Rimmel introduces IDOL EYES by Kate Moss!

Rimmel introduces IDOL EYES by Kate Moss!

Get ready to pull off an eyeconic eye-look! Kate Moss collaborates with makeup brand Rimmel London to introduce Idol Eyes, her first-ever trend-setting eye make-up collection. And it’s a gem!

Rimmel introduces IDOL EYES by Kate Moss!

For the first time ever, the queen of rock chic has taken inspiration from dazzling rocks to reveal her crown jewels of eye colour. Kate Moss comments:“My new Idol Eyes collection for Rimmel was inspired by my favourite gem stones and jewels. The intense, authentic shades of mascara, eye colour and liner are perfect for creating either a statement or more subtle eye-look. With a strong eye I prefer to go for a natural lip and cheek for a really modern look.” Kate brings her eye for style so that your own eyes are always in style! 

It’s everything you need to create Kate’s iconic eye-looks. Kate even brings her signature stylish touch to the packs which include a deluxe silver metallised mascara bottle – by adorning the entire collection with her signature, making it make-up to treasure.

Rimmel introduces IDOL EYES by Kate Moss!Love,

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