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Review : Shea Beautifying oil from The Body Shop!

Hey you guys!

Here is a detailed review I had promised back in December 2013, when I had done a haul and showed the Shea beautifying oil from TBS. I chose to buy this product because I love anything with Shea butter in it. Also, I saw it was a multifunctional oil, that can be used on the face, hair and body.


I first tried it on my body and liked that it’s quite a light oil that gets absorbed fast and leaves the skin looking hydrated. I even included it in a DIY body scrub. I then tried it on my hair and surely it gave a nice shine to it. However, long term usage didn’t bring any particularly significant change. I never tried it on my face since I didn’t feel it to be very natural.

It says on the bottle that this is a dry oil with Shea butter and three precious oils such as Kukui, Marula oil and Sweet almond oil. It comes in a plastic bottle, with a flip open lid. It has a very soft and pleasant smell. However, it lingers on for a short time only. I currently use it occasionally on my body but not on my hair. I am now wondering whether it was worth paying AED 65 for a very light oil that hydrates my skin, when I can get much better products for a much lower price!.

The bottle contains only 100 ml, which will surely last for quite a while but still costs AED65. So, overall, I don’t think it’s worth it. I don’t recommend you buy this product.

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How to: DIY anti- ageing body scrub!

Hello all!

Today I would love to discuss and share with you a method to make an at home body scrub. It’s nourishing, softening and in the long run helps fade away dark areas like age spots.

Lets get to it right away!. You will need:


Olive Oil – It’s very moisturizing and helps the skin to be more hydrated.

Shea Beautifying Oil from The Body Shop – It has a gorgeous smell and is a light oil. I wanted it’s smell to linger when applying this scrub. That’s the main reason I added it here. Not particularly for it’s moisturizing quality. I will do a more detailed review on this later on.

Sugar (Right, that’s sugar in the Nescafe Gold bottle!) – It acts as our exfoliating agent. It is a humectant (something that attracts moisture from the atmosphere into the skin) and thus using sugar is always a better option than using salt. Also sugar has glycolic acid in it, which encourages cell turnover and helps generate younger looking skin.

Green tea – It has anti oxidant properties. Also it contains AHAs (Alpha Hydroxy Acids) which work in a similar way that sugar does in the previous point I mentioned. It allows the dead skin to shed and helps newer skin to emerge.

Lemon – It helps fade away dark spots and scars. The Vitamic C in it helps fight wrinkles and in brightening the skin. It’s great in exfoliating too.

So as you can see, we have a powerhouse of ingredients here and all of them are probably already available at your home!


1) Add 3 tbsp of sugar into the bowl.


2) Take one bag of green tea (I use the Alokozay 100% pure Ceylon tea. One box of 100 tea bags costs AED11.45 at Nesto Hypermarket). Tear it open and add to the sugar.


3) Squeeze the juice of one lemon into the mix.


Give it a stir. The mixture will look like this now.


4) Add 1 tbsp of the Shea oil. If you don’t have it, you could substitute it with 1 tbsp of coconut oil.


5) Add 1 tbsp of olive oil first. Mix it together and see if that’s the consistency you like. I personally love to add 2 tbsp of it, because I like the consistency to be bit more on the runny/oily side so it’s easy to work with. The drier the scrub, the more abrasive you will feel it to be.


It looks like below finally. That’s the consistency I like. The mix looks slightly sparkly because of the slightest amount of shimmer in the Shea beautifying oil. Let this mix sit for a few minutes so that the green tea mizes really well with the rest.


Here I have scrubbed it onto my hand.


Once you do this, you are left with the softest skin ever!

More information

  • After each time of using a scrub (any scrub I mean), it’s best to use a body cream or lotion on your skin to keep it soft and get the best results.

  • Keep this scrub on, for atleast 10 minutes so that it can benefit from the goodness of all the ingredients.
  • This scrub is perfect for the winter. Surprisingly, during winter you skin get dehydrated more. The scrub helps keep the skin in optimum condition to receive your skincare and your skin reacts better to it.

  • It’s best to use this scrub twice a week. Not more than that because you might irritate your skin.
  • You can make small batches like I have done here. I actually used it on my hands and legs. If you want to do a whole body scrub, you will have to make more.

  • You can store this in the fridge for about a week.

Hope you like this DIY. Leave your comments below. I love feedback!


Naz 🙂

Review: Lily Cole Pearl Radiance Primer from The Body Shop

Hi all!

I wish to review a new addition to my makeup collection. It’s the Lily Cole Pearl radiance primer from The Body Shop.


Lily Cole, an English model and actress, is Body Shop’s first global brand ambassador. As part of its collaboration with Lily Cole, The Body Shop has released a range of limited-edition cruelty-free make-up, endorsed by her. The 100 per cent vegetarian products have not been tested on animals, and includes several products including the Pearl Radiance Primer that I am reviewing here today.


I loved it’s attaractive packaging. It’s a pretty 15ml bottle with a glass body, which shows many pearl-like pink beads in it, suspended in a gel.


Here is a zoomed view of the beads. Mica is the ingredient in this product which gives the shimmery look.


The bottle has a pump which I absolutely love, because it assures hygienic use and gives you control over the amount you can pump out, ensuring that there is nil wastage. One pump is enough to cover your entire face. As a small amount goes a LONG way, this 15 ml bottle will last you a good long time.


When you pump it, the pearls mix with the gel and comes out in a thick cream like consistency.


Clicked under tube light


Clicked under natural light

Let the thick consistency not scare you though!.. It is actually very easy to blend. It feels very light on the skin as it gets absorbed quickly.


Clicked under tube light


Clicked under natural light

Once blended, it gets absorbed really fast into your skin and gives it a smooth and flawless look. It gives a pearlescent sheen and a radiant look to your skin.


Clicked under tube light


Clicked under natural light

In the above photo (in natural light), the sheen is not quite visible but I hope you notice that the skin visibly looks smoother. When you blend it out, it leaves your fingers shiny too.


The primer has a very fresh and pleasant smell. You can actually wear it just like that on your face, without anything else so your face has a glowy/illuminated look. That didn’t work so well with me though. I didn’t like the shiny look (I don’t mean it’s chunky and glittery. It’s just shimmery. But still I didn’t like it). However, once I put this on, blending my foundation became really easy. Also, when the slight shimmer came through the foundation it gave my face a radiant look. I definitely prefer wearing it that way rather than wearing it alone.

When I walked into The Body Shop, this bottle immediately attracted me to it. I asked the sales lady what it was and she mentioned this is a Face Illuminator and only when I read the label on the bottle, I found that it’s actually a primer. On the bill though, it did say Face illuminator.

Lily Cole

The best part is that there is a Part Sale going on at The Body Shop right now which lets you get this beautiful primer at a 50% discount which is a mighty great deal!. Originally priced, AED 75, it’s only AED 37.50 now. Please note that the Part Sale is only until Feb 4th. I would have written this post earlier, so as to give you guys more time to go get it, however, I had to make sure I am doing the right review by testing it out couple of times. You still have some time though. So go get it.

Also one other thing, I am not quite sure this would go great with acne prone skin. I have normal skin and I love this product. But on the skin of an acne-prone person, I kind of feel that this product might actually emphasize the acne. I just feel so. If you are acne-prone and you have tried this and felt it’s not a problem at all, let me know in the comments, so that I can update this post.

Would I recommend it?.. Definitely yes!!

Please do leave your feedback below about this product :). I appreciate your comments.

Love always,


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