How to: Dry Body Brushing!

How to: Dry Body Brushing!


Dry body brushing has been trending for a while now. I caught up on it only six months ago though. Dry body brushing increases blood circulation, helps in removing dead skin cells from the skin’s surface and overall, gives you beautiful, glowing, soft skin.

First thing that you need is a ‘Dry body brush’. I use Merben International’s Soft texture Jute body brush. I bought it from Amazon in April this year (Click to read my haul post).

How to: Dry Body Brushing!

This handmade brush has natural jute fibers. It’s cotton cord handle is ergonomically designed and is sturdy. The brush is 13″ in length which is perfect because brushing the back is convenient with that length. This particular brush seemed great to me since it’s a good brush for beginners. If you start with a really hard and abrasive brush, chances are that you would lose interest in doing body brushing at all. So getting a dry brush that you like, is key. I highly recommend this brush, to beginners. This particular one is for those with sensitive skin. Though I don’t have sensitive skin, I went for this, since it’s gentle.

How to: Dry Body Brushing!

The jute is woven so closely and thus avoids any shedding. I have been using this for several months and never have I seen any shedding. The quality of this brush is really awesome. Also, though this brush looks soft, it isn’t so. It is gentle and yet abrasive enough to get the job done.

How to: Dry Body Brushing!

Dry brushes should be shaken after each use to dislodge any dead skin cells from it and never be washed. You can hang it in your bathroom, however I don’t suggest that. Brushes could harbor bacteria if you let it be in a damp place like the bathroom. I store it in my cupboard.

Price : I bought this brush for $26.46 (AED 97.19). However, currently it’s price is $30.57 (AED 112.29)

Now that we have the brush, here is more about dry body brushing:

You should always start from your feet and brush upwards towards your heart. This increases blood circulation. You can either do straight lines or go in circular motion, whichever is convenient. I go in circular motion. Don’t brush the same area continuously, since that could irritate the skin. From the neck, you actually brush downward since you are aiming towards the heart. For the hand, again from the tips of your fingers, you brush upwards towards your shoulder.

This whole thing takes about 3 – 4 minutes and not more. But those few minutes that you dedicate to doing this for your body, are totally worth it. When dead skin cells accumulate, your skin looks very dull. But when that layer of dead skin cells is gone, your natural glow is revealed. I do this 5 days a week. You are rewarded with glowing, soft skin. Increased blood circulation helps in removing toxins from your body and pumps more oxygen to every cell in your body. Immediately after doing it, you feel rejuvenated and more energetic. Body brushing apparently reduces cellulite too but I guess I will have to do it for a longer period to notice any improvement. I will probably update this post, if I do.

So, these are my thoughts on body brushing. I highly recommend it. A few minutes spent each day doing something so significant for your body, can create a world of difference!

Have you ever done dry body brushing?. If so, which brush do you use and what are your thoughts on it?. Leave me a comment ????

How to: Dry Body Brushing!Love,

Naz ♥