothing to the senses. I love using this after his bath time in the evenings. Other key ingredients are : Cold pressed Sesame oil, Coconut oil & Sweet almond oil.

Mama Earth massage oil

Deeply Nourishing Body Wash : This one’s appearance & ingredients are very similar to that of the shampoo. The essential oil included in this product is that of orange & it smells absolutely wonderful. This is a multipurpose product since it can also be used on hair (instead of shampoo). I love products like these.

Mama Earth body wash

Overall, it’s pure joy to use this brand, both for myself and my son. I love that they have included essential oils for scent rather than synthetic fragrances that are harmful to the soft skin of babies. I highly recommend this brand ♥.

It goes without saying, that they are eco friendly and thus the word ‘Earth’ in their brand name. All their products are made in Himachal Pradesh. Also, I wanted to show you guys the lovely & simplistic pouch that the products came in. It’s perfect to stock baby products and to carry in my baby bag.

Mama Earth baby products

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Note:These products were sent to me for review purposes. All opinions are 100% honest & my own.

iHerb Haul #11 – Skincare, hair care products & more!

Hey guys,

Here is yet another iHerb haul. This one is actually from Sep 2016, but I took time to try out everything to give a thorough review for you guys.

This haul focuses on skincare, health and haircare products.

iHerb haul

The Toner by Jeffrey James Botanicals – I decided to try this brand because it has so many rave reviews. I have used a DIY ACV toner for a really long time & pretty much don’t experiment with toners. But decided to give this one a try.

The Toner

It contains Vitamin C, Colloidal Silver & Camu Camu berry. It helps the skin fight against free radicals, restores balance to the skin, is antioxidant rich & firms and brightens.

It has a really lovely, refreshing scent of roses. It can be used in two ways –

○ as a toner – just spray 2 to 3 pumps onto a cotton pad and wipe away the day’s impurities from your skin. No need to wash it off.

○ as a mist – just spritz it directly onto your face and neck for a refreshing feeling. Leave it as it is, without wiping off.

It comes in a spray bottle. I definitely recommend it.

Price : $16.80 (Approx AED 61.70) for a 118 ml glass bottle. Currently though, at the time of writing this post, this product’s price has been increased to $19.20 (Approx AED 70.52), which is still 20% lower than how much you get it for, normally.

The Serum by Jeffrey James Botanicals – This is a deeply hydrating serum with over 50% Hyaluronic acid in it. It’s definitely a great serum and does what it says. It also contains Vitamin C & Green Tea.

The Serum

It has a slightly runny consistency, perfect for a smooth application. It is transparent and comes in a bottle fitted with a nozzle, which is very convenient.

Price : $30.80 (Approx AED 113.13) for a 59 ml glass bottle. However, it’s current price is $35.20 (Approx AED 129.29) & still, 20% lower than it’s regular price.

While Jeffrey James brand is definitely on the higher price range, it is of high quality and not just that, it is also crueltyfree, paraben free, sulphate free & gluten free. Both products mentioned above are good for all skin types.

Bee Propolis Trio supplement by NaturaNectar – This is a supplement that gives overall health, immune support, improves respiratory system and much more. It says ‘Trio’ because it’s a combination of three types of Premium Brazilian Bee Propolis – Brown (85%), Green (10%) & Red (5%).

Bee Propolis

I bought this for my mom and she took 1 capsule per day. She has felt a burst of energy and also her constant cough went down. She recommends it a lot.

Price : $24.74 (Approx AED 90.87) for 60 veggie capsules (2 month supply). But, since it was one of the Brands of the Week, I got a 20% discount and thus paid only $19.79 (Approx AED 72.69) for it.

Andalou Naturals Pumpkin Honey Glycolic Mask – I generally love glycolic masks because they always brighten up the skin by gently dissolving and sweeping away dull, dry surface cells, exfoliating and resurfacing for an even tone, smooth texture, and a luminous complexion.

Glycolic mask

This one in particular, doesn’t disappoint at all. It contains Manuka honey & organic pumpkin. It’s a really lovely mask. It can be applied on dry or damp skin, but I prefer applying on damp skin since it feels less abrasive and more comfortable that way.

Price : $12.71 (Approx AED 46.68) for a 50 gms tub

This mask, just like any other Andalou Naturals products, is vegan, crueltyfree and gluten free.

