Lipsticks for Summer at Beautybay!


Beautybay’s adorable summery shades of lipsticks will give you a picture perfect pout you have been craving for!

Beautybay1 6321928Here are photos of each of them with their prices

Nyx Lip Cream Aed 32 7655901NYX Lip cream – AED 32

Nyx Lip Cream Aed 321 7735595NYX Lip cream – AED 32

Nyx Lip Cream Aed 322 7838850NYX Lip cream – AED 32

Glossissimo Deborah Aed 34 6017292Glossissimo from Deborah Milano – AED 34

Milan Red Aed 45 9387886Deborah Milano Red – AED 45

Matte Lipstick Aed 32 5176903NYX Matte lipstick – AED 32

Nyx 1 Aed 32 5922809NYX Matte lipstick – AED 32

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