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Body lotions are heaven sent during winter. It keeps moisture locked into your skin and thus helps in evading dry and chapped skin. Body lotions are light on skin and easily absorbed. Today I am reviewing four different variants in the Vaseline’s body lotions range:

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  • Cocoa Glow – This one has the divine scent of cocoa, that lingers on for a long time after you have applied this on your body. It looks white at first but it does have the lightest brown tint to it. It gives a lovely glow to your skin. It contains cocoa butter and is creamy, indulgent and richly nourishing. I highly recommend this one!

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  • Aloe Fresh – This is one of my favorites in this range. It’s scent is very refreshing and the pick me up kind. It instantly makes you feel good. The scent is soft and light but still lingers for a while. It’s very nourishing and gets absorbed into your skin very fast. This is definitely one that would be great for dry skin because it has Aloe Vera as it’s main ingredient. I highly recommend this one!

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  • Healthy Even Tone – Even tough this is nourishing, it’s my least favorite out of all four mentioned here. It has a strange strong smell. This formula is supposed to even skin tone. I have been using it for months and I haven’t noticed a significant change in my skin tone to note here. It says on the bottle that it has ‘Triple Sunscreen’ and that it is enriched with Vitamin B3. I feel it a bit weird that it doesn’t show an SPF info on it. I have got to say though that one of the main ingredients in this one is ‘Niacinamide’ which is known to lighten skin. I won’t purchase this in future though, especially since lightening my skin tone isn’t a priority of mine.

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  • Oat Extract – This is my absolute favorite out of the whole lot. It has pure oat extract in it. It has a soft and pleasant smell. Out of all four, this one is the most hydrating and nourishing, having been made especially targeting dry skin. It leaves your skin silky smooth and soft. This is one body lotion that will be on my repeat purchase list, whatever the season! I highly recommend this one ♥

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Each of these bottles are 200ml, lasts a good while and costs between AED 12.75 – 13.50.

Have you guys tried these out?. Which is your favorite?. Leave me a comment below!

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Naz ♥

Note: I was provided these products for review purposes. All opinions are 100% my own.

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