Book haul from Jashanmal Bookstore!

Hey guys!

I love book shopping. It’s a beautiful feeling that spreads through your mind & body, spending time in a book store. The feeling is like being in heaven!. It’s been a while since I went book shopping. So yesterday, I visited Jashanmal Bookstore in Mall of Emirates. As in their other stores I have visited, the staff greets you when you enter and are ever so polite, helpful and friendly. I spend about 1.5 hours there going through books. Time well spent!

Here are the five books I bought!

1) Inferno by Dan Brown (Price : AED 99) – This book is talked about soo much these days since it’s release this year. I love Dan Brown. I love Robert Langdon. I have read several books by Dan Brown (The Lost Symbol, Da Vinci Code, Digital Fortress, Angels & Demons etc, all of them nothing short of GENIUS). So when I heard this book was released, I had to have it!. It’s a hardcover version. Books with two different covers were available at the store.

Book haul from Jashanmal Bookstore!

I liked both so much but somehow, the one on the right won!

2) Mistress by James Patterson (Price : AED 70) – I love James Patterson!. You guys know that by now. He is freaking amazing. I recently visited his website and immediately noticed the 15 second video playing right on the homepage, where he talks about his book, Mistress. Fifteen secs can seriously tempt you to buy a book. I learned that from here :P. His words : “Drop dead killer”. That’s where I surrendered to it’s charm!. Anyways, this book is considered “James’s scariest, sexiest thriller in years”. Can’t wait to read it!. I one I got is a paperback version.

Here is the cover highlighted on his site.

Book haul from Jashanmal Bookstore!

But the one I bought has this cover:

Book haul from Jashanmal Bookstore!

3) The Cuckoo’s Calling by Robert Galbriath (Price : AED 78) – What you probably don’t know is that this is the first crime novel by J.K. Rowling, writing under the pseudonym, Robert Galbriath. That along with the interesting plot made me purchase this book. It’s a paperback version. J. K Rowling stunned us with the Harry Potter series. I want to see how she does crime novels..

Book haul from Jashanmal Bookstore!

I had my eyes set of The Casual Vacancy by J. K. Rowling. However, while in the store, reading it’s summary again, I didn’t find it as interesting. So didn’t buy that. It has a nice cover though..

Book haul from Jashanmal Bookstore!

4) The Confession by John Grisham (Price : AED 28) – Another crime author whose style of writing I love. In this book, what attracted me the most is that a guy called Travis, murdered someone and stands aside watching when someone else, named Donte, gets arrested for it. Nine years later, Travis is fighting a brain tumour and is facing a dreadful fate of his own. Donte is 4 days away from getting executed after having spent all those 9 years in jail, for a crime he didn’t commit. Travis has a change of mind and decides to confess (thus the title). But how in the world can a guilty man convince lawyers, judges and politicians that they’re about to execute an innocent man?.

Isn’t that an amazing plot?. Travis will have to fight like hell to convince them and that’s what attracted me to this one. I got the paperback version.

Book haul from Jashanmal Bookstore!Instead of being yellow, like in the picture above, the cover of the book I got is a beautiful golden color!

5) Simple Genius by David Baldacci (Price : AED 30) – David Baldacci is another author who is as good as James Patterson. I love them both soo much. The recent thriller I read of Baldacci is “Hour Game”, which I bought last year. This time, the same characters, Sean King and Michelle return to thrill again in Simple Genius. I love those characters. I love the author. Sure fire winner.. I got the paperback version.

Book haul from Jashanmal Bookstore!

Hope you guys liked my book haul…

Book haul from Jashanmal Bookstore!

That’s it for now, guys!. Write to you soon.


Naz 🙂

Note: There is free wifi provided in Mall of Emirates. You just got to sign up with your mobile number and a password is smsed to you. I used it to go on Goodreads and check out the summary of certain books before deciding whether to buy it :).