Review : Mandarina Duck Men’s perfume, M+!

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Today I am reviewing Mandarina Duck’s new fragrance for men, M+. It came in a grey box with two bottles in it. One is a standard sized bottle (100 ml) and the other is a travel version (30ml). This new duo fragrance concept is designed for that dynamic, goal-oriented man who can keep the bigger version at home but always carry the smaller version with him while on the move!. The box shows M+ on one side, the plus being an eye catching yellow. On the other side, it shows the picture of both the bottles indicating that one is a travel version and the other to be kept at home.

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The bottle is a simple one, with a minimalist design. It’s transparent in color, revealing the grey colored perfume inside. The cap is matte aluminum. The well placed striation on the bottle helps you get a proper grip while holding the otherwise smooth bottle.

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The scent itself is a very intense, masculine one. It mainly smells woody, which is very attractive. The scent lingers on for a long while. I should say it’s a really great blend of notes. It has Cidro, Grapefruit, Lavender and Black pepper in the top notes, which gives it a citrusy & warm feeling. It then has Cypress, Iris essential oil and Violet in the middle notes, which gives it a floral feeling. Lastly, it has Cedar Wood and Amber which gives it an exotic, woody character with a tropical contrast derived from Tonka beans and Vetiver!

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Both my husband and brother tried it and they are absolutely in love with it. It is definitely the kind of smell you associate with a modern man, who strives towards perfection and nothing can ever stop him. I really recommend this scent to anyone out there. The lovely box makes this a perfect gifting choice too.

The box containing 100 ml + 30 ml costs AED 278 and another option is 50 ml + 30 ml, which costs AED 206.

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Naz ♥

Note: I was provided this product for review purposes. All opinions are 100% my own.

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