Digestive care that’s easy to swallow!

Digestive care that’s easy to swallow!

Chances are you’ll experience one or more bouts of constipation in your lifetime. Some of the likely culprits of this condition include a low-fibre diet, not drinking enough water, taking antacids, stress, or a health problem such as irritable bowel syndrome. Constipation is a frustrating and common problem that plagues up to 15% of us at any one time – most of whom are women – sigh*.  Natural remedies such as taking probiotics may provide you much-needed relief.

It’s time to consider the gastrointestinal (GI) tract in a new light. Though it has the unglamorous function of breaking down food products and excreting the waste, it’s also a willing participant in the epic and heroic battle of good versus evil—bacteria, that is. Our knight in shining armour (A.K.A., the gut or GI tract) is home to trillions of beneficial bacterial flora that are essential for wellness. The villainous bad bacteria can take over under certain conditions, sabotaging our bodies with constipation, urinary tract infections, fatigue and other troubles.

Digestive care that’s easy to swallow!

But no need to worry, Biovine Relief Probiotics can play a key role in helping to relieve constipation. BioVine Relief is a probiotic formula that normalises the intestinal function, aids a healthy digestive system and relieves the symptoms of constipation. Fibres also increase the amount of beneficial bacteria which can replenish the intestinal flora. BioVine Relief recommended you take one sachet per day.

So, make BioVine Relief your Body Relief Mate!. Biovine Restore Probiotics are priced at 70 AED and available at leading pharmacies across the UAE. For more information please visit

Digestive care that’s easy to swallow!Love,

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