Review : Green Tea Facial Foam from The Face Shop!

Review : Green Tea Facial Foam from The Face Shop!

Hey guys!

I love foam cleansers a lot. I think they are absolutely great for normal skin type. So, I was pretty excited to try out the Green tea facial foam from The Face Shop. There are certain ingredients I see featured on a product packaging that instantly attract me to them. In this case, they were two : Green Tea and Phyto powder. FYI : ‘Phyto’ means relating to plants. This product practically screams ‘natural’ and it’s from one of my favorite stores The Face Shop.

Review : Green Tea Facial Foam from The Face Shop!

It came in a tube form. It’s easy to hold and handle. The leaf print on the tube further appealed to me. It says on the tube that this rich and mild foam will cleanse impurities and makeup residue, thus providing skin a refreshing and sparkling finish.

Review : Green Tea Facial Foam from The Face Shop!

The product is of a thick and pasty consistency, with an iridescent shine to it. I had my hopes up for this product, considering how natural I felt it to be. However, I was so wrong. It does do a great cleaning job but it leaves my skin feeling so dry that I need to moisturize immediately after using it. Just the amount I have shown in the above pic is enough for one use. When you spread it on your face it’s almost like a pasty mask. Then when you splash your face with water, it’s foams and lathers. It leaves your skin squeaky clean however any product that does that, immediately dries out my skin. It might work for oily skin though. It doesn’t say on the tube for what skin types this cleanser is made for. When it’s not mentioned, it almost always means it’s for all skin types.

I checked the ingredients list at the back of the tube and it is loaded with parabens and also Sodium Laureth Sulfate. I couldn’t really believe my eyes. Here I was thinking it’s natural and blah blah. There are indeed leaf extracts listed in the ingredients. But still, it didn’t perform as well as I thought it would have. I am highly disappointed with this product. I do not recommend you buy it.

Price : AED 41 (on sale) for the tube containing 170 ml.

If you have tried this cleanser and you have a different or even similar experience, I would love to hear about it. Please leave a comment below..

Review : Green Tea Facial Foam from The Face Shop!Love,

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