Going on vacation plus a request!

Hello guys!

As you are reading this, I am 1724 miles away from Sharjah, where I usually blog from. I am in Kerala, India, which is my native place!. I flew out yesterday night at 11.55 PM. Soo, it’s vacation time!

Going on vacation plus a request!I will be spending time with my relatives, traveling around visiting everyone, enjoying the greenery and shopping till I drop. It will be fun, hopefully!

I will be back on 6th Oct, right before my birthday :)..

One Request!!

For those of you who are my true readers, I have really worked hard to do a month’s worth of posts in two days and scheduled it to be published automatically. Considering what a lazy blogger I am, its a big feat!. Anyways, my request is that you should please continue to support me by leaving your feedback on each of my posts. I might not reply immediately because I have no idea whether I would be able to check my mails/blog while in India.

But regular readers know that I never miss replying any comments. So eventually I will do it :). Also there will be no September link loves post. However, once I get back, I will dedicate a post for it at the end of October.

Those of you whose blog I love and frequent, forgive me, because I will be MIA and won’t be commenting for a while. Once I get back, gosh I will have so much catching up to do. But know that, eventually I will get to reading all the posts. Even in the past few days I have totally been missing from your blogs. That’s because of the tons of shopping and cleaning around I got to do before I left. Will be in touch soon 🙂

Have fun!


Naz <3