Boar bristle brush for fine hair by Bass Brushes – This is a much hyped about product. Finally, I decided to try it too when I saw one that is specifically made for my hair type (fine). You have got to experience it!. It’s amazing. Here is a before and after pic :

hair transformation

Definitely not one of my best pics. But, to be honest, I clicked it to show a friend and not for the blog.

It smoothes the hair and gives it a very natural shine. It also works out tangles. The handle is made of pure bamboo. It can be used even on wet hair!. This hair brush is gentle enough to be used as a baby brush too. Such a lovely product and it’s quality is awesome for the price it’s offered at.

Boar bristle brush

Price : $10.20 (Approx AED 37.46). Currently though, it’s price has been reduced to $9.89 (Approx AED 36.33).

Cedarwood essential oil by Now Foods – I bought this because Cedarwood oil helps massively in hair loss. In fact, it’s a product that’s recommended for alopecia patients. It’s my first time trying an essential oil and having heard of how potent it could be, I was sceptical. However, after much researching, I understood that this one can be used neat (directly). So, I have been using 2 – 3 drops directly to spots that needs more hair or by mixing it with hair oils. There is definitely a difference, though it’s not magical.

Cedarwood essential oil

If you are planning to buy this one, I suggest you check out the ‘Atlas Cedarwood oil’ like this one, because apparently that’s the one that’s used more in hair treatments. The one that I bought is extracted from the bark of a Juniper tree and not from a true Cedar it seems!. Bummer. But it does work. Also, since this oil has antiseptic properties, I use couple of drops of it in my foot soak.

Price : $4.57 (Approx AED 16.79) for a 30 ml bottle. Currently, it’s price has been reduced to $4.04 (Approx AED 14.84).

Replenish & Repair oil by The Jane Carter Solution – This hair oil contains Maracuja oil, Coconut oil & Sunflower oil. It is a light yellow colored, lightweight oil, with a subtle, pleasant scent.

Jane Carter hair oil

This is a vegan & crueltyfree haircare brand.

Price : $10.80 (Approx AED 39.67) for a 177 ml bottle.

Hyaluronic Acid serum by Reviva Labs – This is hands down one of the BEST serums out there. I saw a massive change within a couple of uses itself. My skin is plumped, very much more hydrated and supple. Absolutely love it and I can’t recommend it enough!

Hyaluronic acid serum

It’s transparent and has a slightly runny consistency. My skin seems to just drink up this product. In the first pic, you can see that I have bought two bottles. One was for my sil and she has had a very similar experience too.

Reviva Labs serum

It says here, on the bottle, that it contains ‘professional strength’ hyaluronic acid, however, the exact value is not written anywhere. Reviva Labs is a fantastic brand, that’s much raved about. I am glad I tried this product. It’s like a Holy Grail product ♡

It can be used alone for a hydration boost or under a cream. I use it at night, below my skincare oil and follow it up with my night cream. It comes in a glass bottle, with a pump.

Price : $14.31 (Approx AED 52.56) for a bottle containing 29.5 ml. Since I bought two, I got a 5% ‘Quantity discount’. Thus my total was $27.19 (Approx AED 99.87). Currently though, this product’s price has been reduced to $11.37 (Approx AED 41.76) per bottle.

Lift & Firm cream by Andalou Naturals – This is a repeat purchase for my brother. I think it’s his third tub. He swears by it and says no other cream has worked this well at moisturizing his skin.

Andalou Naturals

Price : $21.21 (Approx AED 77.90) for a 50 ml tub.

Shipment & Loyalty credit

Shipment was via DHL & it cost $8.86 (Approx AED 32.54) this time. It was shipped the very next day from US and reached me in UAE in 3 days. Love their fast shipping.

iHerb was giving back a loyalty credit of 10% of the bill total, back in 2016 (Currently, it’s 5%). So, I ended up getting $15.41 which could be used towards my next order, if placed within 2 months. Awesome savings!.

iHerb has made many changes to their site in 2017. That’s why they have reduced the prices of over 20000 products and increased the prices of a few products. Also, they have introduced ‘Shipping Savers’, which are products that can be added into your cart to help lower your shipping charges. To check the list of those products, click here.

