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Recently, I had a buffet dinner at Al Dar restaurant located on the first floor of Sharjah Rotana, in Rolla, Sharjah. Here is my review:

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The restaurant has a spacious look to it and can seat quite a number of people. Since I arrived early, I was able to capture some good shots. I love the relaxed ambience and the lighting. It’s a gorgeous space that is neat and tidy.

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When you enter, to your right there is the main course dishes arranged, straight ahead there is the appetizer section and in the center, arranged around a pillar, is the dessert & bread section.

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I started with the soup. There was only one kind. It was a soup called Egg Drop soup. It tasted good. I have never tried that particular soup before. I topped them with croutons and it enhanced the soup’s taste. Some things that I didn’t like were, the croutons had almost lost it’s crispness and the soup wasn’t hot. It was just warm.

Next I went to the Appetizer section which looked quite good. Here is a part of it below:

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Something new that I tried was a cold appetizer consisting of chicken and pineapple combined together. I have never tried that combination before and it was OK. The fattoush salad was yum. Again, the toasted pita bread on it weren’t so crispy. There was a good variety of stuffed olives. I loved the one stuffed with whole almonds. There was kibbeh, cheese fatayer, different kinds of cherry tomatoes to name a few.

The things I loved the most were stuffed wine leaves (which tasted perfect), marinated artichoke hearts (which I had after a number of years!. I don’t usually see them featured in buffets here) and a cold appetizer consisting of fish, corn and bell peppers (the combination of which, worked really great and was scrumptious!). The appetizer section was the best for me when compared to the other two sections.

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Next I headed to the main course section.

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I expected much more variety in the main course section, this being Rotana after all. The choices could have been more and better. I have got to say that most of whatever was there, did taste good. There was only one kind of rice, which was Parsley butter rice. The dishes that I loved were Creole Chicken, which was juicy, cooked perfectly and tasted very different (in a good way!) since it’s a cuisine I haven’t tried before, Meatballs curry, which had really fresh meatballs in it and baked fish, which was topped with cheese and tasted great. Paneer is one of my favorites and they did have Mutter paneer though it didn’t taste good. Macaroni, dal, roasted potatoes were the other items there. Another customer there, was a vegetarian and he was asking for vegetarian options. It wasn’t many. The highlights were definitely non veg items. The hummus tasted lovely, along with kuboos and plain paratha.

Next, I headed to the desserts section.

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The dessert section, though it occupied only a little space, contained a lot of variety. Since, they were small portions it was easy to try a lot of them :). What I loved the most was Strawberry shortcake, dried pineapple, baklava and custard. But the highlight for me, OMG, was Om Ali, probably the best I have ever had in my entire life and let me tell you, I have had plenty from different places. This version topped it all. It was nothing short of perfection. It was just so delicious and rich!. It provided a great ending to the dinner.

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I definitely hope they introduce more variety in the main course. Otherwise, it was a good experience. Buffet dinner at Al Dar costs AED 90 per person and the timing is from 6.30 PM – 11.00 PM. Do check it out!

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Naz ♥

Note: My husband and I, were given this dinner reservation for review purposes. All opinions are 100% my own.

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