TLC for your lips…

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Have you ever given a thought about your lips?. How tender and vulnerable they are?. Lips don’t have sebaceous glands or melanin supply, which naturally protect the skin. On a daily basis, external stress such as cold, wind, sun, etc., make lips vulnerable.

It’s time to show some TLC :).. There are so many ways to keep it looking healthy. Cracked, chapped and flaky lips are an absolute no-no. So exfoliation is key. Here are some scrubs that I personally recommend.

1) the lip scrub by Sara Happ

This lip scrub is a decadent, heavenly smelling one created by Sara Happ and made in USA. It is available in several flavors, namely: Brown Sugar (the original one), Peppermint, Creme Brulee, Cinnamon Sugar, Almond Creme, Vanilla Bean and Cocoa. I own the one in Creme Brulee. So this is going to be a review of that one.

The key ingredients in it, which makes it so nourishing, are mainly Grape seed oil and Jojoba oil. Grapeseed oil is rich in anti-oxidants, Vitamin E and essential fatty acids while jojoba oil is characterized by it’s property to provide all day moisturization. It has a thick consistency. Massage a generous amount onto lips using firm, circular motion and then wipe away with a tissue or towel. You can feel how soft your lips really are when all those flaky skin disappears!

It comes in a cute brown box with a white ribbon. Each tub contains 30g of product and is priced at AED110. It is available at Makeup Etc Boutique, Palm Strip Mall, Dubai.

TLC for your lips…

Now if you are wondering “Oh boy! Does lip scrubs have to really cost that much??”.. Worry not. You can actually make a scrub at home!.. Continue reading 🙂

2) To make a scrub at home, you need the following:

Sugar, Honey, Green tea, Virgin olive oil (and any essential oils if you want them).

Method: Make a cup of green tea. Drink it. It’s really good for your health and helps detoxify your body. Haha. OK. Off topic!.. Well so yeah seriously, drink it and then leave some back in the cup and let it cool. You need only a few drops of it for making this mixture. Take a tbsp of honey, mix it with sugar, a few drops of green tea and a tsp of olive oil. It should have a nice thick workable consistency. So make sure the sugar can really be felt and is not dissolved in the mixture.If you are adding essential oils, make sure you go through the benefits of it as each essential oil has a different one. Find one that suits your need. Never add more than one essential oil in a mixture.

Olive oil is very moisturizing while honey makes your lips really soft and heals it. So there you go!.. You have made your own scrub now. The above mixture can be used one time. I would suggest making a new mixture every time you need to use it. Also lips shouldn’t be scrubbed more than twice a week as they are very gentle and constant scrubbing can actually end up damaging them!.

3) Another extremely easy thing to do is, before you head to bed, apply Vaseline really generously on your lips. Just be very generous. In the morning, with the help of your tongue cleaner (which comes at the back of most of the tooth brushes now and which you hopefully are not using to actually clean your tongue), scrub gently on the lips.

TLC for your lips…

Along with the leftover Vaseline, that your lips didn’t absorb, you can see flaky skin removed off in an instant. Oh one more thing: if you have really sensitive lips/skin, go for the non fragranced version of Vaseline.

Other things to keep in mind:

Always drink plenty of water. Your lips will look fuller and healthier when you keep yourself hydrated.

Apply a lip balm with SPF in it, while heading out in the mornings.

Never apply Vaseline in the morning as it tends to darken your lips.

So please go head and try these out and let me know whether you liked it. Do follow me, by clicking the “Follow” button at the top of this blog. Show your support!. Any question, comment below.

Have healthy lips!

TLC for your lips…

Love always,

Naznin 🙂