Let me know if you need product suggestions etc while shopping at iHerb. I love to help out.♡

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iHerb Haul #8 – Tea, Skincare & more!

Hey guys!

Happy 2016 ♡. Hope you all had a great start to this year!


First post of 2016, I wanted it to be about something am passionate about. Lol!. Am so passionate about shopping on iHerb :D. This haul is from Aug 2015. Here are the things I bought :


1) Premium Black Cumin seed oil by Amazing Herbs – I have done an entire post on the benefits of black cumin seed oil before. It’s miraculous. This time, I bought 4 bottles for my father & uncle, because both of them suffers from back and leg pain. External application of this oil reduced their pain so much that they asked me to order more.


They all came individually packed this time. I recently received an email from someone asking me if this oil could help alleviate his mom’s cancer and I said definitely give this oil a try. When researching this product, I read that it can cure cancer if it’s in the initial stage. It’s that powerful.

Price : $19.49 (AED 71.59) per bottle, each containing 236 ml. iHerb’s price for this product is 35% lesser than it’s market price.

2 & 3) I haven’t really delved into the world of loose leaf teas. However, during August, Just A Leaf Organic teas had a massive sale going on. All their teas were priced at just a dollar each!. I got the following two tins :

China Rose Infused Black tea – This tea contains organic black tea leaves, organic red rose petals & natural essence of rose. It has a really refreshing taste and the scent of roses is truly invigorating. Love it. The pieces of rose petals are so nice to taste in between the sips of this lovely tea.



Price : $10.22 (AED 37.54) for a tin containing 99 gms. But I got it for $1 (AED 3.67)!

Bergamot Grey tea – This tea contains organic black tea leaves & organic essence of Bergamot. I chose this tea mainly because I have found that I like any perfume that has bergamot listed in one of it’s notes. It has a nice citrussy smell & a very strong, spice like taste.



Price : $9.45 (AED 34.71) for a tin containing 99 gms. But I got it for $1 (AED 3.67)!

Currently all Just A Leaf organic teas that iHerb stocks are those which comes in sealed packs. Tin packaging has been discontinued. That’s why I haven’t listed the direct links to these two products here.

4) Hand cream with Argan nut oil by Madre Labs– Before checking out after placing all products in my cart, I always check the Trials section, which lists trial sized products and also full sized products at an amazingly discounted price. This time, I saw this hand cream by Madre Labs, which is unscented & full sized.


It’s key ingredients are oils of Argan nut, jojoba, sesame, avocado, olive and coconut plus shea butter. It contains no parabens. It’s a thick white cream. It’s very moisturizing. One advice I gotta give is to work with a pea sized amount only. More the amount of cream, the more it keeps spreading & the more you have to rub it into the skin to get it absorbed. But with a smaller amount, it gets easily absorbed. Also, though it says ‘unscented’, it has the faintest scent of Argan oil.


Price : $7.95 (AED 29.20) for a tube containing 71 gms. However, I got it for a trial price of only $0.10 (AED 0.37)!

Currently in Jan 2016, this product is still listed in the Trials section at $0.10. Definitely give it a try!

Discounts & Shipping

During August, iHerb had a VIP discount going on. Depending on your bill total different percentages of discounts were being given. Since my bill total was $60+, I received the highest discount of 10% :). My shipping charge came to $11.01 (AED 40.44). It reached in UAE from US, via DHL, in 3 days. Love how fast their shipping always is ♡

Use my code SCZ695 at check out to receive an instant discount of $5 from your bill total.

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Find the best moisturizer for your skin type!

Homegrown, all-natural, beauty brand Herbline Essentials has a moisturiser for you, whatever your skin type!

We may have spent our teens and early twenties, slathering on whatever lotion we happened to find in our bathroom cabinet, but these days we know the importance of investing in a moisturiser that will do more than just hydrate parched skin. Your daily face cream should work for your specific skin type, to remedy anything from complicated, combination skin to pesky hyperpigmentation.

So, instead of slapping on another cream without a thought, award winning UAE all-natural skincare brand, Herbline Essentials are here to help, with a moisturiser to work with whatever your skin type or concerns.

