Book Review: A Beautiful Mourning by Theresa Dalayne!

Book Review: A Beautiful Mourning by Theresa Dalayne!

A Beautiful Mourning is a part of Lore, an anthology of myths and legends retold. The book itself consists of six stories by six amazing authors. This is the review of one of those stories: A Beautiful Mourning by Theresa Dalayne.

Book Review: A Beautiful Mourning by Theresa Dalayne!

Summary of A Beautiful Mourning

Book Review: A Beautiful Mourning by Theresa Dalayne!The Ancient Maya civilization is often viewed in modern society as bloodthirsty and cruel. But hidden beneath their common practices of human sacrifice and bloodletting, secret gems of love and altruism can be found.

A Beautiful Mourning is just that—the tale of two middleworld (earth) deities who give up everything for love. The flower goddess, Ishel, (also known as Xochiquetzal) and the sun god, Kinich, take center stage in this prequel to determining the fate of all mortals.

My review

This is the story of a Maya goddess torn between duty and love, and the ultimate sacrifice she must make to achieve true happiness. The protagonists in this Mayan mythology are Ishel, the goddess of flowers and Kinich, the sun god. Their love is sweet. But Ishel is betrothed to Nacon, the god of War. This story revolves around how Ishel and Kinich fight to be together because Ishel’s father has given his word to Nacon that he will give his daughter to him. Kinich has a kind of respect for humans that is really admirable. He always looks to them for being inspired, for fighting to get true love.

Though Nacon is fierce and short tempered, his love for Ishel is heartfelt. I actually felt bad that he can’t have Ishel!. He is not exactly a villain though he does fight Kinich for Ishel’s hand. I liked him a lot. The way his voice changes to softness and his touch becomes silk with Ishel is so conspicuous.

There are some very touching scenes in this story. Two of them moved me to tears, one which showed how a brother helps a sister in testing times and the other the love between Ishel and her father towards the end of the story. It might seem vague and I am sorry I am not elaborating on it. This story is really short (13,000 words) and any extra detail becomes a spoiler!

I give 5 stars to this amazing story by Theresa!.

Favorite line from the story

You believe my heart to be black.” He lowered his tone even more and pulled me closer to him. “That was true until the day I first saw you.

Nacon speaking to Ishel. These words really highlight his feelings for him and thus it’s my favorite line in this story.

Source : An ebook copy of Lore was provided to me by Theresa Dalayne. All opinions are 100% my own.

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