Be the star of Eid Gifts with Izil Natural Argan Beauty!

New special edition Eid Gift Boxes packed with beauty secrets are now available for your loved ones

Eid is a time of celebration. It is a time for getting together with your family and friends and sharing the joys of togetherness and giving. Celebrations often always warrant us to spend time on preparing ourselves. This preparation can be buying new clothes, indulging in new shoes or even adopting a new skincare regimen to look as radiant as the moon that marks the Eid celebration. This Eid, why not give the perfect gift of skin deep beauty to your nearestand dearest ones with the special edition gift boxes designed for Eid and for every budget by Izil Natural Argan Beauty.

If you have a budget of under AED 500:

Be the star of Eid Gifts with Izil Natural Argan Beauty!Choose Izil’s Square Gift Box. This gift set includes their best-selling 100% pure, multi-purpose, Argan Oil that is a treat for the whole family. Also included in the box isIzil’s Green Tea Body Lotion and Re-Mineralizing Body Mask which work in harmony to help your skin achieve a healthy glow using only the best natural ingredients. These three products come nestled in a beautiful, square gift box and retail for AED 450.

If you have a budget of under AED 1000:

Be the star of Eid Gifts with Izil Natural Argan Beauty!

With a budget of AED 1000, you can choose to pick up the Round Gift Box. In addition to the 100% pure multi-purpose Argan Oil, Green Tea Body Lotion & Re-Mineralizing Body Mask, the gift box also contains the 3 Fruits Youth Generating Face Cream,the perfect natural tool to fight signs of aging. It’s 3 fruit complex helps in eliminating fine lines and speeds up cell renewal naturally to help you look radiant whilst slowing down the effects of time. This gift set also includes the Beldi Black Moroccan Soap and Loofah to give yourself a home Hammam session that will leave your skin clean and smooth. This Gift Set retails for AED 700.

If you have a budget of over AED 1000:

Be the star of Eid Gifts with Izil Natural Argan Beauty!

If you have a budget of AED 1000 or more why pick and choose from a range of excellent products when you can gift the FULL RANGE! The Big Gift Box boasts the FULL RANGE of Izil Natural Argan Beauty products. So, in addition to the products featured in the other gift boxes, it also contains a series of masks for the face and body, a totally divine Green Tea Body Scrub and the Detoxifying Body Mask Powder. This beautiful gift set is priced at AED 1200.

Love your gifts more personalized? Izil can take care of that for you too. You can choose any 3 or 6 products to add to the square or round gift boxes, respectively for the same price!

This Eid, giving the gift of natural beauty has never been easier with Izil Natural Argan Beauty by visiting either of their outlets at Dubai Festival City or in the Madinat Jumeirah Souq.

About Izil Natural Argan Beauty:

Izil Natural Argan Beauty was established in the UAE in 2012. It is a highly effective, natural cosmetic brand, which is made in Morocco. All products are made from organically certified, highest quality Argan Oil, together with other natural, pure and rare ingredients.

The Izil Natural Argan Beauty range consists of the Face Collection, Body Collection and traditional Hammam Collection. The Izil Natural Argan Beauty Range is available at Dubai Festival City and Souq Madinat Jumeirah with more outlets expected to open across the UAE in 2014.

For more information, please visit, or @izilbeauty.

Be the star of Eid Gifts with Izil Natural Argan Beauty!Love,

Naz ♥

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