  • For oily and acne prone skin

A greasy T-zone may make you want to skimp on the moisturiser, but the right formula can keep shine in check. Herbline Essentials Hydra-5 Gel (AED 129) is made from 95% Aloe Vera juice, and provides deep moisturising action, with NO added oils or waxes commonly found in similar gels. Hydra 5 ensures protection against pollution, dirt and dryness and is also a soothing after-sun gel. In addition, it can be used effectively for oily/problematic or combination skin, or to calm skin after waxing or shaving.

Herbline Essentials Hydra 5 Gel (AED129)

  • For dry skin

Enriched with honey and apricot oil, Herbline Essentials powerful Nourishing Cream (AED 141) works by increasing the skin’s resilience to moisture, leaving it smoother, softer and more hydrated than ever before. With inherent SPF properties within its ingredients and the cleansing and hydrating properties of Aloe Vera and vitamin E, this nourishing cream works to detoxify and heal whilst leaving the skin beautifully moisturised, with not a patch of dryness in sight!

  • For aging skin

Herbline Essentials Firm Skin Cream (AED 179) is a unique, powerful cell stimulator that works by soothing away wrinkles and dark patches leaving your skin firm, supple and younger looking. The highly effective blend of herbs, including nutmeg, cloves, citrus oil and coriander seed oils are high in antioxidants and work to detoxify the skin with their strong antiseptic properties. Enriched with coco palm wax and sunflower oil, the base cream helps to retain the water in the skin, hydrating and restoring the skin’s natural elasticity. Massage it into your skin and literally watch the years and the wrinkles roll away!

Herbline Essentials Firm Skin Cream A (AED179)

  • For sensitive skin

Specially designed for sensitive and easily irritated skin, Herbline Essentials Skin Protection & Healing Cream (AED 119) is packed with Aloe Vera gel, Zinc Oxide and Lactic Acid and acts as an antiseptic, a sun block and a moisturiser. This unique, completely natural formulation helps protect the skin from pollution, wind, UV radiation, heat, sun and snow burns. Deeply nourishing, it transforms the look and feel of dehydrated, irritated and flaky skin. It can also be applied to minor rashes and redness on the face and body, including nappy rash to sooth and heal the skin, gently and effectively.

  • For hyperpigmented skin

There’s nothing more aggravating than dark, uneven spots on the skin caused by acne, aging, or the sun. Luckily, Herbline Essentials Fairness Cream (AED 139), is a powerful formulation that helps protect the skin from the sun, wind and heat whilst it naturally lightens the complexion. Its’ unique formulation works to prevent scarring due to acne and reduces pigmentation patches. This effective blend contains liquorice root extract, known to be an effective antioxidant and skin lightener, whilst Aloe Vera works to heal and hydrate the delicate layers of the skin.

Herbline Essentials is the home grown beauty brand and one of the UAE’s top selling pharmacy skin and hair care ranges. Its products use completely 100% organic ingredients and are paraben, paraffin and cruelty-free.

To find out more about Herbline Essentials’ all-natural approach to beauty and their products, visit www.herbline-essentials.com.

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Note: This is a press release, aiming at promotion to a wider audience. I am not compensated in any way for the publication of this post.

Review : White Lily & Ginger Foam face wash by Herbline Essentials!

Hey guys!

I have a special love towards foam face washes. They are so light but yet do a stunning job of cleaning the face. I tried Herbline Essentials’ White Lily & Ginger foam face wash, specifically made for Normal/Dry skin types. I have been using it since last month and I am in love with it. Read more:

foam face wash1

The design on the packaging is so beautiful. It’s a pink and silver motif, the simplicity of which is eye catching. This 100% organic foam face wash comes in a plastic bottle fitted with a special foam creating pump. The bottle is very handy and perfect to even travel with.

The ingredients list is pretty impressive, as any other Herbline Essentials products (it’s one of my all time favorite brands by the way!) : Spring Water, Coco Palm wax, Almond oil, Coconut oil, Castor oil, Lavender oil, Aloe Vera gel, Olive oil, Juniper Berry oil, Ginger oil, Rosemary oil, Oatmeal extract, Rose Petal extract, Brahmi extract, Mulberry extract, Saffron extract, Tea Tree extract, Wheat protein, Vitamin E, Vegetable Glucerol and Natural fragrance.

foam face wash02The foam is so light yet it’s pretty surprising how well it cleans your face. It doesn’t dry your skin at all. It cleans and leaves it feeling fresh and cared for. It’s scent is pleasant and soft. The white lily contains glycolic acid that serves as an exfoliation agent. The ginger in it fights skin aging, promotes even skin tone and restores the skin’s PH balance. This product is also parabens and paraffin free.

