Sally Hansen Limited Edition Horoscope Collection!

Sally Hansen Limited Edition Horoscope Collection!

For centuries, people have turned to astrology for inspiration, entertainment, and guidance. Now, Sally Hansen is writing in the stars: The new Horoscope collection of Complete Salon Manicure nail polish.

This exclusive, limited-edition range features 12 fresh shades inspired by the signs of the zodiac.

Although each color was carefully chosen to reflect its corresponding sign, there are no rules when it comes to mixing and matching, so if you’ve ever wanted to “try on” another sign, now’s your chance:

Sally Hansen Limited Edition Horoscope Collection!Cherries to My Aries

Fittingly bold for the fearless first sign of the zodiac, this cherry red is second to none.

Tempting Taurus

This mellow, soothing green is unexpectedly chic—and that’s no bull.


This crisp, lemony light yellow provides a brilliant burst of sunshine for this charmingly spontaneous sign.

Cancer Moon

Which neutral color befits the caring (and choosy) crab? The palest sand, of course.

Leo in Rio

A powerful tomato red is perfect for this fierce, fiery, attention-getting sign.

Vir-go-go Pink

This innocent salmon pink is the ultimate finishing touch for detail-oriented Virgos.

Lady Libra-ty

Romantic and peace-loving, Libras can find balance with this celestial blue.

Scorpio Sizzle

Ever-mysterious and always alluring, this bold fuchsia is the scorpion’s destiny.


Created with the self-aware archer in mind, this saturated purple is right on target.

Cup o’ Capricorn

A cafe au lait color that perfectly suits this wise, calm, and down-to-earth sign.

Age of Aquarius

Emerald green symbolizes the free-spirited, socially conscious vibe of the water bearer.

Pisces of Me

This dreamy iridescent green is a brilliant pick for this sensitive, creative fish.

This vivid tour around the zodiac wheel doesn’t just highlight the best hues for each sign; it creates a beautiful future for nails, too. All 12 shades are available in Sally Hansen’s Complete Salon Manicure formula, which provides seven nail benefits:

base coat, strengthener, growth treatment, color, top coat, gel shine finish, and chip-resistance, in one bottle.

Will this be the September of your best-ever manicure? All signs point to yes.

The limited-edition Complete Salon Manicure Beachside Astrologer collection is available in September 2015.

On Counter: September

Price: 39 AED

Point of Sales: Only at Wojooh

Sally Hansen Limited Edition Horoscope Collection!Love,

Naz ♥

Note: This is a press release, aiming at promotion to a wider audience. I am not compensated in any way for the publication of this post.