All about sunscreen!

All about sunscreen!

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Today’s post has some important information about sunscreens a.k.a sunblocks. There might be some which you didn’t know about. So please go ahead and read through..

All about sunscreen!

Sunscreen is paramount to protect ourselves from sun’s harmful UVA/UVB radiations. Different people have different sensitivity towards those radiations. Over exposure to the sun can harm the skin and result in burns, photoageing and even skin cancer. Photoageing is the damage caused by exposure to UV radiation, which leads to wrinkles, particularly on the face.

Another main thing is that there are TWO different types of sunblocks – a) Physical sunblock and b) chemical sunblock. How can you know which is which??. Check the list of ingredients and if you see Titanium dioxide or Zinc oxide, then that is a physical sunblock. If the ingredients contain Avobenzone, Oxybenzone, Octinoxate, Octylcrylene to just name a few, it’s a chemical sunblock.

What are the differences between these two?.. Physical sunblocks actually reflects the UV rays off the face while chemical sunblocks absorbs the UV rays into the skin and then neutralizes it. Physical sunblocks are of a thicker consistency while chemical ones are liquid. People with high sensitivity should definitely go for a physical sunblock and particularly one with higher sun protecting factor (SPF) like 50+.

Physical sunblocks does not cause free radicals while certain chemical sunblocks have shown to cause them. Free radicals are very harmful to any living cell and thus premature death of cells causes our skin to age.

Also how do we know when to re-apply another coat of sunscreen?. There is a simple formula for that. Calculate the amount of time (in mins) you usually take to burn (notice a color difference). Multiply that with the SPF in your sunscreen. That’s the amount of minutes after which you should apply another coat to continue being protected. Eg: If you take 15 mins to burn and if the amount of SPF is 50 then 15 times 50 you get 750 mins. After that, apply another layer!.. However, this formula works only if the intensity of UV radiation were the same for the whole time.  However, at peak times, it’s just advised to apply as often as possible.

All about sunscreen!

It’s best advised to avoid exposure to sun especially between 9AM – 3 PM when the sun is at it’s peak. Also always use an umbrella, sunglass or a hat in addition to having a nice layer on sunscreen on :)..

I have noticed that men usually don’t care at all about applying sunscreen. Oh come on guys!… No one is gonna make fun of you for taking care of yourselves…

All about sunscreen!

I hope this was useful.. Do comment below what you think of it!


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