A new experience with Chatime!

A new experience with Chatime!

Hi guys!

One of my new followers, Myla of Find Me A Break, hails from Cebu, Philippines and now is an expatriate in Dubai. Her blog is all about exploring Dubai and I love her photographs and posts. Recently she did a post on Chatime and I was like “What?. Never even heard of it!”. I mean, a tea that looks like this?

A new experience with Chatime!

I am always wanting to try new things. So I searched more about it. The branch Myla went to, is the Karama one. I wanted to find the precise location and so I visited the Chatime website. I was quite delighted to find that they have a branch in Mega Mall, Sharjah which is like a 20 mins drive from my home!

So I decided to give Chatime a visit. First of all, before heading there, I had made up my mind that I will try the Pearl Tea, which is Myla’s favorite and also the one in the picture above. It looked so unique!. What would it taste like?. I wanted to know it all!. Chatime is of Japanese origin, I believe.

From Google, I got the exact location of it in Mega Mall. 2nd floor, opposite Okaidi. Got it!. But once I reached there, I got to know that, they have shifted to the ground floor. The staff were so friendly. Here is a pic I clicked:

A new experience with Chatime!

Once I saw the menu, I was totally confused as to what to try as they have myriads of tea, juices, smoothies and what not. I told the staff that it’s my first time there and they immediately gave me 2 different teas to sample. One was Mango Green tea and the other one was Hawaiian Fruit tea. Both were served cold and tasted refreshingly lovely!

I finally showed them the picture of the Pearl Milk tea (which is on the front page of their takeaway menu) and said I wished to order that. They informed me that it’s their special drink. With most of the drinks there, you have a choice of having it either hot or cold. I ordered the hot version.

They put it in a cup, sealed it then and there and gave it to me….

A new experience with Chatime!

with a FAT straw….

A new experience with Chatime!

I was actually wondering where those black pearls were. I kinda expected it to be served like how it’s in the picture. But they told me that it’s at the very bottom of the glass. Though from the pic, I felt the pearls are small like caviar or something, they are actually quite large. Well, that explains the fat straw!. I was asked to stab the sealing with the straw, like this :

A new experience with Chatime!

The black pearls are made of tapioca starch. The feeling is quite weird but nice. It’s gelatinous and chewy. I liked rolling it around in my mouth :D. It doesnt taste like anything in particular but overall it adds a nice feel to the tea. The tea itself tasted great. The milky taste is simply awesome. I felt the sugar level is low. So I asked for extra sugar and was given a tiny container with liquid sugar which I went on to pour through the fat straw!. The tea is not HOT, but more like a warm enough temperature that you can straight away sip through the straw.

By the way, I had ordered the smallest serving size, as I wasn’t sure whether I would like the taste. Their smallest size is not actually so ‘small’. The cup is 12oz which is approx 355ml. That size comes at a price of AED14. The bigger sizes are 16oz for AED16 and 22oz for AED18.

I was also given a card on which they place a stamp each time I get a drink. After 10 cups, your eleventh cup is free :). I remember Subway and Shakeaway doing a promotion like this one.

Anyways, am loving this and will buy it again. My husband liked the taste of the tea but as soon as the first pearl hit his mouth, he was like “What eeezz thattt??.. It was hilarious. He hated the feel of the gelatinous ball and simply handed me the cup back. I would say, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea… But me, I am LOVIN it!

It so happened that I was at Mega Mall on the 21st Mar, which I had told you guys earlier, is celebrated as Mother’s day in the UAE. Hyundai had set up a kiosk there and was handing out a real red rose to every woman in the mall (yep!.. Tonnes of roses) to honor them on this special day. I thought that was real special and sweet!!

A new experience with Chatime!

Ok so lemme know below whether you guys have ever tried out anything at Chatime yet. What is your experience?.

Note: Thanks to Myla for introducing me to Chatime ????


Naz ????

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