The Split Ends Solution: Rahua’s Finishing Treatment Cream!

The Split Ends Solution: Rahua’s Finishing Treatment Cream!

Most women are on a lifelong quest to tame and hydrate thin, coarse, dry, or frizzy hair strands. Amazon Beauty Rahua Finishing Treatment has the power to return hair to its most healthy and beautiful state from the first use and deliver hair repair and beautiful shine in one step! This single golden jar of Rahua Finishing Treatment will nourish the hair like a beautiful face cream without any weight, shine, or grease! Just a dab of this unique formula will repair, protect and revitalize even the most damaged hair helping your hair grow longer and stronger.

The Split Ends Solution: Rahua’s Finishing Treatment Cream!

We have all tried everything from expensive salon treatments to DIY hair masks in the quest for beautiful hair, but Rahua’s Finishing Treatment is different. It’s not a leave-in conditioner or a shiny, silicone-based product. It’s never going to leave you with faux-glossy hair, but it’s also not matte and tacky. The formula’s key ingredient—Ungurahua—rebuilds damaged hair from the follicle, quinoa promotes moisture retention, and antioxidants preserve and repair, all while looking like ‘nothing’ in your hair. It’s ideal for use on both long and short hair to manage split ends, winter dryness, and summer humidity.

The Rahua Finishing Treatment prevents hair from splitting during styling, blow-drying, hot ironing and combing. Silicone-free, Rahua Finishing Treatment strengthens and provides a glossy, weightless finish. Perfect for those who love cream-based formulas for instant dry hair repair. Rich with organic and 100% natural ingredients. Super-fine Rahua oil molecules deeply penetrate the hair’s cortex to rebuild even the most damaged tresses – strengthens strands and leaves hair smooth, shiny and frizz-free. 

The Rahua Finishing Treatment retails for AED 285 and the retail range is on sale in Harvey Nichols and Plethora Hair Lab, with the professional treatments available at Plethora Hair Lab and Rahua’s UAE flag ship salon Posh by Feryal at The Burj al Arab.  Visit to discover more.  

The Split Ends Solution: Rahua’s Finishing Treatment Cream!Love,

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