Book Review : A Pair of Docks by Jennifer Ellis!

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Today I am reviewing a Sci-fi adventure thriller book for Middle Grade/Young Adults, titled A Pair of Docks by Jennifer Ellis. More about the author:

Book Review : A Pair of Docks by Jennifer Ellis!

Jennifer Ellis lives in the mountains of British Columbia, Canada with her husband, two sons and geriatric cat. She can generally be found writing, running, spending too much time on skis, and working as an environmental researcher. She writes science fiction, fantasy, and post-apocalyptic fiction for kids and adults. You can subscribe to her blog for the latest book news and industry insights at

Book Summary

Book Review : A Pair of Docks by Jennifer Ellis!

Fourteen-year-old Abbey Sinclair likes to spend her afternoons in the physics lab learning about momentum and gravitational pull. But her practical scientific mind is put to the test when her older brother, Simon, discovers a mysterious path of stones that allows them, along with Abbey’s twin, Caleb, to travel back and forth between their world and what appears to be…the future. Unfortunately, they’re not the only ones who know about the stones, and they soon realize their lives are in danger from a man known only as Mantis.

Abbey, Caleb, and Simon must follow a twisting trail of clues that will lead them from their autistic neighbor, Mark, to a strange professor who claims to know the rules of the stones, and to multiple futures—some of whose inhabitants don’t want to stay put. It will take all of Abbey’s analytical skills to unravel the secrets of the stones, uncover the threads that tie the futures together, thwart Mantis’s plan, and, most importantly, keep her family alive—now and in the future. A Pair of Docks explores Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, the meaning of time, the potential for parallel universes, and the boundary between science and witchcraft. It is the first novel in the Derivatives of Displacement series.

My Review

The book’s cover is very attractive. It captures the nature’s beauty and at the same time seems mysterious. The different shades of green is just so gorgeous. The creeper like font used for the title follows the same natural theme as the rest of the cover. This is such a well designed cover. It’s one of my favorites of all time.

The story’s main protagonists are three siblings namely Abbey, Caleb and Simon. In the first chapter itself, the mystery begins. It pulls you in right away. There is a set of stones that the siblings come to know about, that acts as a portal between Earth and another world. First they have no idea whether it’s Earth itself or some other place that they are traveling to. Also, it seemed like they were seeing the future too!. This is a world within a world kind of feel like the movie Inception!. It is so interesting yet the author doesn’t confuse the reader.

One character in the story is Mark, the siblings’ autistic neighbor. He seems to know a lot more than he is letting on. You will never guess what a key character he is. He seems enraged/violent at times but though everyone thinks he has these episodes due to him being autistic, everything happens for a reason. He is the most interesting character in this book. There is so much suspense surrounding him. Mantis, another important character, is a formidable man. I love the twists and turns in this book. All characters have a good individual story about them and are well developed.

The suspense element is present throughout the book. The author has written an excellent and well thought about story. A Pair of Docks is a compelling read and one of the best books I have read of late. This is the first book in The Derivatives of Displacement series. The next book in this series is coming soon and I just cannot wait to see how this story develops more. Also, the Acknowledgement section, is written hilariously and is one of the best I have ever read. This is one book that you definitely need to read.

I give this book 5 out of 5 which by Goodreads standards mean ‘it was amazing’!

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Source: I was provided a complimentary ebook copy for review purpose. All opinions are 100% my own.

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