Review : Nokia X mobile!

Review : Nokia X mobile!

Hey guys!

Back in April 2014, I mentioned that I have bought a ‘really nice’ new mobile, Nokia X. One of my beloved friends/followers, Praseena asked me in the comments, to review it. At that time, I didn’t think it was a great idea since I am not at all good with explaining any kind of electronics / gadgets (unless it’s a skincare device ???? ). Now it’s almost 11 months since I bought it. So, I am in a better position to talk about it and I felt I should write a review.

Review : Nokia X mobile!

The one I chose is green, because it is not the usual kind of color I go for. I was going to choose red but then my brother reminded me that both of my past two mobiles were a red and black combination. I kind of have a thing for that color combination. The mobile is pretty to look at. It’s home page is customizable and you can drag around each of those icons to suit your preferences. The swipe motion is smooth and nice. I love the Here maps app.

Two of my favorite things on this mobile are the Fast Lane feature and the alarm. From the main screen if you swipe right or left, you will reach the Fast Lane. This screen shows everything that you have done recently, on the mobile.

Review : Nokia X mobile!

In this pic, you can see that I have shared a picture from the mobile, received a call from my brother, used the calculator and also received a call from my friend. There is an option to call back or message the caller which comes in very handy. This is the shortcut screen page.

Next, check out this alarm clock. I haven’t seen this kind on any other mobile. You can hold down on the circles that show the number and rotate it to set your alarm. The outer circle shows minutes and the inner one, hours. Once the alarm is set, it displays how much time is left until then. I love it!

Review : Nokia X mobile!

Now, onto the things I don’t like about this mobile.. Though it has nice features that I mentioned above, there are three things I very much dislike :

1) It switches off on it’s own!. I have no clue why that happens. Sometimes, when traveling, I just notice that the mobile has switched off by itself. It happens mostly while in car, not much when I am at home.

2) It has a button on the side that when pressed, switches on the screen display and when pressed again, switches it off. I usually carry the mobile in my hand. When out shopping, there has been several instances when I accidentally switched it on and then went on to dial people or send blank messages or better yet, send gibberish via messages to people!. It’s inconvenient and I have lost quite some bucks due to that. I wish it had a proper lock screen.

3) The final and the big one!.. It has a freaking mind of it’s own. Sometimes, when there is an incoming call, it wouldn’t ring!. I don’t mean that there is no sound. I mean, it just doesn’t show the call. The caller hears a busy tone while in reality it would be right next to me, as free as it could ever be!. Fortunately, I have miscall notification on and thus I get messages when I have apparently ‘missed’ these calls. If I didn’t have that, I wouldn’t have had any idea as to how many calls I have missed.

I use a mobile for just the basics : make/receive calls, text and occasionally check Facebook. Other than that, I don’t do anything else with it. But if this mobile wouldn’t even register incoming calls on it, then of what use is it for me (or anyone else, for that matter)?. So, in my overall opinion, I wouldn’t suggest you buy this mobile!

Price : AED 439

The price seemed amazing at the time. I regret purchasing it. I really should have listened to my husband when he told me to go for a mobile priced above AED1000. But, I felt it to be wasteful to spend that much on a mobile!. I was thinking of all the skincare products I could buy with that kind of money rather than a mobile.. I think I made it clear how much I dislike spending money on gadgets like these!. So, anyways guys, stay away from Nokia X.

Review : Nokia X mobile!Love,

Naz ♥