Giordano Travel Trolley bag…

Giordano Travel Trolley bag…

Hello guys!

This post is so random that it definitely deserves it’s place in the random folder.. Haha.. I bought this Giordano trolley bag from Carrefour, Sharjah City Center for an amazing deal and thought well why not blog about it :)..

So the bag I have is a Grey and Orange mix. It’s such fab colors.  It’s super sporty. It comes with a Giordano number lock too. It’s stylish. Oh I am in love with it!

Giordano Travel Trolley bag…

It comes in two colors. Both are grey and orange mix but in one grey is more and in the other, it’s orange that’s more. I liked the one in which the grey dominates. So I got that. It costs AED289/- for the 77cms one. It’s available in smaller sizes. I believe the 77cms one is the largest… It’s expandable too.

So check out the offer and let me know if you availed it!



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