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Review : KitKat Senses chocolate!

What’s up, you guys!

Recently I visited Central Square mall in Kochi, India. Inside the mall, there is the famous Big Bazaar outlet. While browsing the chocolate section, I came across KitKat’s latest release, KitKat Senses. I have been seeing it’s ad on the TV for a while now. It’s a very captivating ad. If you have seen it, you know what I am talking about.

This range of chocolates boast that it has a creamy taste, thanks to slow churned chocolate that has been churned for 12 hours!. So, I grabbed couple of KitKat Senses chocolates and one KitKat Senses Dark chocolate.


The KitKat Senses cover is very pretty. The word ‘Senses’ is written in a beautiful, golden font. The chocolate itself is a disappointment though. If you were to give me a piece of regular KitKat and a piece of the Senses one, I wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. It tastes the same. What use is it then saying that it’s slow churned and all that??. Not only that, the regular 4 finger KitKat is Rs. 25 (AED 1.46). However, KitKat Senses is double that!. Rs. 50 (AED 2.93) for pretty much the same chocolate packaged in a different cover. Rs.50 is huge here in India. I say, don’t go for it. It’s not worth the said amount!


Now, onto KitKat Senses Dark chocolate. I generally love dark chocolate. The cover of this one is gorgeous and aptly dark colored. About the taste, this one is a different story. It’s absolutely delicious. The crunchy wafer’s taste mingled with dark chocolate’s slightly bitter taste, is a match made in heaven. The chocolate’s texture is creamy and it definitely feels like it has been slow churned for a long time. This one too is priced at Rs. 50 but I say, go for it!. If you love dark chocolate, you will appreciate this chocolate’s beautiful texture.

Have you tried any of these two?. What are your thoughts about it?.

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