Price : AED 109 for 150ml.

I highly recommend you try this out. It is so worth it. You feel the nature’s gentle and loving touch while using this product 🙂

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Note: I was provided this product for review purposes. All opinions are 100% my own.


Flawless Feet With Herbline Essentials!

All natural and holistic Foot Scrub & Foot Cream

 Our feet need nourishing and protecting in the heat of the desert. What’s more, the fact that they’re constantly on show in sandals and flip-flops is an added incentive to make sure we are taking great care of our tips and toes.

Herbline Essentials, the all natural Ayurvedic skin and hair care brand is homegrown here in the UAE. Its Foot Scrub (AED 49) and Foot Cream (AED 52) use entirely organic ingredients for ultimate care and protection for your feet. Organic products are on the rise, and Herbline Essentials’ complete holistic approach has gained the trust of consumers all over the world.

The Foot Scrub is a unique blend of absorbent clays that are combined to detoxify and exfoliate your feet, cleaning and soaking away dirt and leaving them soft and clean. With additional extracts of oil of wintergreen, the Foot Scrub will also relax and reduce your feet’s fatigue. Natural ingredients also include spring water, clay, coco palm wax, sunflower oil, and walnut shell.

 Herbline Essentials Foot Scrub

After a vigorous scrub, enjoy the cooling Foot Cream. Using a nourishing blend of oils, waxes and natural extracts, this cream repairs tired and cracked feet, leaving them perfectly soft and flip-flop friendly. The powerful wintergreen extract provides extra astringent benefits, alleviates muscle pain and helps to improve signs of aging by tightening the skin.

 Herbline Essentials Foot Cream

The brand new tube design of the Foot Scrub and the Foot Cream means you can carry it in a small handbag or the zipper of your beach bag. Both foot products are paraben, paraffin and cruelty-free, making Herbline Essentials the ideal choice for savvy consumers who are making purchases with an ethical conscience.

To find out more about Herbline Essentials’ all-natural approach to beauty and its products, visit www.herbline-essentials.com.

About Herbline Essentials:

Herbline Essentials is a range of truly natural beauty products for the face, body and hair. All products are made from 100% natural ingredients sourced in the Himalayas and adhere to the principles of Ayurveda to provide long term benefits for a healthy body and mind.

Established in 2005 and inspired by 50 years of extensive plant and mineral research, Herbline Essentials is a joint collaboration between Harmony Cosmetics and their Research and Development partners based in the foothills of the Himalayas. The range is paraben and paraffin free and is also enrolled in PETA’s “Beauty Without Bunnies” program as a cruelty free brand.

The Herbline Essentials range of products is currently available at leading pharmacies in the UAE, including Boots, Bin Sina, Health First and United Pharmacies, including the Dubai Duty Free pharmacies at Dubai International Airport. The brand has recently started retailing in Kuwait and Pakistan, with plans to launch across the Middle East, South Africa and Turkey in 2013. Customers can also order online through www.herbline-essentials.com with worldwide shipping.

To find out more about Herbline Essentials’ Ayurvedic approach to beauty and their products, visit www.herbline-essentials.com, Facebook (www.facebook.com/herbline.essentials) or Twitter (www.twitter.com/hessentials) as well as www.natural.ae.

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My favorite make up removers and more!

Hello dear friends!

I am back from my vacation. Though I did one post after I came back, I went into a lazy mode after that. Hopefully with this post, I will be right back on track 🙂

Today I would love to share with you, my two absolute favorite makeup removers, in this whole world. The best part: Both are low end!. They do an amazing job. So here goes:


1) Garnier Essentials Makeup remover milk : It is a very gentle makeup remover. It’s consistency is creamy like that of a lotion. Its non-greasy.


It’s cool to touch and so mild yet does an incredible job of wiping off the majority of your makeup in one go itself. I use Tippy’s* makeup pads for cleansing procedures. I pour a little bit onto the cotton pad and wipe my face. Then I take a second cotton pad to go over my face again. The more bold the look you have sported (with a lot of color), the more times you will have to renew your cotton pads. It’s gentle enough to use on your eyes too. I don’t have a separate eye makeup remover because of that!

