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Haul from Bath and Body Works!

Hey guys!

Recently, Irene of Drab to Fab told me that a sale has started at Bath and Body Works. She does amazing hauls. So, do check her blog out. The truth is, I had never stepped into B&BW ever before. I had this feeling that it’s really expensive. Now that it’s sale time, I decided to check out the store and man, I am impressed. I spent like 2 hours there, smelling all those amazing products. The sale is on until June 28th, 2014 in all B&BW stores in UAE and you get 25 – 50% off on selected products.

Here are the products I bought:

IMG-20140612-WA00111) Pineapple Palm Grass scented candle (Sale price AED 12, Original price AED 20) : This is the first time I am ever buying a scented candle. I have seen tons of videos of Youtubers who rave about the B&BW candles. So after smelling myriad different candles, I chose the Pineapple Palm grass candle because it smells like fresh pineapples. I have so far used it only once. After about half an hour of burning it and keeping my room closed, the smell was pleasantly there in the room. Once I snuffed it out, the smell lingered on for some more time. It’s a beautifully sweet smell. I bought a mini version. It came in a glass container with a silver lid which has a gorgeous design on it. It contains 36 gms.


2) Tiki Beach room spray (Sale price AED 40, Original price AED 60) : This one has such a beautiful and pleasant smell!. Absolutely loved it. It’s pretty intense. A little goes a long way. It’s scent is coconut-y, floral and sweet. The spray can itself is pretty with flowers pictured on it. I highly recommend you try this!. Each can contains 150gms.


3) Eucalyptus Spearmint Stress Relief body lotion (Original price: AED45. This is not on sale) : This body lotion is part of B&BW’s Aromatherapy line. The lotion is white in color and really hydrating. It gets absorbed into your skin super fast. It leaves your skin smelling pleasantly of Spearmint. It contains Eucalyptus Essential oil which clears your mind and Spearmint Essential oil that uplifts you. It comes in a green glass bottle, containing 192 ml, with a really nice pump.


4) Pink Passion Fruit Deep Cleansing hand soap (Sale price AED 30, Original price AED 45) : This is a pinkish purple colored hand soap with blue colored exfoliating beads in it. It pretty to see the blue microspheres suspended in the soap. These microspheres effectively cleanse and exfoliate, while conditioning Aloe and protective Vitamin E leave hands feeling soft and smooth. It’s an absolute delight using this. The beads gently exfoliate and your hands are left with a very beautiful smell. The bottle contains 236ml.


5) Coconut Lime Breeze Intense Moisture body butter (Sale price AED 30, Original price AED 60): B&BW’s body butters are just something else!. The consistency is so thick and hydrating. Of all the ones I tried, I loved the lemony smell of the Coconut Lime Breeze one. Also, I found this to be more hydrating than the other body butters I tried in-store. This body butter promises over 24 hours of nourishing moisture. It’s perfect for this weather in UAE now. The body butter is arranged in a swirl like pattern which is very attractive. It contains Shea, Murumuru butters and Coconut oil along with some other good stuff like Vitamins C & E. It’s completely non-greasy. I just loved this formula so much and I highly recommend it!. Each tub contains 200gms.


6) Pear Blossom Diamond Shimmer mist (Sale price AED 30, Original price AED 100) : This one’s smell is really nice. Of all the bottles there, I liked this smell. It is infused with real diamond dust. So, wherever you spray it, it shimmers and dazzles. The product is green in color and looks really amazing in the clear bottle. Once I brought it home though and smelt it, I could smell a lot of alcohol in it, which was a bummer. I don’t really recommend you buy this. The bottle contains 236 ml.



7) Maui Hibiscus Beach Triple Moisture Body cream (Sale price AED 30, Original price AED 55): This body cream smells like heaven. I just love this so much!. It’s very moisturizing too. This cream contains tropical hibiscus, refreshing star fruit, mango wood, Rice Bran oil, Milk proteins and Acai Berry extract. It’s non greasy and easily gets absorbed into the skin. The tube it comes in is very colorful and easy to use. It contains 226 gms.


