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I have been using Physician’s Formula Felt-Tip Eye Marker for some time now. I am not a fan of felt tip liners because I have felt they are a bit harsh on the eyes. But this one is one of my favorite eyeliners. It came in a packaging like this:

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The felt tip is sharp. It facilitates the easy application of a fine line or a bold one. The marker is thin and is very easy to hold and draw. I have it in the color 2430-Ultra Black. However, it is not an intense black. I expected it to be much more blacker. This is more like an ash black I feel. It dries almost as soon as it is applied but it has a reflective quality that gives it a liquid liner finish!. I am quite surprised at it. Also, looking at it, you will feel that if you try to rub it off, it’s going to fade. But try as you might, it stays put. This is a stunning fade proof, smudge proof and smear proof eye liner!.

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Another perfect thing is that just about anyone can use it, a beginner or an expert!. Beginners will find it ultra easy to try it. This is definitely fool proof. Even if you make mistakes, it’s easy to remove it with any makeup remover and start over. My tip would be to apply makeup remover at the tip of a cotton bud and work it only over the ‘mistake’. I haven’t ever come across an eyeliner that stays in place, is smudge proof but at the same time is super easy to remove too!. Usually the stronger formulas are tough to remove. This product comes off with just one swipe of a cotton pad with makeup remover on it. Even the gentlest makeup remover can remove this formula!.

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This product is literally perfection. I was sent this from US as a gift from a friend who knows I love eye liners ♥. What a thoughtful gift!. For the amount of versatility this product offers, it couldn’t be any cheaper!. It’s only $7.25 (AED 26.63) for the marker that contains 0.8gms. You can buy it from this US based online shopping site that ships worldwide. If you are a first time customer, you will get a guaranteed $5 off (even if it’s just one product you are ordering), which means you can get this product for as less as $2.25!

Do leave a comment below and let me know if you have tried out this product.

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