Review: Make Up For Ever Liquid Lift foundation..

Review: Make Up For Ever Liquid Lift foundation..


I am here to discuss about my Liquid lift foundation from Make Up For Ever. I bought it some time back and been using it consistently. It’s simply perfect for my skin. I have normal to dry skin by the way. Light and fluid, the Liquid Lift Foundation has a “lifting” effect which smooths out wrinkles and tones down signs of tiredness. It gives medium coverage and a very natural finish. Also it gives a dewy effect rather than a matte look. In case you want to have a matte look, you can definitely top up with a powder foundation.

Review: Make Up For Ever Liquid Lift foundation..

The shade that suits me is 15 (Caramel). I have always found it really tough to get a foundation for my dark complexion. I did try drugstore/low end products. But what I have noticed is that high end products always cater to a large variety of skin tones. So finally I decided to buy this MUFE product :)…

Review: Make Up For Ever Liquid Lift foundation..

Because of its texture, I don’t think this would work for someone with oily skin. This one definitely doesn’t break me out. My skin doesn’t break out usually anyways (Touchwood :)), but anyways this is a very nice foundation. I would highly recommend this if you are looking for a natural looking, smooth foundation. The lady at the makeup counter said it is long lasting. I have never worn it for more than 5 hours, so I can’t say how long it really lasts. It does stay on my face for that 5 hours.

Let me tell you something else. There are a range of drugstore products like Revlon, Maybelline etc which does have great products. However, I feel that as foundation is the very base of your makeup, it should be one that sits comfortably on your skin. It should be hydrating too. What I mean to say is that it’s totally OK to splurge on foundation. Also they do last a long time. So why not?… This bottle comes with a pump which is simply perfect to handle and is hygienic.

The 30ml bottle I got, is priced at AED160. I bought it from the Sahara Center, Sharjah.

Have you guys tried this out?. What is the foundation that you are using?. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.



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