Time to reboot our skin with Urbanveda!

Time to reboot our skin with Urbanveda!

Brand NEW in the UAE and available exclusively at Holland and Barrett

No matter where you are in the world, your skin needs a reboot between seasons! What’s better is everything you need to prep your skin is available from one brand! Urbanveda are a newly launched brand in the UAE whose range of skincare and body care is all based on the principles of Ayurveda. Each one of their products is certified vegetarian, not tested on animals and free from parabens, artificial colours and SLS.

Time to reboot our skin with Urbanveda!

Ayurveda originated in India around 5000 years ago and is a holistic health and well-being system based on the therapeutic properties of plants, which also promotes the idea of striving to live a healthier and more balanced lifestyle.

So, the weather’s warming up, you’ve put away your sweaters and pulled out your shorts — and it’s time to pay some serious attention to your skin. Even if you don’t plan to strut around in a bikini, you still want your arms, shoulders, back, and legs to look soft and sun-kissed. Luckily, it only takes a little extra TLC with Urbanveda’s fabulous body care products to get your skin back into shape.

Get smooth, flawless skin with these simple skin care tips from Urbanveda:

For the most effective results, it is important you choose products based on your skin type. Using the three Ayurveda doshas (mind-body types): Pitta, Vata and Kapha, Urbanveda has devised a skincare system aimed at balancing each dosha. Focusing on this, the four Urbanveda ranges: Soothing, Purifying, Radiance, Reviving – use a bespoke selection of natural ingredients designed to suit different skin types. To find out what dosha you are and exactly what range is perfect for you, we recommend you take the short questionnaire here:


Exfoliation is the first step on the beach-body checklist. It polishes off rough skin, makes skin more receptive to other treatments and creates a smooth canvas for an even tan.

Buff away dead skin cells with Urbanveda’s detoxifying and nutrient-replenishing natural exfoliants, including crushed Walnut, Peach seed powder and volcanic Pumice (AED 85).


Now your skin is feeling smoother than silk, it’s time to cleanse! Most cleansers can dry out skin by stripping it of natural oils. Urbanveda Body Wash’ helps to rebalance the skin leaving you feeling perfectly cleansed, hydrated and smooth!

Urbanveda’s gentle and sensory body washes leave skin refreshed and radiant, whilst botanical ingredients work to support the skin’s hydration levels to ensure that the natural moisture balance is preserved (AED 75).


Your last step to skin perfection – Hydrate your skin without any overpowering scents or nasty chemicals!

Urbanveda’s range of body lotions are brimming with antioxidants and vitamins. They smooth, soothe and soften skin, fighting the damage done by the environment to leave skin calm, balanced, refreshed and full of vitality (AED 95).

All Urbanveda packaging is recyclable, and bottles are made using post-consumer recycled plastic. Urbanveda use Forest Sustainability Certified packaging and are Vegetarian Society certified. Belief in the value of nature means valuing plants as nature intended- all Urbanveda products are free from GM ingredients, parabens, SLS/SLES, artificial colours and mineral oil. As a holistic brand Urbanveda don’t, and will never, test on animals.

The full Urbanveda ranges are available in Holland and Barrett, Dalma Mall in Abu Dhabi and Al Hamra Mall in Ras Al Khaimah. Prices start from AED 75.

For more information on the Urbanveda range and to find out your dosha, visit

Time to reboot our skin with Urbanveda!Love,

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Note: This is a press release, aiming at promotion to a wider audience. I am not compensated in any way for the publication of this post.