Review: Human + Kind Anti-Ageing Cream / A Ramadan Initiative!

Review: Human + Kind Anti-Ageing Cream / A Ramadan Initiative!

Hey all!

Human + Kind is an Irish skincare brand which uses only natural / organic ingredients in all their products. Their motto itself is “Skincare with a conscience”. I love natural products and I have always wanted to get a product from this brand.

Recently, I noticed that the site Mumzworld features this brand.

Review: Human + Kind Anti-Ageing Cream / A Ramadan Initiative!I am so into the anti-ageing fad and when I saw that Human + Kind has an all – in – one anti-ageing cream, I so wanted it right away!. So I ordered it on 9th Jun. On 10th Jun, I received an email saying that the product has been shipped out. Then on 11th Jun, I received it!. Talk about super fast shipping!!. I loved shopping on this site.

The product was delivered by Parzel. It was bubble wrapped so that there is absolutely no damage to it!.

Review: Human + Kind Anti-Ageing Cream / A Ramadan Initiative!

On to the review :

“Human+Kind All-In-One Anti-Ageing Cream is packed with highly concentrated active natural ingredients, selected for their rejuvenating and healing properties. It gets to work quickly to restore maximum hydration levels to the skin, making it firmer and more elastic. A fantastic all-rounder Human+Kind All-In-One Anti-Ageing Cream helps to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles, reducing the appearance of age spots, softening and evening out skin tone.

As well as its healing and hydrating action Human+Kind All-In-One Anti-Ageing Cream focuses on nourishing tired and lacklustre skin; jojoba seed oil, marshmallow extract, rosehip oil and shea butter are blended with an ingredient called acmella olercea, known as ‘nature’s Botox’.

As an ingredient it offers visible results, helping to reduce wrinkle depth, smoothing skin and making it look younger.” [Quoted from the site]

This cream is very thick and luxuriously creamy. A small amount goes a long way!.

Review: Human + Kind Anti-Ageing Cream / A Ramadan Initiative!That one small dot in picture 1, goes a long way as you can see in picture 2 and spreads nicely, like in picture 3. When blended more it gets absorbed easily into the skin.

It has a very strong smell. But there is nothing added in it to have that smell. Everything is derived from the natural products in it. Some might find the smell too strong. For me, it’s OK. But if you are used to using fragrance free products, you might have trouble tolerating or getting used to it.

There are absolutely no chemicals or parabens in this cream. That attracted me a lot. This makes it safe to use on the delicate area around the eye too!. I have used it for over a month now continuously. It leaves my skin soft and totally hydrated. I am not sure about the “botox” effect. Probably after a prolonged use of this cream, there might be a smoother look to my face :). It is said that the cream should be used twice daily for maximum effect. But I incorporate it only in my night time routine. I don’t have many fine lines on my face for now, because I have been a follower of a great skincare regimen for about 3 years now (I will do a post on it, if you would like), but still I love continuing to use anti-ageing creams!.

While using this H+K cream, it replaced my night cream, day cream, serum and eye cream!. That is why it’s an all-in-one cream!. Even the packaging of the product is beautiful. It comes in an unusually shaped package.

Review: Human + Kind Anti-Ageing Cream / A Ramadan Initiative!

Review: Human + Kind Anti-Ageing Cream / A Ramadan Initiative!

Inside, here is the 50 ml bottle which is long and handy, takes up very less space and easy to trot around in your bag ????

Review: Human + Kind Anti-Ageing Cream / A Ramadan Initiative!

On the paper encasing the bottle, there is a thank you note for purchasing the product and the Twitter site of H+K. The bottle has a nice pump which ensures hygienic usage and minimal waste.

I highly recommend this cream to you all. The price is AED160 for 50 ml. The shipping fee is AED23 on Mumzworld. When you shop over AED200, the shipping is free. As a limited time offer, if you register now and become a member of this site, you will receive an e-voucher of AED50 (can be used when your total bill is AED200 or more)!.

Now onto the Meal for Meal Ramadan Initiative by Mumzworld!. The campaign works this way: Buy a meal for a laborer in UAE for just AED16, on their site and Mumzworld will match that!. So, with just AED16, you end up feeding two people in this holy month of Ramadan. I think it’s a great initiative!!. There is no limit on the number of meals you can buy. Buy 10 meals and Mumzworld will put in another 10 and you will successfully feed 20 people. I already became a part of this campaign.. Would you too do that?



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