Dubai Shopping festival and Global Village..

Dubai Shopping festival and Global Village..

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Today I thought of discussing about Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF) and the Global village. For anyone from UAE, they already know what this is all about. However, for my non – UAE readers, I will briefly talk about it. Dubai Shopping festival is a month long festival that takes place annually in Global Village, Dubai. During this month, products from various parts of this world are displayed and sold, in pavilions that are dedicated to different countries. The price of most of the products are competitive when compared to buying it from any other retailers. Any product that you imagine, may it be electronics, antique items, carpets or whatever, it’s here!

Dubai Shopping festival and Global Village..

So, shopaholics can get their hands on a plethora of items that are otherwise not available in UAE. I guess there are more than 65 countries represented each time during the DSF. In addition to that, there are raffle prizes, lots of cultural dance performances, on – stage programmes which are aired live onto the TV etc. The Global Village is usually opened before the actual DSF starts. Like this year, it opened on Oct 21st, while the DSF is actually starting on Jan 5th through Feb 5th, 2013. The Global Village will remain open until Mar 31st, 2013.

Dubai Shopping festival and Global Village..

I recently went there with my husband and man, it’s already jam packed with people from all around the world!. I have heard that many come down to Dubai, from other countries, during the festival just for shopping!. Whoa, isn’t that amazing?. So basically you have an idea about DSF and Global Village now :). It’s truly a global tourism experience.

Dubai Shopping festival and Global Village..

Though there are plenty of pavilions representing different countries here, its almost impossible to visit all of them in a day. I have a few favorites and I will list them below:

  • India – That’s my country :)… It has lots of cultural programmes and also what I personally like is the different variety of Pashmina shawls/scarves available at really great prices.
  • Dubai Shopping festival and Global Village..Philippines – It has some really nice handbags, hair clips, makeup items available there.
  • Thailand – Ah love this place!. I have visited Thailand before. So I love to see those local products displayed here. I always get the Durian chips from here. Durian is a pungent smelling Thai fruit. It’s so pungent that, it is not allowed in a hotel room or in taxis in Thailand!. However, it’s chips are simply amazing. It doesn’t have that smell. I LOVE it. A packet of chips is sold at AED 15/- or you can buy them loose at prices like AED 35 or AED 50. That’s upto you. If you have never tried it out, please do. I also love the noodle soup stall they have there. It’s lovely.
  • Yemen – You can walk around and taste different kinds of honey like Mountain honey, honey from specific flowers or honey with medicinal properties etc. I bought 1/2 kg of a particular honey for AED 75/-. Originally the sales person asked AED 100/- for it. If you are not good at bargaining, hone your skills before you head there!!
  • KSA (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) – You have got to get the dates from here. You can walk around and taste different kinds of dates. I bought a 1kg packet of the yummiest and juiciest dates for AED 25/-. It’s original price was AED 30/-.
  • China – You get lovely tops, tights, inner wear, bags with Hello Kitty on it from there. Love this place!

These are just 6 of my absolute favorites. I definitely do go into other pavilions ofcourse. However, these are the ones I always make a point to visit. Also, if you have been wanting to buy the Ben Nye Banana powder, I spotted it in the Kuwait pavilion (Read my detailed post about it by clicking here). A bottle of (I guess) 42 gms is sold for AED 78/-. It’s a product of USA. I didn’t buy it, but I know others might want to.  Just passing on some info :).

Also, there is a sneaky little tip I wanna give you. If you go to the Global village towards the closing date, you get products for WAY cheaper because all that these sales people want to do before they wind up and return to their countries, is get rid of the products. But that doesn’t mean you don’t go there at the beginning ok?. Hahaha! Towards the end, obviously the option of different products they have, would be lesser and it will be probably the last pieces that you get at a great price.

Before I wind up, here are other details you might wanna keep in mind :

  • Entry fee to the Global village is AED 10 per person. The entry ticket acts as a raffle coupon to win a Chevrolet Camaro. There are total of 12 to give away!
  • Timings : Sat – Wed ~ 4 PM – 12 AM
    Thu – Fri and on public holidays ~ 4 PM – 1 AM
  • Children under 3 enters for free
  • Monday is ladies / family only.

So that’s it guys!. I hope I have covered it all. Let me know whether you have ever visited the Global village and whether you have any favorite pavilions?. What products do you love to purchase the most?. Write to me!


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