This cleansing milk leaves my skin soft, supple and very clean. The smell is very pleasant and your skin looks radiant immediately after you use it. I have chosen the one for ‘Normal and combined skin’ (Green bottle/ with Grape water). The others in this range are for ‘Dry Skin’ and for ‘Dry and sensitive skin’ (Pink bottle/ with Rose extract). It comes in a flap open plastic bottle containing 200 ml. It’s made in Poland. It’s priced at AED 13.95 in Carrefour and AED 14.50 in Lulu Hypermarket. Seriously guys, this is one low-end makeup remover that you will absolutely love. It’s totally worth your money!

2) St. Ives Make up remover & Facial cleanser (Fresh Skin): This is a really great cleanser too. It’s consistency is very thick.


When using this, I first wet my face with water and then spread this onto my face and then massage it.  Then when I wash, majority of my makeup would have gone. If I find there is some more makeup left, like in the inner corner of the eye or something, I wet a Tippy’s cotton pad, put a drop of this cleanser onto the pad and then work it onto that area.

It has calming chamomile in it. It has absolutely nil parabens in it, which is great. This cleanser is mild enough to be used daily. Sometimes, even when I am not wearing makeup, I use it as a cleanser. It reveals radiant and fresh looking skin. Love it!. It comes in a tube of 170gms. It’s made in USA. I believe it’s priced AED 16.50 or AED 17. It’s been a long while since I bought my first tube. As soon as I fell in love with it, I went and bought a backup tube. Each tube lasts for a long time. So I am only half way through my second tube right now. Recently, when I visited Lulu, I didn’t find it on the shelves. So it’s anyways around the range of AED 16 – AED 17. Totally worth it!

WHICH ONE WINS? : Out of these two, I love the Garnier one more because it’s consistency is more easy to work with. It does not require water to be mixed with it. Once, while I was in the car, I noticed that my eye makeup was a bit too bright. I immediately took out this cleansing milk, took a bit on a cotton pad (At that time, I was traveling to my parent’s home in Abu Dhabi, to stay for a week and so had everything packed into a bag), removed my eye makeup and redid it. If I had the St. Ives cleanser I would have required to use water with it and that just might have gotten messy. So, final verdict, Garnier Essentials Makeup remover milk is more versatile!

*Note: Tippy’s cotton pads are priced at AED 11 for a pack of three. Each pack contains 80 pads. It’s really soft. I love this brand!

3) Olay Total Effects age defying milk : This is a cleansing milk more than a makeup remover. This is part of my daily skincare routine. I mentioned in a previous post of mine, that I wear black eyeliner always, even when I am at home. I don’t use the makeup removers to remove it. In the night, before going to bed, I use the Olay Total Effects age defying milk as my cleanser and it helps remove my eyeliner with ease. I use a cotton pad to apply it to my face. It’s consistency is like that of a lotion’s. Not thick at all.


It’s priced at AED 31 at Lulu and AED 32.50 in Carrefour for a 200ml bottle. It’s made in Poland. It’s really funny how the Olay products’ prices keep changing every time I go and check on it. It’s totally weird but it’s my absolute favorite range.

More information/tips

  • It’s mandatory that you remove your makeup before going to bed. If you are too lazy to do it, the makeup product will clog your pores and irritate your skin, resulting in nasty breakouts. You seriously don’t want that, do you?. At night, your skin should breathe freely. Only apply skincare products meant for night time.

  • When removing makeup, first remove your lipstick, so that you don’t spread the color onto the rest of your face. This is a good tip particularly if you are sporting a bold lip look.

  • Olive oil is an excellent makeup remover. It’s great to use on your eye area too. It nourishes your lashes and helps it grow more.

  • It’s best to use mascaras that are not water proof. It’s easier to remove and gentler on your eye lashes. This is my personal opinion, ofcourse. Waterproof mascaras last longer and if you are a working woman you might prefer it more. But personally, I have never liked waterproof mascaras or eye liners.

Alright guys, that’s it for now. Let me know what your favorite makeup removers are or whether you have tried any of the above mentioned products. I love comments and feedback. So please leave a comment!


Naz :