Get the Hair You Love with Sunsilk!

Get the Hair You Love with Sunsilk!


Healthy hair growth tips from Dr. Francesca Fusco, Co-Creator of Sunsilk’s Hair Fall Solutions Range!

Get the Hair You Love with Sunsilk! 

The way we style our hair often makes our locks look lush but can damage and hinder healthy hair growth. It’s time to break the vicious cycle with some expert advice from Dr. Fusco!

  • Put your locks on vacation!
    Give your hair a ‘Hair Holiday’ at least twice a month. Take a break from heated appliances and if you can, apply a nourishing treatment or mask and leave on for most of the day.
  • Condition constantly…
    A lot of women forget to put conditioning products on their hair, afraid it is going to weigh it down and make it greasy, but your locks needs to be moisturized – it’s the foundation of healthy hair!
  • Backcomb without breakage!
    Blow drying hair on a cool heat upside down can give just as much volume as backcombing!
  • Give your scalp a scrub.
    Use the pads of your fingers to gently exfoliate the scalp with sugar, avoiding anything that could lead to scratches. Massaging your scalp stimulates hair growth – so it’s relaxing and productive!
  • Calm down dear!
    Stress raises the hormone cortisol which can contribute to hair fall and thinning. Try relaxing by doing what you love!
  • You are what you eat…
    Diet plays a huge role in hair health. Adequate protein is essential and so are vitamins, including biotin, iron, zinc and the B vitamins. Whether through diet or supplements, these will help you to maintain healthy hair growth. Remember, there is always a 2 – 3 month wait to see results. Be patient – good things come to those who wait!
  • Sleeping beauty…
    Did you know that locks grow faster while you sleep? Sufficient slumber is a great way to keep your hair (and yourself) healthy so grab a nap!
  • A brush a day…
    Gently brush your hair daily, or at the very least before shampooing, to stimulate circulation which helps hair growth and removes the build-up of scalp flakes and hair products.

Try the Sunsilk’s Hair Fall Solutions Range, co created by Dr. Francesca Fusco!

Get the Hair You Love with Sunsilk!The Sunsilk Hair Fall Solutions Range can be found at all major supermarkets across the country starting from the below prices;

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Get the Hair You Love with Sunsilk!Love,

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