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Let’s donate clean water with Essential Mall & UNICEF!

Dear friends,

Shopping is not only a global phenomenon, it’s also a very satisfying one!. Don’t you agree with me?. Especially with online shopping, things just got easier. Shopping for just about anything, from the comforts of your own home, is wonderfully convenient. Now consider this : What if you could be a part of a noble cause and donate to needy children around the world, while shopping for your favorite products?. Doesn’t that just elevate the satisfaction level involved in the shopping experience?.

Let me explain more. Essential Mall is a popular shopping site in UAE. What most might not know is that Essential Mall is a non-profit global and socially conscious online shopping network. Since 2014, they have partnered with UNICEF. They donate 100% of their net profits to UNICEF’s water aid mission, where UNICEF provides clean essentialwater to where the need is greatest.

The process is a very transparent one. When you shop on Essential Mall, for every $1 AUD (AED 2.83) you spend, 1.2 days of clean water are provided to a child by UNICEF. Other than spreading awareness about this mission, in this post I also wish to give you a code!. When you use this code, you will help double the social impact. So, when spending $1 AUD, you will be able to provide 2.4 days of clean water!. It creates a huge impact in the long run.

The social impact code is naznin

With the help of the below pictures, I would like to give you a peak into how this simple process works :

Suppose you decide to buy a ‘Redness FX Calming cream for dry skin’, which costs AED 91.81. On placing it in the cart, you can see under Social Impact that with this purchase you will help provide 38 days of clean water!


Now after applying my code, naznin, you can see that you are now helping to provide 76 days of clean water!. Can you imagine the social impact you create just by shopping!. You are not spending anything extra just for charity sake. You are just going about doing a normal and simple act as shopping but at the same time making a huge difference..


Sometimes it’s easy for us to not think about the world and It’s wide array of problems. It’s so very easy to get lost in our own world and our little problems. But did you know that one child in this world dies due to consumption of contaminated water every minute?. “I am just an individual and what difference can I possibly make” might be a question on your mind. But you, yes YOU, the one reading this right now CAN make a difference. Simply shop on Essential Mall. To date, Essential Mall has created over 220,000 days of clean water.

Essential Mall stocks more than 30,000 products and also offers between 10 – 90% off!. Popular brands on the site are Bobbi Brown, Clinique, Benefit, Dr. Hauschka, Clarins, Estee Lauder, Elizabeth Arden, Givenchy, Kevyn Aucoin, Lipstick Queen, Lancome, Max Factor, NARS, Laura Mercier and many more. Also, at the bottom of the site, you can find linternational links to the same site that serves in other countries such as US, Canada, India & more.

As of 21st April 2015, Essential Mall has stopped paid advertisements and depends on social volunteers to spread the word about their noble mission. When you use my code, other than doubling the social impact, I do not get any monetary benefits from it. Also, I am not paid in any manner for doing this post. I urge you to use the code naznin while shopping on Essential Mall and also, kindly spend a couple of seconds to hit any of the share buttons below this post.

To read more about Essential Mall’s mission, click here. Each month, they update their Facebook page with the amount of clean water they have provided to children in need. Let’s all support this noble cause!

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Naz ♥

October 2014 Link Loves!


How was your month?. I spend most of it in India, on vacation. This time, I spent a lot of time at home rather than traveling, seeing relatives and shopping. So when compared to my vacations in the past, this one was pretty dull. But still, there was plenty of rain to sit and watch!. Loved that part.

For my birthday, I had a pretty lovely day. My husband wished me right in the morning, which came as a surprise since last time he had forgotten it :P. We cut a small cake and then had dinner from outside. It was really a very sweet day ♥

OK so it’s Halloween!. Happy Halloween to those of you who celebrate it. Here is a funny pic I came across online 🙂


On to my favorite posts this month :

1) Camila of TitiCrafty made this stunning red berries trifle, which is just soo heavenly and she has done a step by step recipe post, so that you can recreate it too!. I love the presentation and the yummy pix!


2) Sarah of Blend N Smack has done a step by step, detailed post of how to apply / blend your eye shadow. For someone like me who sucks at applying eye shadow, it’s really a blessing!. Do check it out. I love how she has included lots of pix so that you can really understand.


3) Jamie of Some of This and That has done a spider cookies recipe that is so appropriate for Halloween!. It’s pretty cool and presented very well too..



4) Nur of Nur Al Ayn Beauty has done an awesome post on how to use chocolate in face masks and create four awesome masks!. I will definitely try some of them out 🙂


That’s all for this month!. But before I wind up, here is an awesome gift code for you guys 🙂


When using this code, you will get 20% off your entire order from Arganfarm.

Also, Arganfarm was sweet enough to send me a birthday gift!. The only brand to actually do that. I was quite delighted to receive an amazing glass bottle of 30ml of premium Argan oil, produced in Sep 2014.


If you have missed my Arganfarm argan oil review, then click here to read it.

I hope you have a nice November ahead of you 🙂

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How to survive the holiday season!!

Hii guys!!

I am super excited coz the holiday season is upon us and I can feel the holiday spirit every where I go :).

Alright, now lets discuss how you can survive this season 😀

1) Plan ahead : New year is just 10 days away (not to mention Christmas!.. 4 days only) and you have got to decide what to gift your friends and family. But the main thing is ‘how much’ to spend on them each!. Plan everything and list it out, so you don’t stray away from it. Don’t wait till you are just 2 days away from those special days.


2) Coupons & discount vouchers: When you are in a rush to buy things, you might even forget that you have vouchers that you could possibly use. Keep the vouchers handy and don’t later on forget that you have them in your wallet. This has happened to me. Hilarious!


3) Don’t spend more : Trying to save, don’t spend more!.. Doesn’t make sense??. Here is an example : You see a watch worth AED900 on sale for AED450. You mind suddenly goes on alert mode!.. 50% discount!!!… But what you don’t see in this situation is that you were not planning on spending that AED450 in the first place!.. So buy things that you NEED not WANT. Differentiate between those two words and you will get most of the things sorted out this season!


4) Shopping online : Sometimes shopping online has it’s benefits. I love group buying sites like Groupon, Cobone, Joyoffer etc. I am not talking about cheap products. They have amazing deals on quality products. I love it!. Great value and at the same time, you can sit at home and shop!


5) Making the credit cards work for you: If you have a credit card which gives you cash back, use it :).


6) Use loyalty cards: I love loyalty cards and rewarding programmes. If you buy from an outlet quite often find out whether they have a loyalty programme. Sign up for it. It will definitely reward you. However, please don’t keep buying simply so that you will get a reward.


7) Gift cards : If you don’t know what to buy a person, the best thing is to get a gift card for them. That way, the receiver can buy whatever they wish to!. I think it’s an awesome gift.


8) Stay awesome – Drink lots of water, look your best, be friendly, try a hand at DIY and give personalized touch to your gifts even if you are buying them. Then put of a big smile!. Be happy <3


I hope you guys have an amazing Christmas and New year!. May God bless you and your family. Stay safe!


Naznin 🙂