Review : Coconut meal natural body scrub!

Review : Coconut meal natural body scrub!

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In India, it’s quite usual to make coconut oil from the coconuts produced from people’s own homes. Even here, at my husband’s place, we do that. There is a lot of work involved though. The coconuts are taken out of their shells and then dried in sunlight, until it becomes really dry. Then it’s taken to a mill where it’s processed and pure coconut oil is produced. You get about 15 kgs of coconut oil from roughly 50 coconuts.

Once the oil is brought back, you will notice that it looks murky and brownish. Let the oil sit aside and you can see about a day later that the oil at the top is clear while at the bottom there is a thick layer of brown material and that stuff is the coconut meal. Around last March I happened to come across a tub full of coconut meal which my mom in law had separated from the clear oil. I asked her what it is for and she said there are many uses for it including using it as a body scrub!

Can you believe how natural this body scrub is!. From then on, I started using it twice a week. The more the coconut meal sits, the more dry it becomes. If it’s too dry, all one has to do is mix some coconut oil in it, get it into a thick consistency and you have a perfect, cruelty free and vegan body scrub. The coconut meal is abrasive enough to be a great scrub. Also, if you are using new coconut meal, it’s really soft from having too much coconut oil in it. The more it sits, the better it becomes in terms of being a scrub.

Review : Coconut meal natural body scrub!

From the very first use, I could see a massive difference. My skin became incredibly soft and there was a natural glow to it thanks to the coconut oil. It smells amazing too. Also, once I scrub my entire body, I let it sit for about 5 minutes and then wash off with water. Once water comes in contact with the coconut meal mix, it becomes milky white like coconut milk. So, the water running off the body is white. This scrub can be used on your face too. On the days that I use this, I don’t use soap at all. For some people, coconut oil acts as a comedogenic and thus clogs pores and causes breakouts especially on the face. Those should stay away from this scrub.

Review : Coconut meal natural body scrub!

One of the main reasons I decided to do a post about this is because not many use it as body scrub. Instead, usually people let the coconut meal sit until it becomes extremely dry and brick like and then they use it as fuel. It burns amazingly because once my mother in law showed me by throwing a piece of it into the fire in the traditional fire hearth. Some mix the dry coconut meal into the food given to cattle because it’s of nutritional value to them. But trust me, if you have access to it, use it as a scrub and nothing else. Skincare cannot get better than this.

If you don’t have access to it, you can probably buy organic coconut meal, mix in some virgin, raw coconut oil, to make your very own coconut meal scrub.

Have you ever tried using coconut meal as a body scrub?. Let me know your thoughts below.

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