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Hey guys!

Recently I stumbled upon this amazing website which sells fashion jewelry which looks great but is really cheap priced. They have literally everything there – Necklaces (short, long, statement ones and more), leather bracelets, cute rings, metal bangle bracelets, wigs, lingerie, you name it, it’s there!. I am talking about Cost 21. Have you ever heard of this site or shopped from there?.

Here are some random amazing items from the site (Click on the pix to be taken to that item):

Loveheart 5334011

Extremely simple heart chain, cost $0.29

Heartbangle 7856789

Heart bangle, costs $0.99

Peacockbb 3596833

Peacock bangle bracelet, costs $2.45

Loveanklet 7221762

Love anklet (It’s so cute!!) costs $2.99

Prettyearrings 1769194

Pretty earrings, costs $3.74

Lovenecklace 7195535

Crescent necklace, costs $3.89

Angelwings 9185928

Angel wings ring,  costs $3.99

Gorgeousnlc 9748469

Gorgeous collarbone chain (God I love this one!), costs $7.27

Tassledring 3400149

Tassled ring (It’s amazing!), costs $7.99

Retrocollar 9481672

Retro pearl collar, costs $9.74

and many more…

So you guys, what do you think of these pieces?. Aren’t they just adorable?. Cost 21 ships worldwide by the way. Anyways, just wanted to pass on an amazing site to my readers.

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