8) Midnight Pomegranate perfume (Sale price AED 70, Original price AED 140): I am a huge fan of the smell of pomegranate. That combined with a spice-like scent and I immediately was a fan of it. It contains anise, patchouli, blackberry and cassis along with red, juicy pomegranates. It has a sensual scent, I would say. The smell though doesn’t last a long time. But once you spray it on, the smell is intense, even though it’s not long lasting. I love it!. The bottle is nothing special but it’s color is so gorgeous. The bottle contains 75 ml and this perfume is part of B&BW’s Signature Collection.


That’s all the items I bought. Overall, my experience at B&BW was really nice. If you like a fragrance a lot and you really want yourself to smell like that, I highly suggest you buy different products which has the same scent. For example, if you love the sensual smell of Midnight Pomegranate, invest in the shower gel, body butter and also the perfume to really intensify the smell. If you want, get a candle too which smells of Midnight Pomegranate, so that your home smells like that too!.

Have you visited B&BW lately?. what is your favorite product from there?.

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Daily dose of anti-oxidants (DIY at home facial)

Hello friends!

Is it just me or does everyone come across situations, where they are put under extreme scrutiny by the ladies at the beauty parlor?. They always say nasty things (maybe it’s true but umm, not so nice to hear it, particularly in front of other customers), like “Your skin is so dry!” or “Are you not drinking enough of water?. There are fine lines on your face” or “You have too many blackheads/whiteheads on your nose”.. Hmmphh!.. The list could go on…

So imagine my surprise when I went for a facial a week back (I haven’t gone for one in the last 6-7 months, which is a LONG time, according to me), and the lady there said I have good skin and actually asked me, my skincare routine!!!

I was SO pleased with myself, that I couldn’t help but smile. This has NEVER occurred to me ever!.

So anyways, back to the title of this post. Anti-oxidants are extremely helpful in fighting off ageing. In our skin, oxidation occurs on a regular basis. Oxidation is a chemical reaction that produces free radicals, that are capable of attacking the healthy cells of the body. This may lead to damage and death of cells. Cell damage caused by free radicals appears to be a major contributor to aging and decline in immune system among many other disorders.

Anti-oxidants fight against free radicals and therefore have become a major ingredient in skincare products, these days.

Here is a fantastic (and easy peasy) DIY anti-oxidant rich facial, which will guaranteed make your skin look brighter and feel softer.


1 pomegranate (medium) – It is choke full of anti-oxidants. By the way, I like using the ones from Turkey rather than the one from India.

2 tbsp honey – It helps in making your skin softer and is also a source of anti-oxidants. Also honey has an ability to absorb and retain moisture. It absorbs impurities from the pores on your skin and helps in getting refreshed, supple looking skin.


I didn’t realize it was so dark when I clicked it 🙁

First, get all the seeds from the pomegranate, get as much white rind (the whitish things encasing the red seeds), off. You don’t want the white rind in your mixture. Then wash the seeds well and drain it.


Add it to a grinder/blender


Add 2 tbsp honey to this.


Blend it until it looks like this (probably a few secs only). wash the blender immediately so that there are no stains from the pomegranate.


Then transfer into a container and store it away in the fridge for upto 3 weeks. I just now finished my first batch which lasted me about 20 days. I made my second batch yesterday and am continuing to do it.


If you feel it’s too runny for your liking, go ahead and add one more tbsp of honey. But I was totally fine with this consistency.

How to use it

1) First wash your face with a face wash and pat dry. Well whatever facials you do, you have to start on a clean face.

2) Apply this mixture on your face and neck, using the pulpy parts to gently scrub your face. Do it in your bathroom, otherwise you will end up having a mess on the floor. Also pomegranate can stain your clothes, so tuck in a towel around the neckline of your dress.

3) Wait for 30 mins. You can feel the skin has a slightly sticky feel.

4) Wash off with lukewarm or tap water with room temperature, using circular motions.

That’s it guys!!

PLEASE DO TRY IT!. You will LOVE it for sure.

NOTE (Updated) : Michelle Phan felt this is a DIY mask definitely worth trying out and featured it on her blog in a Member Spotlight post!. Check it out by clicking here.


Naz 🙂