Review: Nivea In shower body lotion!

Review: Nivea In shower body lotion!

Hello beautiful people!

When I first saw Nivea’s new product, the In – Shower body lotion, I was truly intrigued. A body lotion to be used while in shower??. I didn’t know how it would work out. But still being the ever curious person that I am, I bought it.

There are two types of Nivea In Shower Body Lotion. One is for Normal skin with Sea Minerals and the other one is for Dry skin with Almond Oil. There was an introductory 20% off when it was launched. That and the fact that I have Normal to Dry skin made me buy both of the options :). I already covered that in my collective haul post in Dec ’13.

Review: Nivea In shower body lotion!

So I have been using it for three months now. So here is a review of it:

The plastic squeeze bottle has the lid at the bottom, like most of the conditioners now, which makes it easier to dispense the product while in shower. The one for Normal skin comes in a white bottle while the one for Dry skin comes in a blue bottle.

This product claims to leave you with soft skin and no stickiness. I felt that, that would be a tough thing to pull off for a product like this but seriously, it does deliver!. Here are the steps on how to use it:

  • WASH your body with your regular soap/shower gel and rinse off
  • Apply the In Shower body lotion directly on your wet skin while still in the shower
  • Rinse off… no need to wait!
  • Dry yourself with a towel and get dressed immediately

Here is a video ad, showing the four steps mentioned above:

Look how easy it is!. This lotion is white in color. It’s thick and creamy in consistency. But once you spread it onto your wet skin, it just melts into your skin!. The smell of the lotion in the Blue bottle is very much like classic Nivea. The one in the White bottle has a slightly different smell, reminiscent of the sea, probably because of the sea minerals in it, but it doesn’t have an underlying scent of Nivea.

Review: Nivea In shower body lotion!

I take a generous amount of it (pictured above) and slather it onto my body. The amount shown is about three squeezes and I apply that to my upper body. Once I have done working it into my skin, I take an equal amount for my lower body.

This product gets activated when in comes in contact with water and thus aids in it’s absorption. That’s why it is effective even though you immediately rinse it off. You might think it’s a waste to just rinse it off, but it really isn’t!. It works.

My skin feels so soft and moisturized. There is no sticky or greasy feeling left on the body!. Once I towel dry, my skin looks hydrated. If you have really dry skin, you might want to apply a regular lotion after you step out of the shower (particularly during winter). However, I didn’t find the need for that.

My favorite one is the one for Dry Skin. I felt it moisturizes my skin more. So once I am done with the White bottle, which I am using now, I wont buy that one again. I will continue buying the blue bottle because that suits my skin more.

This lotion comes in 2 sizes. One is 250ml and the other is 400ml. The 250ml bottle costs AED13.90 and the 400ml one costs AED19.25. I bought the 400ml ones in December for AED12.50 each!. Here is the size difference between the two bottles :

Review: Nivea In shower body lotion!

The 400 ml bottle is pretty bulky to say the truth. The 250 ml bottle is just perfect to hold. I am 3/4th the way into my white bottle now and as it’s coming to an end, it feels a bit tough to squeeze the product out. That’s one negative I found. Oh I got to mention that even though you are handling the bottle with wet hands, it never slips off your hand!. Also, even though it is non-greasy on my body, probably because I squeeze a lot of it onto my palm and work it on my skin with it, I always feel like there is some more to wash off from my palm. So, once I am done, I wash my hands with a hand wash.

I do make sure I haven’t dropped the lotion on the floor because you can end up slipping on it. So when you use it, take care that you don’t leave any residue on the wet floor.

I gave a sample of this product to my New Year Giveaway Winner, Maricar and she really loved it. She actually went out and bought both of the types!. All in all, this is a genius and unique product by Nivea. I just love it!. I will continue buying it. I highly recommend you try it out.

Review: Nivea In shower body lotion!


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