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This is a freaking long overdue post. I received a third blog award back in Jan from Monica of Impressions of a Princess. She is a fantastic blogger and one who keeps receiving a lot of awards herself. Touchwood and here is hoping she receives more and more!.. She also kindly passes them onto her friends and followers and this is my third time receiving an award from her. When nominating me for this award, she wrote the following about me!

“I am very grateful to meet a blessed soul. Naz is an uber-sweet, thoughtful, and caring person. I can’t imagine blogging without her. She is a very supportive friend, too!”

Believe me, those words touched me so much!. Here is a girl, all the way from Philippines, giving me such an awesome compliment!. How wonderful is that :D. Monica, I adore you and thank you again for giving me this award!. Do check out her acceptance post of this very same award by clicking here.

So what is the Sisterhood of the World bloggers award??

This blogging world is simple awesome. You get to share your ideas and put your thoughts into writing here. It’s a small slot in cyber space where you can vent out your feelings. But best of all, it’s a place where you get to meet lovely people!. If it was not for blogging, I am damn sure I wouldn’t have met all of you wonderful people following me / keeping in touch with me personally over emails, because all you guys are strewn around various parts of this world!. I feel blessed for having such awesome people in my life. I don’t have sisters myself but through blogging, I have become a part of a sisterhood of the world!.

Sisterhood 1531113

In order to accept this award, I have to answer 10 questions set by Monica. So here goes ????

1) What is something people would be surprised to know about you?

A : I can control about 90% of my dreams. It might sound weird but I can pretty much change people, situations, scenarios etc in a dream!. It’s like am directing my own dreams. I have very little nightmares because of this. If I feel a dream is going towards being a nightmare, I change it. If a dream is interesting enough (without any interruption from my side!), I can rewind and watch it again at my will and if I am woken up in between an excellent dream, I can go back to sleep and to a certain extent, watch the rest of it!

If you are freaking out right now and think am nuts, please know that this is called lucid dreaming and it’s very much real!

Dreamblue 8301767

2) If you could meet one person who has died who would you choose?

A : My grandfather passed away couple of years ago. Towards his last days, I had the opportunity to spend more time with him but I didn’t take advantage of that. I regret it even now. I used to spend my time either reading or surfing the net, while he was right there in the next room, probably feeling lonely. If I could meet him again, I would hold him tight and tell him that I really loved him and I cherish him even to this day.

2911592 F260 9170288

3) Nightly owl or early bird?

A: Nightly owl, for sure!!. The fact that I am not yet in bed and am drafting this post at 3.04 AM, proves my point!

Garfield 8681744

4) Bare or with make up?

A: I really don’t mind being bare!. I have been that way all my life. You might think I am a makeup nut with all the makeup items I review and giveaway. But my interest in makeup developed probably within the last 2 years and the truth is, I can step out of my home, without makeup, any given day or time. Not a problem at all!. I feel comfortable in my own skin and I am proud of that :D. One teeny tiny confession : I do love liquid black eyeliner a lot!. Even if my entire face is bare of makeup, you might find me with the eyeliner on.

Nil Makeup 7273897

5) Coffee or tea?

A: Out of these two, I like coffee more. But I really am not a person who has it daily out of habit. I probably have coffee like say thrice a month or so. Not more.

Photo0027 5144726

6) Forest or beach?

A : Forest. I think it’s more adventurous being in a forest. I never been in one though!.

In The Enchanted Forest Wallpaper By Jchanders T2 7136419

7) Shoes or sandals?

A: You would see me wearing sandals always. But secretly, I fantasize killer heels :). When I used to work, I used to have six to seven pairs of gorgeous black heels. Ahh!.. Miss them…

Killer Heels 2376051

8) Favorite place to travel.

A : I would love to travel to Switzerland and see snow capped mountains!

Hero3 Switzerland 3915188

9) One food you could never eat.

A : Sushi!. I tried it once and man, it was a horror story for me. I don’t wanna offend anyone. I know for some, it’s an absolute fav. But it’s a no – no for me.

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10) Favorite smell.

A : Hmm, tough question. I love the smell when I enter into the kitchen when mom is cooking up a storm for me. I also love entering into places like The Body Shop or Lush. Heavenly smell!.

Cooking 6381817

Oh man, that was a fun set of questions, Monica!. I enjoyed answering them.

Now, I have the liberty to nominate how many ever people for this same award. Here are my nominees!

1) Charlotte aka Lottie : Oh man!. What can I say about her?. She is awesomeness personified!. A true book blogger, her book reviews are full of life and energy. I have to thank Monica for indirectly introducing me to her. Lottie had awarded Monica, The Sunshine Award and through that post, I went onto Lottie’s blog and the rest is history. She is a fantastic supporter of mine and a true friend. She is my sis from US!. (Updated later on Apr 17th) Click here to read Lottie’s acceptance post.

2) Christine aka Chrys : An awesome book blogger, an amazing friend and a true supporter. These are the words I have for Chrys. I once won an ebook giveaway on her blog. She emailed me letting me know I won. From then on, we kept replying back and forth. The funny part is that the subject of our email still remains the same [“You have won a bundle of Cameron Jace books”] but we have discussed about literally everything under the sun and the mail count is 97 or so. We are similar in a lot of ways and I find her very interesting. So blessed to have met her!. In addition to doing awesome book reviews, she does Blogger tutorials too. She is my sis from Belize!

3) Coral Crue : I would say Praseena aka Coral is one of my constant supporters. She literally gives me feedback on every single post that I do. I ♡ her. She is positive and understanding. I am glad she is one of my good friends. She is my sis from India!

4) Theresa : She is the author of The Stone Guardian, which I reviewed earlier. For one thing, I felt that authors are like stars in the sky. Bright, pretty and unreachable!. But Theresa showed me that she is indeed a star but a friendly one at that!. She is so gorgeous and down to earth. She interacts with all her friends and fans always, keeping in touch in every way possible. I am so glad I met her, once again through Monica’s blog, where she did a book blitz of The Stone Guardian. She is my sis from Ohio!

There are more people whom I consider my sisters from all over the world. But as this is a blog based award I am unable to nominate them as they don’t have blogs themselves. However, I wanna give a quick shout-out to them:

  • Deena from UK  She and I are so similar in many ways. She is so caring and also talented. Her makeup tutorials and relationship advice videos are amazing :). Please check out her Youtube channel by clicking here.
  • Lana from Georgia (the country not the US state :)) – A sweet girl who has been in touch with me over emails. She is a fairly new follower but still, I kinda have already connected to her!
  • Rekss from India – A wonderful supporter of mine and we do occasionally exchange emails :). I think she is very zealous and happy go lucky kind of person!

Rules to Follow:

  • Acknowledge the person who passed the award to you and provide their link.
  • Include the award logo on your blog.
  • Answer the ten questions I posted below.
  • Nominate blogs and link those you have especially enjoyed reading. The number you can select is up to you.
  • Notify each individual that you have nominated them.

My 10 questions to my nominees are :

1) One super power you wish you had.

2) You best childhood memory.

3) If you had an option to rewind your life, would you?. If yes, what would you change?. If no, wow!, you sure lived a perfect life!!

4) Being with family (spouse, kids and parents) or being with your best and close friends?

5) Which genre of music do you love the most?

6) If you could star in a movie, which one would it be and which role in it?

7) Any phobias?

8) Best book ever adapted into a movie.

9) According to you, the most romantic place on earth is…..

10) If you could have any voice, which singer’s voice would you choose?

I will look forward to reading your acceptance posts. That’s it for now!

If you haven’t read my acceptance post of my first two awards, please click here :). Thank you!


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