Review : Eye-o-sonic by Michael Todd’s True Organics!

Review : Eye-o-sonic by Michael Todd’s True Organics!

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The skin around the eyes is very delicate and always needs gentle and extra care. That’s why an eye cream is a must for every woman out there. I am always thinking of anti ageing products, how to make  my skin look even better!. So, when I read about the Eye-o-sonic by MTTO, I was pretty intrigued. I read reviews of it and finally decided to buy it. This is the first ever beauty care  tool that I am buying!. I have been using this for 7 months now.

Review : Eye-o-sonic by Michael Todd’s True Organics!It came along with four samples, which is reviewed at the end of this post.

“The degree to which any serum or cream product works depends partly on the ability of the ingredients to get to the right place, which means it has to penetrate into the skin. That’s where eye-o-sonic comes in. It combines ultrasonic waves at 160 oscillations per second plus ion technology to increase the absorption of eye creams and serums deeper into the skin where they can do the most good” [Quoted from MTTO’s site].

The best way to apply your eye cream is to tap gently with your ring finger to get the cream absorbed. Now, imagine hundreds of such taps per second!. That’s what this little nifty tool does. It makes your cream work harder. Even if you use a drugstore brand or a high end brand, eye creams perform their best when it gets to where it can do the most. Eye-o-sonic makes the eye cream get absorbed quickly and propels it deeper into the skin.

Eye-o-sonic uses electronically charged ions to get this done. This device works on a single AAA battery (not included with it). Since starting to use it in late Jan 2014, I haven’t changed the battery yet!

It is small enough to fit into your palm easily. Perfect for taking it with you when traveling.

Review : Eye-o-sonic by Michael Todd’s True Organics!The silver part you see on top is the sensor plate. At the bottom there is the battery compartment. The massage head is metal and there is a purple protective cap. There is no switches to turn it on, as you can see.. It’s because it turns on automatically when you touch it to your skin!. I thought it’s a pretty cool trick ????

To use it, dot your favorite eye cream around your eye, along the eye socket bone or apply the cream directly onto the metal tip of Eye-o-sonic and then sweep gently from the outer corner of your eye towards the inner tear duct area then complete the circle by going over your eye and keep repeating this circular motion until your cream is absorbed. I dont time myself but couple of times I counted out the circles that I do and I realized I do about 10 -14 circles per eye.

As soon as the metal tip touches your skin, it pulses gently. It’s a pleasant sensation and is extremely gentle. It doesn’t snag onto your skin or sent shocks through the skin!. Some might be scared to use devices like this but I am always intrigued by such beauty care tools.

After using this, I felt my eye area looks more brighter and nourished than before. I use this in the nights only though it’s gentle enough to be used twice a day. In addition to transforming your eye area, you can use this around your mouth area too, to fight those laugh lines!.

One thing I dislike about this device is the protective cap it has. It can slip right off the tip and it’s inconvenient. It fell from my hand many times and the 4th time, a part of it chipped off ????

Review : Eye-o-sonic by Michael Todd’s True Organics!It should be looking like that, as shown in the left pic. But one side chipped off (right pic). I glued it with super glue but then it fell once more time today and again fell apart.

All in all, I quite like this device. You can still get benefits by just using your fingers to tap in the eye cream. However, this is easier to use, gets the job done in a better manner and certainly my eye area looks brighter than before. So yes, it’s a good product.

Price and Shipping

The usual price of Eye-o-sonic is $69. Even currently, it’s priced so. I placed an order for this in December 2013 when a sale had come on. I got it for $49. The very next month, the price actually came down to $39!. But oh well, what to say!. All I can say is, MTTO always has some sort of sale going on or has discount codes. I got a further 10% off for signing up to their newsletter. So the price came down to $44.10.

Review : Eye-o-sonic by Michael Todd’s True Organics!

The shipping charge was $14.95. It was shipped from US to my post box in UAE by USPS. It came in a big box, carefully packed and wrapped, with lots of styrofoam to keep it padded. It was  mentioned on the site that it’s a tracked shipment and I got a tracking number too. But something really weird happened. There were only two updates.. EVER!. First, that it was picked up from the facility there and second it reached some other place in US. Then no updates at all!. I kept checking it but it was stuck right there on that update. Finally, three weeks after I had ordered it, I received it here. But still the tracking number showed the second update and nothing else!.

Mini reviews of the samples

1) Wild Rose Petal Creamy body wash – This one smells amazing. I love the sensual scent of roses. As mentioned in the name, it’s extremely creamy. Loved using it!

2) Cleanse and Tone facial cleanser – This one is a grey colored three in one product. It cleanses, tones and removes makeup. I love multi-purpose products!. My skin looked fresh and clear after using this.

3) Hydration Boost facial serum – This was the sample I got most excited about when I saw it in the box. However, I didn’t quite like it. It has a menthol like feel when applying to the skin and it was stinging my eye!. I later read it’s ingredients and it has neem oil in it which is what’s probably causing that light tingling sensation. Also, it’s sticky to touch, which I disliked. It does hydrate the skin but if I had a chance to buy it full size, I really won’t.

4) Citrus Cream Moisturizer – I was quite skeptical to use this since I am not a huge fan of citrus scents. However, the scents in this cream are so subtle and beautiful, to say the truth. The hyaluronic acid in it really works great and the resulting fresh looking skin is just lovely. Amazing product!

All these samples were good for 1 to 3 uses.

MTTO is a very nice brand, one that is cruelty free, paraben free, sulfates free and organic. Now, I have my eyes set on their Anti aging Skin Kit Organic Discovery Collection. Hopefully, some day in future…

Review : Eye-o-sonic by Michael Todd’s True Organics!Love,

Naz ♥