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May 2014 Link Loves!

Hey guys!

How was your May?. I am into decluttering, organizing and all that but truth be told, I am not someone who scrubs down the printer, washing machine, fridge etc on a regular basis. So, at the start of this month itself I did that, for a change!. Man, my washing machine looks brand new now and my fridge is literally gleaming!. Seriously, unless you do it, you won’t understand how much dust settles on these household stuff. I urge you to do it too. Your home will have a prettier look 🙂

This month, my parents went on a trip to Indonesia!. Five nights in Bali and two in Jakarta. It’s so beautiful there and I thought I’ll share some pictures with you..

IMG-20140519-WA0007Behind the hotel they stayed at

IMG-20140520-WA0003Next to the hotel lobby

IMG-20140523-WA0008View from their hotel room

IMG-20140519-WA0004A really beautiful and creative arrangement on their bed!

IMG-20140523-WA0004A gorgeous waterfall at one of the places they visited

IMG-20140531-WA0010-1Going for a ship cruise!

IMG-20140531-WA0011-1View while they went for a ship cruise

IMG-20140531-WA0006-1A wishing well!

The money conversion is nuts really!. 1 UAE dirham is equivalent to 3178 Indonesian Rupiah (IDR)!. My parents had decided to take AED 2K with them which is roughly IDR 6 million!. I was thinking “Jeez, they would need another bag to carry the money!”.. Haha :D. Everything over there is pretty expensive. A SIM card itself cost IDR 150K!. A grand buffet costs about IDR 355K. Turns out 6 million wasn’t enough to last them a week there. My father used his credit card on top of it. I seriously can’t believe it!. The notes are of a high denomination so paying such huge amounts is easy.



They even went to a coffee factory where they saw Kopi Luwak, which is the most expensive coffee in this world. Here is the pic of the Luwak and that coffee!

IMG-20140531-WA0017-1This is Luwak, the civet like mammal that plays a vital role in the making of this coffee!

IMG-20140531-WA0004Luwak’s poo

IMG-20140531-WA0005The dried poo, before going for further processing

IMG-20140531-WA0019-2This 50 gms pack of Kopi Luwak costs IDR 180K!

Here are some stuff they bought for me :


  • A nice handmade basket (it has a single partition inside it). Costs a whopping IDR 270K!
  • A packet of Durian chips which is my all time favorite. You get them here in UAE only when the DSF is going on.
  • A packet of Coffee choc, which consists of chocolates with coffee beans inside them. It tasted amazing and very unique.
  • A handmade soap smelling on Ylang Ylang which costs about IDR 15K!.
  • A pack of incense sticks. The packaging is so adorable and probably handmade too!
  • Some hotel amenities like shampoo, body lotion, shower gel and soap because I love teeny weeny stuff like that.

If you are planning to go to Bali, I would suggest you convert atleast 3K Dirhams for shopping, spending on spa and food over there. Overall, my parents loved the experience.

Alright, that’s how my month of May was. Onto my favorite posts of the month :

1) Camila of TitiCrafty, made this amazing and healthy walnut oatmeal cookies that looks crunchy and yum. It’s perfect for those who are health conscious but yet craves for something special.


2) Sarah of Blend N Smack, did a post on how to depot eye shadows. it’s very nicely and easily done. The end result is very neat and I loved it!


3) Author Marc of Marc’s blog, did this amazing and poignant post about how water bodies brings us all together and brings out the best in us. It’s very well thought of and absolutely true!. Whenever Marc does some deep thinking sitting in this thinking chair, he brings out amazing posts like these. You will definitely love reading it!


4) Jamie of Some of This and That, did an awesome looking Sunrise Smoothie which is perfect for the hot weather in UAE right now!. I am loving the combination. Why don’t you try it out?

Sunrise smoothie

Glorious mentions!

1) Sally of Canadian Sassy Sally, reblogged my Hello Summer Giveaway Hop. Thank you for reblogging!!. She also did a post about a board game that I gifted her recently.

boardgameI hope you loved this post. Here is wishing that you all have an amazing June ahead of you ♡

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